Friday, November 2, 2012

Obama's Katrina: "These savages are robbing people at gunpoint..." (VIDEO)

A hysterical caller named "Karen" from Totenville in Staten Island, NY called into NY1's "The Call" talkshow:
"These savages are robbing people at gunpoint..."

"People are just savages. You'd think this would unite people and ppl would come together and help one another and everybody is just behaving like an animal."

Why on earth would people in New York City rely on each other? After all, they've got big brother to "help" them, right? That seems to be working well, as always. Keep voting for bigger government, New Yorkers...keep shafting yourselves and not recognizing it. No, seriously, it's working out well for you.

Listen to the fun on the front lines of Obama's Katrina:

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