Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Conservative Conspiracies Flourishing Online


I think I'm becoming a minority among Conservatives...because I don't buy into conspiracies. I can't tell you how sick and tired I am of ALL the conspiracy bulls__t that Conservatives are spreading in greater and greater numbers. I see it posted everywhere on Facebook and elsewhere online. It's so disheartening to see so many people wasting their time (and that of others). I've been seeing it for months/years now and I'm tired of it, so, as is typical of me, I thought I'd blog about it. There's your warning. Incoming!!! Take cover!!!

Those of you that engage in spreading these falsehoods are as dangerous as those that manipulate stories to fit their agenda (which is essentially what you are doing). You're no better than MSNBC, NBC, CNN and others that have intentionally and with-intent manipulated pictures, audio and video, and have intentionally mis-reported the facts of a story.

You're wasting your time (and the time of others) and if you keep it up you're going to be regarded as being JUST as conspiratorial as the entire Middle East and as "influential" as the main-stream media here in the United States. Conspiracies rule the Mid-East. Are you attempting to become them? Are you HELPING THEM further their agenda by posting these conspiracies? Are you attempting to bolster the legitimacy of the MSM? I fear that may be the result of your actions.

I have no proof of this. This is my opinion, because...I just don't see how your continuing to spread vast fabrications (as in the Mid-East) which contain zero supporting evidence (as the MSM regularly fails to include) could possibly result in strengthening your original intent of "getting the truth out". If you want to "spread the truth" there is an obligation to INCLUDE it in what you're posting. Your opinion is no more fact than is my opinion. (And, this post is my opinion - even though I know I speak for other Conservatives who are just as tired of reading your conspiratorial postings online. I usually just shake my head in disappointment and shame and try to ignore what I see that you've posted. This time, I'm writing about it.)

I know you think that something you've (or someone else) have (has) conjured up in your (their) mind is the "answer" to all the questions you have about our government. You've been wrong for so long that you must not even bother to even check out your previous claims anymore (if you ever did in the 1st place). I have. You're wrong. And, you're wrong often. Although, I must say, at the same time, you're often asking questions to which NO ONE will receive an answer because your questions are often so off-base they are NEVER addressed by anyone ever. OR, your questions are based on "early reporting" which most people KNOW is UNRELIABLE and dismiss it as such. For some reason, mis-statements made early-on during breaking news are like a "gold strike" for conspriacists." One would think, as thinking beings, that they'd know better. But, I digress.

Just because you have doubts about "the official story" does not mean you're engaging in conspiracy. However, when you relate your, or someone else's, OPINION of a particular story as FACT you are engaging in conspiracy. Questioning your government is what you as an American Citizen are supposed to do. Stating your doubts as fact, is not. Belittling and/or simply dismissing those that disagree with what you've bought into is also not something you are supposed to do...on a human level.

"Don't read it."???
How about YOU stop spreading the BS in the first place? (And making yourself sound like a truther...unless, of course, you're into that kind of thing.)

Or, maybe the "Don't read it" comment was the ANSWER to my question:
Q: How do you think this admin could carry this out?
A: Don't read it.
Result: Sheer brilliance. Now I'm convinced. (duh)

I know the intent of the person that posted the "Don't read it" comment - to get me to move along and stop questioning what they're attempting to pass along because they possess ZERO hard evidence to back it up.......other than the conjecture of the other "not seated-in-reality" (aka, "crazy") folks with whom they concur. I've dealt with "truthers" online for more than 10 years. I know the modus operandi of a conspiracy theorist quite well, thank you. The fact that I'm in their heads is what pisses them off the most when I comment on their posts - they know I know - but they don't know how I know - they just know to try to dismiss me EARLY. Oh, it's a "fun" game. I've learned to never converse with "truthers" (or Ron Paul supporters or Alex Jones fans) because the conversation ALWAYS winds up in an un-ending circular affair that just winds up pissing-off both sides. The conspiracist NEVER answers the questions I pose (because they can't) and ALL they reply with are dismissals or MORE QUESTIONS (to which any sane person would NEVER respond). (See the example in the Facebook post above.)

Below is the video that was included in the above Facebook post:

To those of you Conservatives who post this kind of thing online: Do you remember when you first heard the 9/11 truthers and how STUPID you thought they sounded? Those of you who re-post this junk, you sound exactly like them to the rest of us. Exactly. (Naturally, the video above is especially nice because one of the callers to C-Span in the video actually quotes the master-truther Alex Jones of InfoWars.com fame. Everything...EVERYTHING is a conspiracy to that NUT and to the lost souls that buy into his tripe.)

I understand that I'm in the minority in many of the Facebook groups in which I will post this blog post. I don't care. Those of you that keep spreading this kind of tripe (for which there is little to ZERO evidence), you sound dumber than hell to me. I don't care if your thoughts about me are reciprocated. If I have to stand alone on this, I'm fine with that. At least I'm not helping to further the agenda of the Obama administration by further dividing this country with the LIES and bulls___ that YOU spread and I'm also not helping to further the agenda of terrorists who hate the United States of America (which, apparently, is damn near the same agenda as the Obama administration - knocking this country down a few pegs would be a delight to them, too).

I'll leave you with this quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer:
"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak, is to speak. Not to act is to act."

I've spoken.
I've acted.
I've done so under which what I hold to be "The Truth".
You'll continue to do what you will.
I'm not so misguided to think that one of my simple blog posts could change that.
Time will tell how your continual spreading of lies affects the Unites States of America.
There's plenty of hard-sourced truth for you to spread.
The questions remain:
Are you capable of finding that truth and passing it along?
If not, could you lose your country?
It really could be that simple.
Will you be held responsible?
I, for one, will hold you partly responsible.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Story Keeps Disappearing: "Saudi National Questioned in Boston was on Terror Watch List" By Todd Starnes

Two times today Drudge has posted a story written by FOX News Radio's Todd Starnes about the Saudi national that was questioned in the Boston bombings having been on the terror watch list. Each of those stories have been removed.

Here is how the story appears on the Drudge Report right now (and how it has appeared for much of today):

The first time Drudge linked to it, the story was posted on FOX News Radio at this link: http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/saudi-national-questioned-in-boston-was-on-terror-watch-list.html When you click that link you see this:

After that link at FOX News was broken, Drudge soon posted the same headline with a new link, this time on Town Hall with this link: http://townhall.com/columnists/toddstarnes/2013/04/22/saudi-national-questioned-in-boston-attack-was-on-terror-watch-list-n1574863 However, now when you click on that link above, the story has disappeared AGAIN and you see only a list of Todd's previous entries on Town Hall as evidenced below:

Thanks to Google's cache, below you can see how Todd's story originally appeared on FOX News Radio's website (2 images below):

(Full Story - Image 1 of 2)

(Full Story - Image 2 of 2)

Why does this story keep disappearing from the internet? As of this moment, I'm unsure if it exists anywhere other than on a few blogs. Atlas Shrugs is one blog that re-posted Todd's article in its entirety.

The Blaze has MUCH, MUCH more on this story here: Beck Breaks Exclusive Information on Saudi National Once Considered a Person of Interest in Boston Bombings and HERE.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

The "Man In The Cowboy Hat" - Boston First Responder & Hero

If you've seen the GRAPHIC pictures today (at the bottom of this post) from the Boston Marathon bombing of the man in the wheelchair who had both of his legs blown off, you may have noticed the "man in the cowboy hat" who was pinching off the victim's femoral artery in his hand while walking beside the victim's wheelchair.

I became aware of the "man in the cowboy hat" by checking out Drudge's Facebook page tonight. I wasn't aware of him until I did...because when I saw the pictures earlier today I wasn't really looking at anyone in the pictures except the victim (then I took a break to prevent myself from throwing up - they are graphic pics - I'm not kidding).

Below is an interview with the "man in the cowboy hat". According to the title of the video on YouTube, his name is Carlos Arredondo. Make no mistake about it. Carlos is a FIRST RESPONDER and a HERO.


"Man in the cowboy hat..."

This is how the video and pictures appeared on Drudge's Facbook page:

1st post on Drudge's Facebook page:

2nd post on Drudge's Facebook page:

3rd post on Drudge's Facebook page:

H/T www.DrudgeReport.com

Prayers go out to all those suffering tonight and for the months and years to come as a result of the attack today.

Also, thank God for people like Carlos Arredondo, the "man in the cowboy hat".

***UPDATE 1*** 8:49AM April 16, 2013
TheBlaze has more about Carlos Arredondo.

***UPDATE 2*** 1:57AM April 17, 2013
The victim in the wheelchair is Jeff Bauman, Jr. The International Business Times (IBT) has much more information on him. He is alive. He has undergone 2 surgeries. His father is keeping people up-to-date on his son's condition via his own facebook page. Again, check out the post from the IBT.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Crazy North Korea

I've been fascinated by North Korea for a few years now. Over the past 5 years or so, when I have "down-time" and don't feel like watching regular TV I watch online videos or read news stories about North Korea. I've come to realize that the level of brainwashing at work in that country may be on the largest scale ever in my lifetime (2nd only to that of the brainwashed masses across the globe that buy into the "global warming" hoax).

I believe the leaders (past & present) of North Korea were/are brainwashed - so, in my opinion, all that North Korea amounts to is "the brainwashed leading the brainwashed". I'm sure there are exceptions to the opinion I just stated. I believe there are ALWAYS exceptions to every "rule". However, I do believe that the vast majority of the people in the country are nothing but brainwashed, denied information, starving, & have zero freedom. I also understand that a certain number of the people of North Korea know that they have to "go along to get along" in order to remain alive. But the fact that so many of them "go along" is where the brainwashing on a mass-scale comes into effect.

They are not allowed access to information other than that generated by their own government. They have very little food. They have no right to ask for, much less demand, anything. The few that have attempted to simply survive by relying on their own ingenuity, for example, by hopping across the border into China to earn money or to gather food, they and three generations of their family are imprisoned upon their return to North Korea...often never to be seen or heard from again. No one knows whether they are languishing in the numerous concentration camps currently in operation within the country or if they were killed.
1 - An escapee tells of life and death in North Korea's labor camps
2 - Concentration Camps
3 - North Korea’s Gulags
4 - On the Map: Five Major North Korean Prison Camps
5 - The villages turned into CONCENTRATION CAMPS in North Korea as brutal regime struggles to house hundreds of thousands of political prisoners
6 - No Exit: Inside Look at a Prison Camp in North Korea
7 - North Korean Prison Camps Are 'Like Hitler's Auschwitz')

Rumors of cannibalism within North Korea have circulated for many years.
1 - Cannibalism Reported in North Korea (1998)
2 - Cannibalism in North Korea prisons? Ex-inmate: 'Brothers ate their own brothers in order to survive' (2003)
3 - The Cannibals of North Korea (2013))

The style of propaganda that comes out of North Korea is nothing BUT laughable. I would think that the attempts by North Korea to "control the message" of those that are allowed to visit North Korea would be embarrassing to those truly skilled in the creation of the art of propaganda OR that of brainwashing. (Numerous examples of propaganda and attempts to "control the message" are contained in the 2 different documentaries included at the end of this article.)

Yet, the United Nations, the United States, and other countries think they can control North Korea with "sanctions" as it threatens the world with the use of nuclear weapons. Perhaps our own (U.S.) government is more brainwashed & susceptible to propaganda than I've ever previously considered...?
1 - American Hostility: US Financial Sanctions against North Korea and the Nuclear Issue
2 - North Korea Sanctions (U.S. Department of Treasury website)
3 - Inside North Korea: Shock video and photos show true horror of Kim Jong-un's evil regime

After all, if you attempt to control "crazy" what does that make you?

The video below is a documentary hosted by Lisa Ling for National Geographic Explorer from February of 2007. The IMDB description of this video is as follows:
Posing as a medical coordinator, Lisa Ling gains access to North Korea offering viewers a chance to see inside the "Hermit Kingdom".

The most prescient few lines stated by Ling within the documentary are at the conclusion when she states:
As I watched 100's of people do and say virtually the same thing, over and over and over again, I wondered which people had genuine faith (in the Dear Leader) and which were acting out of fear. And finally it hit me, here, after generations of absolute rule and complete indoctrination, there may not be a difference between true belief and true fear. North Korea is a place ruled by an absolute dictator who now possesses nuclear weapons. It's no longer possible to regard the country as an isolated anomaly. What happens here in the "Hermit Kingdom" can directly touch everyone in the world. (2007)

If you wish to view more documentaries about North Korea there are many different videos from many different perspectives available on YouTube.

If I had to suggest a documentary for you to put on your list, I'd suggest "Inside North Korea" from VICE Travel. The documentary is just under one-hour long and it is posted on YouTube in 3 parts. I've posted all three parts below.

Part 1 of 3:

Part 2 of 3:

Part 3 of 3:

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Am A First Responder...To Gun Violence

November of 2005: Two friends and I are sitting at the bar in our low-crime-rate city at The 5th Street Tavern after work on a mid-Saturday afternoon when a man opens the bar's front door and yells "I've been shot! Call 911!" My friends and I turn our heads and look at the man standing in the doorway and recognize him as the owner of the barbershop next door. We know of the "strained relationship" he's had in the past with The 5th Street Tavern in which we are currently sitting.

At first everyone in the bar thinks he is making some sort of odd joke...then, some of us realize it's NOT a joke when we see the blood dripping from his stomach. At the same time as our realization that he's NOT joking he closes the front door to the bar and goes back to his barbershop, next door. I and the proprietor of the bar follow him into his business where he had just been robbed at gunpoint (which we didn't know) and shot in the stomach for trying to defend himself by grabbing the gun of a would-be-thief. The gun went off and struck Dick Adams, the owner of Dick's Barbershop, in his stomach. One of the bar patrons calls 911.

The owner of the barber shop, Dick Adams is stumbling around looking for the pieces of his shattered cellphone amidst the shards of his large broken "barbershop mirror" (a big, thick mirror) when the only two of us that went to help him, Paula and I, enter his business. It appeared to us as though the mirror had been shot. Dick was searching for the pieces of his cellphone amongst the shattered remains of his mirror on the floor of his shop while his blood is dripping out of his stomach all over his tile floor. He knew his cellphone had been shattered when he threw it at the thief...but, he was still trying to pick up its pieces and make a call to 911. We assure him that 911 has been called. We also know he is bleeding quite a bit and that we should do whatever we can to stop it. While Paula searches for his barbershop towels, I make him sit down in one of his vinyl-covered "customer chairs" and assure him that the "first responders" are on their way. Paula finds his towels and Dick holds them against his own stomach while the "first responders" have yet to arrive.

The Fire Department is physically located 2 BLOCKS from his business...yet, it takes, what SEEMS like about 10-15 minutes for them to "respond first" to the scene (it realize that it was probably only about 7 minutes or so - but WAAAY too long for a Fire House that was only 2 blocks away - I understand the situation as someone who has listened to a scanner for 20 yrs - I know how things go - but, it was way too long for a response to a shooting in a town our size, in my opinion).

I had to "make" the shooting victim sit down by physically holding my hand on his shoulder until the police and ambulance arrived - while explaining to him that "the ambulance must have been out at the hospital which was across town and just over 2 miles away" (through "city traffic" - in a town of 25K). *drip drip* "I know it seems like they should be here by now. *drip drip* They were probably 'all the way' out at the hospital and it's going to be a few minutes before they can get here. *drip* They must be coming all the way from the hospital. *drip drip* Hang on. *drip* You're doing just fine. *drip drip* Just stay seated until they get here." *drip* (Then THEY can make you sit down!)

To this day I STILL can't believe how CALM I was. I was helping a bleeding, "gut-shot" shooting victim survive (he was shot twice in the stomach). It was surreal.

Paula later recalled the 18-year-old gunman riding his bike past her mere minutes earlier, from in-between the two buildings, as she was outside depositing the trash from the bar. At that very moment, she had no idea that he'd just shot the man that had ran the next-door business for the past 30 years or so. She tossed a bag of garbage into a dumpster and a kid on a bike rode past her...no big deal. At the time.

The police never did speak to me that day...anymore than they had spoken to any of the other bar patrons, that is. Even though I was one of two first responders to the scene (Paula & I). The police (Detective Donnie Thorson) had come into the bar (after they'd arrived on the scene and told us to leave the scene) to gather the names of witnesses and us two "FIRST RESPONDERS" (Paula & I). Detective Thorson told me that I'd need to stop by the police division "later" (I should call first) so they could take imprints of my shoes (because I'd been on the scene and they'd need to eliminate my shoe prints in evidence). I called the police division a few hours later to see if they were ready to take those impressions of my shoes. No one at the PD had a clue to what I was referring. (What the hell else did they have going on that day???) They checked with the detectives and determined that the impressions of my shoes wouldn't be necessary after all. It seemed as though they had captured the suspect after a Nebraska State Patrol helicopter had helped to locate the suspect who had been hiding within the downtown area (or so I heard) - yes, this was a "big deal" for our little town...at the time...(it's funny what you remember more than 8-years after-the-fact, isn't it?)

It'd be true to say that this, by far, wasn't the only gun crime that had affected our "little" town of 25,000 (I come from a town of 400), but it was the most recent...and the most-personal, for me. September 26, 2002 3 ignorant loons entered a bank here and extinguished 5 souls...and got away with no money. It is regarded as ONE of the deadliest bank shootings in all of American history. Usually "bank robbers" want money. All the fools on this day got were 5 souls (and 3 "death sentences" - they're still alive - a 4th, who was their "lookout", is serving life).

What is the point of this post, you ask?

I just wanted to tell my story as a FIRST RESPONDER to a gun crime. I wonder if the SECOND RESPONDERS (police & rescue/ambulance) have a different story from that shooting on that day on which I was a witness? I just told you my story. Paula, as the other FIRST RESPONDER, may have a different recollection (but it wouldn't be much different - it's been a couple years since her and I have discussed it). I'd love for her to share it in the comments below. One thing that I know is that I was never personally thanked by Dick Adams for my actions that day. As far as I know, he's never heard my name. That's a bit disheartening, but, hey...I behaved in a manner that most in the bar that day (including my two friends) didn't. That's worth something. I hope that someone like Paula or myself would be present if family or friends of mine were ever shot.......and THEY needed a FIRST RESPONDER.

When "life happens", those of us that are present are the FIRST RESPONDERS. We all should be able to handle/deal with such an event. More of us should carry guns...as they did in the Wild West. There was far less gun crime when everyone carried a gun...and didn't have to pay $300.00 to be able to do so.

"...Shall not be infringed..."

It is irresponsibility at it's finest for YOU to NOT protect YOURSELF. Who are YOU to put YOUR PROTECTION on the shoulders of someone ELSE??? YOU have a DUTY to guard your OWN LIFE. It's selfish of you to think that others SHOULD protect you. YOU want to live? Protect YOURSELF!!! Don't wait 10-minutes for the police to respond to the crime that has been committed against you. I love the police. But, they're there to RESPOND. Which is why THEY are called "first responders"...not us.

The more facts you have about any given subject, the less ignorant you are.

Arm yourself or remain a perpetual victim.

Concealed carry laws are an abomination. Taking the course isn't the problem. The fact that I have to pay $300.00 FOR the course is an infringement of my 2nd Amendment right to carry.

"...Shall not be infringed..."

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A 15-year-old Girl Knows More About the 2nd Amendment Than Your Elected Reps

Logic. Statistics/Facts. Common sense.
Liberals will HATE her.
Welcome her to the reality known as Conservatism.


(H/T The Right Scoop)

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Hate Wins On The Left...It's All They Know...Keep Sharing

Hate speaks. Loudly. And, it's gaining traction.

The nasty anti-Palin blog known as "The Immoral Minority" has a lot of traffic. Why is that? Is it just because the the "leader" of that pack (Gryphen) has a good sense of humor (depending on your tolerance level) and knows how to connect with those that understand "sharing" a blog post or is it because he/she is a nasty-ass individual who has garnered a following of like-minded cretins (who know how to share a blog post)? I'll presume that it's the latter. And, I must say, it makes me sick to my stomach.

Right now I'm listening to the "live Feedjit feed" (you have to "turn sounds on" after you click on the link in order to "listen") that is attached to The Immoral Minority blog. I happened upon a "Sarah Palin story" via somewhere on the internet...who cares where...and I clicked on the live Feedjit feed that is associated with the blog. It amazes me that someone who can pass along such hate and disdain for another individual can gain so much traction...and web traffic. HATE, REAL hate is ALIVE AND WELL IN AMERICA and it is evidenced by that nasty-ass blog.

My blog, the one you're reading now, is a teeny tiny example for you to use as a comparison of the aforementioned blog...but, if you're curious, turn on the sounds on my blog's live Feedjit feed. You'll notice a scary difference to that of the feed on The Immoral Minority...if you agree with me, that is. If not...if you don't agree with me, you'll like the sounds you hear from my blog...in comparison my live feed sounds more like crickets chirping. Keep sharing, conservatives. You've got this game down PAT! (Sarcasm is my friend, btw.)

Tonight I wound up on The Immoral Minority's waste-of-bandwidth website by clicking on something somewhere that linked to a story about Sarah Palin...who had given a speech at an event to benefit the Terry Schiavo Life & Hope Network. How AWFUL of Sarah, right? Right? What a bitch! (I'm purposefully NOT providing you a link to their story. You want to read that tripe? Google it.)

The very blog you're on now has been the subject of an Immoral Minority story in the past...a couple times. Of course, their linking to my blog generated much (unwanted) traffic to my own blog. Quantity, not quality, is what was passed my way. Oh well, a "page view" is a page view...so, thank you you losers for linking to my blog in the past. But, I digress.

You people that frequent the Immoral Minority have got to be some of the most lecherous "humans" on the planet. No, you're not outwardly (at least, not yet) supporting the deaths of 100's of thousands, if not millions, of others...but, I suspect/know that it wouldn't take much for the likes of you to reach the point at which you would. (Your kind outwardly supports the political ideologies that have killed the most humans throughout history - socialism/communism/Marxism. Your very president supports many of those same principles.) You folks make me sick.

I know liberals and I know Democrats and you scumbags that frequent The Immoral Minority are neither. You are scum. You should be treated as scum. I think you should be eliminated from the planet. Hopefully the "tracking system" that Google and the Obama administration has put in place to monitor ALL online traffic will be able to be utilized by the next Republican President to take you OUT. Thank you for not fighting the good fight right now. We shall utilize your innocuous behavior in the future. Good little drones. Thank you. To HELL with the Bill of Rights, right? Can you say "Patriot Act"?

Tick. Tock.

In the meantime, I'll keep my finger OFF the trigger (as a responsible gun owner) and keep all my guns well-oiled, thank you very much.

If I don't have a 2nd Amendment, you don't have a 1st. You should remember that. Of course, if there isn't a video of a group of parents of recently-murdered children to attach to one of your most recent legislative desires (gun control), it really doesn't have any standing with any of your brethren, does it? You all should thank Adam Lanza for taking a gun into the Sandy Hook school and using it, huh? Without him, what would would be your goal today? You should award HIM a posthumous Nobel Prize...he's JUST as deserving as Obama...if not more (to your kind, that is).

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