Friday, February 1, 2013

There Is NO Censorship Of Conservatives By Facebook - READ Before Commenting! (Or I WILL Censor You)

Last night while in one of the closed (aka, inaccessible unless you are a member) Facebook groups of which I am a member, I participated in a discussion about whether or not it is Conservatives or Liberals who are actually "winning" online and about the supposed "censorship of Conservatives" by Facebook. I, a Conservative, contend that Facebook does NOT censor the posts of Conservatives. Below is the long reply I had to the mild insinuation by another member (who tolerates me well and shall remain unnamed here by me) that Facebook may be censoring Conservatives. (By the way, I had to post it as two separate comments because there is an 8,000-character limit on ALL Facebook comments.) It's now 3:20AM, I have to work in 4 hours, and I'm not going to edit the entire comment I just left on Facebook for purposes of posting it here on my blog. I'm posting it here essentially as I posted it just minutes ago posted it on Facebook.

Comment I left on Facebook regarding Facebook's purported "censorship of Conservatives":

As far as the "security scares".....UGH!
I'm going to be frank & hold nothing back here (this will be loooooooooong):
I'm SOOOOOOO SICK & TIRED of hearing this crap from conservatives!!! It's been going on for the past FOUR YEARS!!! Will it only STOP when an "republican" is in the damned white house again???

There are ALGORITHMS & "Anti-SPAM" technology that ALL of these damned companies (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) use for implementing ALL of their "security measures". The fact that there are a SIGNIFICANT number of people in the conservative movement that ACTUALLY BELIEVE that Facebook, with their BILLION USERS, is actually MONITORING the posts of a FEW (relative to the BILLION users on Facebook) is downright embarrassing and disappointing.

IF you really want to know WHY so many conservative posts get flagged, it's because THE LIBERALS ARE FLAGGING THEM!!! Which is ONE OF THE REASONS I KEEP SAYING THAT WE'RE LOSING THE ONLINE BATTLE.

In the algorithms that these companies use, once a post has been flagged enough times (by the a$$holes on the left that DETEST an opposing point of view & believe that THEY are the ONLY ONES that should be able to express their opinions freely) it is "reported" or "marked as spam" (for lack of a better way to explain it - think of my explanation here as a "remedial" understanding/explanation of how this stuff works) and from that point on, once a post (a link) has been "flagged" or "marked", ANYTIME someone posts it (doesn't matter WHO posts it, they can be "restricted" for sharing SPAM by Facebook (or Twitter, or YouTube, or wherever)!

IT IS NOT THE CONTENT of the post. It is the DETECTION SOFTWARE/ALGORITHM THAT FACEBOOK and OTHERS are using that is the problem!!! (And, with them constantly being accused of censoring us, what the hell motivation do they really have to be "good actors" and FIX THE DAMNED PROBLEM??? Yes, that's a piss-poor excuse for them to NOT fix it. NO, I'm NOT making excuses for them. But, if YOU ran this company & were CONSTANTLY being accused of things you weren't doing, how motivated would YOU be to FIX it? I wouldn't be AT ALL.)

A perfect example of this is that "Kill Mitt Romney" page that was up on Facebook for a brief time during the campaign. Here's a blog post I did about it (1 of 2):

Here's the 2nd blog post I did about it: (both of these blog posts are a mess - I had to make so many updates to them that they both look like hell...but, the page was finally taken down...AFTER ENOUGH PEOPLE REPORTED THE PAGE!!!)


The long & the short of it is this: Liberals don't have to be TOLD to "report" something. Liberals don't have to be told HOW to report something. They see something with which they disagree and THEY REPORT IT!!! That's why there are so many MORE conservative postings that get brought to the attention of Facebook due to all the repeated reporting/flagging...for which those conservatives who then share those posts get punished. The same thing happens on YouTube. (I've not seen it personally on Twitter, but I'll bet my LIFE that the EXACT SAME THING happens there...and on every other social networking site that is in existence.) You just wait until the liberals inundate that new Tea Party site...they're going to have one hell of a time figuring out how to handle those jerks.


I've not been to the new Tea Party social networking site because I want to wait until they get all of their "bugs" worked out before I join it - it's still in its "beta" version - I want to wait a bit yet to join - maybe posts CAN'T be "flagged" or "reported" over there - which will be a HUGE mistake if that's the case - all kinds of libs POSING as conservatives (to make conservatives look bad) will inundate that site and post all kinds of awful racist, sexist, anti-woman, (you know the drill) would be an absolute NIGHTMARE to deal with withOUT some sort of an algorithm that helps the site in removing that kind of disgusting content......because, even with their 50,000 members, NO ONE has the TIME to PHYSICALLY "monitor" everything that is posted! (Which is WHY algorithms are used!)

The new TP site was just posted on TheBlaze today: I'll promise you, liberals are going to FLOCK to it. It's going to go through some growing pains over the next few months...never mind the fact that Facebook will most likely SUE THEM for COPYING their premise/look/feel/functions. Yep. I'm waiting to join so that I don't waste yet more time on another "social networking" site as I did with FreedomTorch...what a joke that place turned out to be. Last time I was there (I don't even know it it still exists) it was over-run with birthers and people who bought into nearly every single conspiracy that exists. I HATE CONSPIRACIES, so I quit using it. There are ACTUAL THINGS that BO &/or his administration &/or Congress do on a daily basis that I don't WASTE MY TIME on conspiracies!!! And, I HATE seeing when others do!!! It's SUCH a WASTE!!!


If more conservatives would ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND HOW this stuff works online, they wouldn't be on the receiving end of all the "censorship", they'd be dishing it out (ie, reporting the left for their posts with which we disagree). OH, and one more thing...conservatives will have to become vindictive, evil, hateful, self-absorbed, whiny little bitches - in other words, they'd have to begin to ACT like liberals in order to begin "dishing it out" on Facebook & elsewhere. Trying to teach conservatives anything or lead conservatives ANYWHERE is like herding, good luck with that. I know this from the experience I gained in working with THIS GROUP.....WE QUESTION EVERYTHING. (Can't "teach" us...we have too many questions.) We FIND OUR OWN WAY to where we want to go. (Can't "lead" us...we already know how to get there.) Overall, it's a futile game trying to "organize" independent-thinking people. "Organizing" works VERY WELL with those on the left.....they don't have NEAR the questions that we do & they WANT SOMEONE TO TELL THEM WHAT TO DO! I think some of them actually LIVE for it - they WANT "Big Brother" showing them the way. We don't trust like that - it's not in our DNA - we know to question everything - we don't want someone telling us what to do - we'll figure it out for ourselves - we "doubt" those that say they have all the answers - we don't like someone who thinks they DO have all the answers; WE actually mock them; the left ANOINTS them.

I've come to all these conclusions based on the experiences that I'VE had online...both on Facebook & on YouTube. I've probably posted more on Facebook over the past 4 years than 95% of conservatives that are ON Facebook. (My personal posting record was 138 posts on the day of the Obamacare vote - yes, I went back & counted them!) Just for the record - I've NEVER been prohibited from making my postings on Facebook. The ONLY time I've ever had ANY kind of "restriction" from posting on Facebook was when I was doing postings for our Earthquake group - I'd been posting the SAME LINK over & over & over & over again on a FEW pages I hadn't "liked" PRIOR to my posting those links on ALL those pages (probably 10-15 pages or so). I got a "warning to slow down" - I "slowed down" (stopped for the night) & then resumed posting after a couple of days - AND, WHEN I RESUMED POSTING, I "LIKED" all the pages I wanted to post on PRIOR to posting on them - I NEVER saw that warning again. Others say they did. I didn't. At that time several other members in our group were doing more posting on Facebook pages than I.

I HAVE seen that "warning" when going around to all the GROUPS I'm in - after I'd complete a blog post I'd go to 10- 15 different GROUPS (not PAGES) on Facebook and post the same LINK & comment in EVERY GROUP.....sometimes I'd have to fill-out that "captcha" thingy - BECAUSE OF THE LINK I WAS POSTING. Didn't matter that it was a link to MY blog or a link to a video on MY YouTube channel (all videos on YouTube have the same kind of url - there is ZERO specificity as to WHICH YouTube CHANNEL a url comes from. Every video has this: "" followed by the video ID which is made-up of a series of numbers & letters. If that same video is embedded on a website, that url looks like this: "" again, followed by the video ID. There is NO WAY of telling WHAT YouTube channel posted ANY particular video - until you actually VISIT the link. So, there was NO "CENSORSHIP" (warning) of my postings by Facebook for THE CONTENT of what I was posting. I received the "warning" and had to fill out the "captcha" because of the repetitive posting of SAME LINK (whether it was from my blog OR from my YouTube channel).

But, no one had time to "report" or "flag" my postings because they were freshly-created links! Then WHY did I see the "captcha"? BECAUSE OF THE ALGORITHMS UTILIZED BY FACEBOOK - in my particular case, posting freshly-created urls, it was the ANTI-SPAM technology that Facebook utilizes. It had ZERO to do with my CONTENT!!! (They couldn't TELL what the CONTENT was of the links I was posting to my YouTube videos.) And, again, I was prevented ONE TIME (because I stopped posting ON MY OWN after seeing the "warning" because I didn't WANT to be blocked from posting by fb) out of the thousands & thousands of times I've posted on Facebook (because I was posting the same link over & over & over on pages I had not "liked" BEFORE I posted on them).

Bah. I'm done for tonight/this AM. If you have questions, ask. I gotta go to bed.

Facebook isn't censoring conservatives. Period.
Liberals are WINNING by REPORTING conservatives TO Facebook. Exclamation point. ;)

Organizing Conservatives? Herding cats MAY be easier.

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