Tuesday, May 3, 2016

One Year Ago Today: Freedom Of Speech Was Attacked By ISIS & Donald Trump

One year ago today, was the attack on Pamela Geller's "Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest" in Garland, TX.

Pamela Geller has commemorated this date with the writing of an article which appears on her website as well as on Breitbart News: "Today is the first anniversary of the Islamic State’s first attack in the homeland."

Pamela's blog post begins this way (emphasis is mine):
Today is the one year anniversary of the jihadi attack on our free speech event in Garland, Texas. I know of no commemorations or remembrance of the brave Americans who staved off the attack in Garland. Unlike “Boston Strong” (they have been anything but), Garland was truly “Garland Strong. Taking out those jihadis was a real American response and we had the best of all possible outcomes. San Bernardino, Chattanooga were Garland without guns.

As for me, how am I commemorating? I am alive, that’s how.

And I, for one, am very thankful that Pamela's alive. She's a rare, gutsy gem in America today. She is a one-of-a-kind American treasure.

In Pamela's article today she addresses the treatment she received from many in the media and some in politics following the attack. She also chronicles nearly 80 other instances of jihad attacks in the United States that have occurred within the last year. Go HERE to see the list. It's jaw-dropping.

Now, because this is an election year and I've been focused solely on it here on my blog, that will not change in this post...

Following the jihadi attack in Garland, TX, Donald Trump spent the next few days smearing and belittling Pamela Geller for DARING to hold her event. He actually had the gall to call her an "obnoxious blowhard" (among other things) for hosting the event. In December 2015 I chronicled most of what Trump said about Pamela in the video below. I emailed the video to Pamela and she posted it on her blog and on all of her social media sites. She included the video again today in her commemoration of the 1st anniversary of the attack.

If there's one thing this video makes CLEAR, it's that Donald Trump loves his OWN freedom of speech, but he has little regard for the freedom of speech of others.

For contrast, Texas Senator Ted Cruz responded to the Garland attack this way:
"Thankfully one police officer helped them meet their virgins."

On May 10, 2015, Pamela Geller endorsed Ted Cruz for president.

Today, Pamela made two mentions of Trump. First, in her listing of those in the media and in politics who attacked her in the aftermath of the Garland event: "Donald Trump said I was an obnoxious blowhard (!) who was taunting Muslims." (That is the sentence on her blog that includes the link to my video today.) Secondly, here: "Ironically, Donald Trump is suffering the same abuse I received from him, for speaking candidly about jihad terror and Muslim immigration."

Good. If anyone deserves that kind of abuse, it's that ignorant bastard. Not Pamela Geller.

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