Monday, June 29, 2015

You Can Help Christians & Gays In The Middle East TODAY - HELP Disrupt ISIS Online!

Those of you who pay attention to the news know about the atrocities committed by ISIS and other terrorist organizations against Christians, gays, and other Muslims who "aren't Muslim enough" all across the Middle East. Some of you have watched the beheading videos. Others of you simply know that those atrocities have occurred. You most likely are aware of the Christian genocide that is occurring right now, during our lifetime. After the last Jewish holocaust people all over the world said, "never again". But, another genocide is occurring right now. "#NeverAgainIsNow"

I've seen the comments from many people who ask, "Yeah, but what can I do about it?"


I've been reporting ISIS propaganda videos and accounts on YouTube and Twitter for a few months now. But, basically, I've been doing it alone (or so it seemed). Sometimes I could get one or two of my Facebook friends to help report the offending accounts, but not many of them have either Twitter OR YouTube accounts (nor were they willing to open accounts on those platforms - even to help to disrupt ISIS - go figure). NOW, YOU DON'T NEED AN ACCOUNT ON YouTube OR ON Twitter (but, it would certainly help if you had one of each so that you, too, could help report the offenders on the respective websites).

All you NEED is this website: You also need the ability to copy and paste a url (web address). If you don't know how to copy and paste, you can find 100's of "how-to" videos on YouTube that will teach you how to do it. (What are you even doing online if you can't even copy & paste, anyway?)

After you submit an offending website, or YouTube video, or Twitter, or Facebook, or Google+ account, or any social media account to that website (top, left corner of the website - and, yes, you can report to GhostSec anonymously), they'll investigate and tweet out to their followers the account you submitted where capable people (like you and me) who are willing to help them disrupt ISIS can report the offending accounts to the proper websites. After each account is reported enough times, they'll eventually be removed and/or suspended by the hosting website (YouTube, Twitter, etc.).

The point of doing this is to DISRUPT the abilities of ISIS to communicate online via social media. If they can't spread their propaganda, they can't recruit more fighters to the cause. It's that simple. Will this ELIMINATE ISIS? Of course it won't. But, it has the potential to totally screw up their communication with each other and with the outside world.

Our government certainly doesn't appear to be working to eliminate the online efforts of ISIS online. I mean, if I can find ISIS videos on YouTube and ISIS accounts on Twitter after searching for all of 2-minutes, it's pretty obvious our government isn't doing a damn thing to take them down, right? It's now time for YOU to get involved. If you could spend even 20 minutes a day...or every other's more than you're probably doing now, right? Now you no longer have to ask, "What can I do to help?". Now you know.

This is an ongoing online battle because as soon as one ISIS account gets suspended or terminated either on Twitter or YouTube (or any social media platform), the ISIS user who was banned simply creates another one. It's important to GET AHEAD and STAY AHEAD of them. The quicker these new accounts can be targeted, the LESS LIKELY they are to be able to maintain the communication with their sympathizers or reconnect with other ISIS fighters that is so important to their growth and to their existence.

*****When reporting ISIS accounts, please keep the message in the photo below in mind - doing so, helps to prevent wasting the time of those at GhostSec AND of those who are helping to report actual ISIS accounts. Here is the link that is shown in the photo below.*****

To clarify...
What can I do about ISIS?

1. Go to the GhostSec website and click on the "Our Team" tab to find who to follow on Twitter.
(Either follow them on Twitter or just go read their tweets. They'll post the accounts that need to be reported.)

2. Start reporting ISIS accounts.

If, for whatever reason, you do not wish to help disrupt ISIS online, you can contribute to the efforts of the GhostSec team by visiting their crowdfunding site HERE.

If you can't donate, share this blog post, or share the GhostSec website or share their crowdfunding site (or share it all). Everyone can help spread the word...even if you don't know how to copy and paste, just hit the "share" button at the bottom of this post.

Many innocent people 1/2 way around the world would thank you if they could.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Garland, TX "Draw Muhammad" Cartoons Air On Dutch TV (Video) - Geert Wilders

The Sharia-compliant American media won't show the cartoons from the Garland, TX "Draw Muhammad" contest...but, Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders showed them in the Netherlands. And now, you can view them in the YouTube video below.

The "YouTube community" (read: offended Muslims and whiny U.S. progressives) has reported this video enough by now that you may have to go to YouTube to watch the video, so that you can click on "continue" after reading the warning that this is a "potentially offensive or graphic" video (as seen in the pic below). There's nothing "graphic" about the few cartoons that appear in the video...unless you're mentally ill. And, there's nothing "potentially offensive" about the cartoons, either...unless you're a big, violent baby and expect to live your life without ever being offended by others who do not ascribe to your beliefs.

English subtitles are included...

"What is not allowed by Islam and by the violence of terrorists, we will do it anyway. And we call that: Freedom of Speech." - Geert Wilders

If you are one of the people who finds drawings of Muhammad to be offensive, then don't draw them. But, don't expect others to have to adhere to the rules by which you choose to live your life. That's on you. It has nothing to do with me.

H/T Pamela Geller

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10K+ People United In Charleston Last Sunday - Did You Hear About It? (VIDEO)

If you are one that follows the news, you've undoubtedly heard about the massacre of 9 innocent souls in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Charleston, SC last week. A 21-year old human turd sat for an hour in a bible study with the people he eventually murdered inside that church. He was caught, he confessed, and hopefully, he'll not spend too many years on South Carolina's death row.

This week in the news you've probably heard about the new push to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House building in Columbia, SC (and that the Confederate flag was used in the 1992 presidential campaign of Bill Clinton and running mate Al Gore - and, that several U.S. businesses have now stopped selling the Confederate flag). You may have heard that the Pope says that humans, not God, have created "climate change" and that anyone who manufactures guns can't call themselves a Christian. The AP published a photo which appears to show a gun pointed at Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz's head. Obama said n*gger in a radio interview. A 19-year old North Carolina kid plotted to kill 1,000 people in the United States on behalf of ISIS. ISIS awarded women as sex slaves to their members who could remember verses from the Koran the best. Oh, and there was another post on twitter from some loser about how he can't wait to wake up to see an attack in the UK, the US, or to see Pamela Geller beheaded (the Twitter user who posted this threat has been suspended, so I can't provide you with this link). Actually, it's not AS likely that you heard those last 3 stories as it is that you know about the phony "remove the confederate flag" BS story that is saturating the 24-hour cable news cycle or about how a stupid, female prison guard smuggled hacksaw blades inside of some frozen meat in order to help those 2 murderers escape a New York prison.

Since last week's murders in Charleston, the city of Charleston has descended into riots, half the city is on fire, 1000's have been injured, and 100's have been arrested. No. Nothing in that last sentence is true. What is true is that since those 9 innocent people were murdered in church, the people of the city of Charleston have put on a CLINIC about how to respond to an injustice in your community. There have been a couple of reports of two different statues being tagged with some graffiti. That is all that I've seen that has gone wrong in Charleston since the murders.

Given the news stories that are enveloping the daily news cycle, I wanted to bring you something that you may have missed that happened this past Sunday in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. Have you heard about the "peace march" or about the "Unity Chain for Charleston" or the "Hands Across The Bridge" event?

Photo comment from @Bear_Caldwell on Twitter:
"We are #CharlestonStrong as victim families lead the way! What a statement. " 

On Sunday, June 21st, 10,000 to 25,000 people (the estimates I've seen greatly vary) converged on the bridge for the "Unity Walk for Peace". It wasn't all white people, and it wasn't all black people. It was a melting-pot-like mixture of both races coming together and unifying for peace. Peace between races. Peace in their city. And, peace in this country. need to see ALL OF THIS (Nothing included below is posted in any particular order...just take it all in):

This is the best video I have come across the depicts what happened just PRIOR to the march:

This video is an "extention" of the above video. It shows more of what happened prior to the march. Skip ahead about 4 or 5 minutes to get to the point at which the above video ends:

This is the best video I have found OF the actual event:

I just want to share an amazing moment I just had at the gas station. As I'm pulling in to fill up I see a car stalling...
Posted by Kayla Robinson Hall on Friday, June 19, 2015

READ: Walkers link arms across Charleston's Ravenel Bridge

*****This picture shows the bridge, which is full of walkers, boaters under the bridge who attended, and the Emanuel AME Church in the foreground (lower left) of the pic:

From France...

Keeping This Post Real...

I think this video depicts part of the 9-minute moment of silence (1-minute for each victim). I saw it reported in a couple different places over the past week that this 9-minute moment of silence was to occur. I have not seen video of it, nor have I seen any reporting to verify that it actually did occur. Nevertheless, here's about 1/2 a minute of what appears to me to be a "moment of silence":

There was a livestream of a benefit concert held on Monday night in Charleston, also. The link to the Ustream event is included in this post, but they don't have the video of the concert listed on their Ustream account (which stinks): Pour House to live stream sold-out benefit concert for Emanuel AME

Keeping This Post Real...

Of course...the Westboro Baptist Bastards will be "picketing" the funerals of Charleston 9...that explains this tweet:

Ditto! Where IS the coverage???

Here's the woman who's idea it was to organize the "Unity Chain" in Charleston...good on her:
WCIV-TV | ABC News 4 - Charleston News, Sports, Weather

And, you'll most likely not find a more unifying message anywhere than the one seen in this 2-hour+ church service from Emanuel AME Church...from this past Sunday.


Thank you Charleston. You're an inspiration.


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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Geert Wilders Mocked In Moroccan Mosque CARTOON In Netherlands

Dutch Parliament member Geert Wilders has been mocked and/or taunted (you decide - I think, both) in a cartoon published by an "organization" of Moroccan mosques in the Netherlands according to a story published on "The Post Online" which is a Dutch website. Mr. Wilders was the keynote speaker at the "Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest" in Garland, TX where two ISIS-linked fools got themselves killed for attempting to murder Americans who were exercising their right to free speech at the May 4th "Draw Muhammad Contest" organized by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) (Pamela Geller) and Jihad Watch (Robert Spencer).

Upon returning to the Netherlands, Geert Wilders has attempted to have cartoons that depict the Muslim prophet Muhammad shown in the Dutch Parliament. He has not been allowed to do so. After being denied, Mr. Wilders will now air these cartoons this Saturday on Dutch television. (According to everything I've read, I believe that the cartoons that will be shown will be from the Garland event, but I cannot verify that.)

From Mediate (emphasis mine):
Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who spoke at Pamela Geller‘s “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest just weeks ago, wants to show images of Muhammad on Dutch television.

According to BBC News, Wilders was trying to show some of the cartoons in Parliament but had been forbidden from doing so, so he’s going to the airwaves instead.

The Netherlands has TV spots specifically allocated for political parties, and Wilders will use the spot given to his party to show the cartoons.

In a statement, he said, “Terrorists have to realise that they will never win and how important freedom of speech is for us in the Netherlands.”

Now Muslims from an "organization" of Moroccan mosques in the Netherlands have "fought back" by printing a cartoon of Mr. Wilders of their own (seen below - please take note of the translated captions I've placed underneath the cartoon).

Cartoon caption via Google Translate:  "We continue to build Netherlands"
and, Minder Minder (the words in "Geert's" mouth = "Less Less"

*****Stay tuned to the news this weekend as I'm sure Mr. Wilders will arm himself with a couple rifles, a few handguns, several thousand rounds of ammo, body armor, and a few IED's as he will most assuredly now seek revenge on ALL of these Moroccan mosques for having depicted HIM in a CARTOON.*****
(Just as the two ANTI-FREEDOM AHOLES from the Phoenix, AZ mosque did to him and hundreds of others at the Garland, TX event.)

Um, yeah...go ahead and enjoy your weekend bar-b-que, as there isn't a chance in hell of that happening. Please say a prayer for the safety of Mr. Wilders...or at least keep him in your thoughts this weekend. Keep the safety of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in your prayers/thoughts as well as they are all under threats of death for SPEAKING FREELY.

I became aware of this story after reading Pamela Geller's blog a roundabout way. She'd posted another story about yet another disgusting ISIS video but, as is the norm, no link to the original video was provided. (The story Pamela linked to from the Daily Mail did not include the actual video.) So, like I always do, I visited the ONE website that I'm aware of that ALWAYS posts the full and complete videos that ISIS releases. (I record and burn to disc as many videos like this as I can JUST so that "there's another copy somewhere".)

The website is a Dutch website called "The Post Online"...however, the entire website is in Dutch. So, I have to use Google Translate to "read" and/or search for anything posted on that website. Well, SOME Dutch words can be read, even by dumb ol' me, and I recognized "de Wilders" in the main headline on their page, so I clicked on it and headed over to Google Translate to read the story.

Below you'll find what the story from The Post Online says after Google's translation (It's not 100% clear, but you'll be able to tell the meaning of it):

(The following Google translation includes the title, date, tags, and story:)

This is him then: the Wilders cartoon of the Moroccan mosques
Is response to cartoon action Wilders airtime political parties
17-06-2015, 19:20 Tags: cartoon, Geert Wilders' PVV, Council of Moroccan Mosques in Netherlands
The organization of Moroccan mosques in the Netherlands has a cartoon released as a counter reaction to the Mohammed cartoons that PVV leader Geert Wilders wants to show from Saturday airtime for political parties.

"We want our action to show that humor is the best way to respond to the provocation and insult Wilders," said Aissa Zanzen, spokesman for Council of Moroccan Mosques in the Netherlands (RMMN). The cartoons are printed in an edition of 500 to 1000 and hanged in stations, such as Amsterdam Central Station. In addition, the cartoon is distributed through social media.

"With Wilders, unfortunately, can be traced no dialogue, he only sends" Zanzen explains the idea of ​​the cartoon of an unknown artist. "Our message is a nod to Muslims humor, you shrug and ignore it the best way to deal with the screams of Wilders."

The mosque organization, eighty Moroccan mosques said to represent the Netherlands, furthermore calls on Dutch, whatever their religion, to serve Wilders humorous reply. "We would like to see Muslims and non-Muslims make more fun reactions with the pen or the brush," said Zanzen.

My birthday is July 4th. I may draw another Muhammad cartoon in the name of FREEDOM of SPEECH on that day. We'll colored pencil sharpener is currently broken. :'( But YOU can join the #DrawMuhammadChallenge at anytime you wish ONLINE...just upload your picture or video on whichever platform you'd like, and TAG IT with the hashtag #DrawMuhammadChallenge. We've heard from a LOT of "big-talkers" on Facebook, YouTube, and on multiple blogs, but we have YET to receive ONE entry other than that of my brother or I. (Click the links I provided you within this paragraph if you don't know to what I'm referring.)

(If you're still reading this...which 90% of you ARE NOT...MOST people ONLY read the headline &/or the 1st few sentences (thank YOU for READING!)...PLEASE click on the links that I provided you. Thank you. The links ALWAYS provide MUCH more context to the overall story.) ;)

A FEW WORDS OF WARNING FOR MY BLOG HERE (this blog is MY area and *I* control what is allowed here):
If you *think* you are one of the "helpers" against the insurrection of Islam into the Unites States of America and you wish to use words like "muzzie" or "mooslim" or "mudslime" or "raghead" or "towelhead" or "camel jockey" or "goat herder" or "goat f_cker" or anything else that a 6th grade boy would use to describe a Muslim.......YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE ON MY BLOG.

We NEED ADULTS in this fight and if you can ONLY represent yourself as a damned fool, then go elsewhere where you may be tolerated. YOU WILL NOT BE TOLERATED HERE AND YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FROM COMMENTING ON THIS BLOG. Do NOT SHARE my posts. I don't want others who LIKE YOUR childish rantings to READ what I have posted. Thank you. Grow up and please come back when others have deemed you an adult. You name-calling CHILDREN are nothing but a DETRIMENT to this entire cause! And, if I get ZERO shares of this story because I have stated this here, I'm good with that.

#GoForth, worthy soldiers.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nebraska Man Initiates The "Draw Muhammad Challenge" (VIDEO) 1st Entry RECEIVED!

My crazy brother has uploaded his SECOND video to YouTube and this time he's calling for YOU to join him on YouTube or Facebook or on whichever social media platform you prefer to participate in the #DrawMuhammadChallenge. In the same fashion as was done with the "Ice Bucket Challenge" last year, Mike is suggesting that, in the case of the #DrawMuhammadChallenge, that after you create your drawing of Muhammad and share it on social media in video or in a photo, that you donate to a Veteran's charity of your choosing. Please use the #DrawMuhammadChallenge hashtag when you post your creation on whichever platform you choose to post it. Some of the veteran's charities Mike suggests can be seen in the picture below. (Links to the donation pages of all 4 of these charities can be found at the bottom of this blog post.)

Let me give you a brief history of Mike's video(s):
Sunday night as I was checking Facebook I noticed that my brother (Mike Dankert) had sent a message to my Facebook inbox. It was a YouTube video. And, it was HIM in the video! What the heck? I've uploaded close to 1,000 videos to YouTube (mostly news vids or "mash-ups" thereof) but, this was a first for my brother...

Oh my goodness! Of course I had to put this video on my blog! Which I did here: "Draw Muhammad" Contest Held In Nebraska - Winner Announced! (VIDEO). I posted my blog post with Mike's video in 20-30 different places on Facebook and I also sent it to a few select Conservative blogs via email or as a "news tip". The Right Scoop posted Mike's video late Sunday night here: Nebraska man wins his own ‘Draw Muhammed’ contest, shows what’ll happen to attempted beheaders. And, this morning, Pamela Geller posted Mike's video (via the post on The Right Scoop) here on her blog: LOL! (Yes, that's the title of Pam's blog post - not commentary from me.) And tonight, Allen West posted a link on his Facebook page to yet another blog that posted Mike's video.

So, after speaking with Mike on the phone Sunday night while preparing to write my blog post about his first video, Mike mentioned that he should do a "Draw Muhammad Challenge" and ask others to participate via social media.

Monday afternoon, he did just that...

After speaking with Mike via Facebook after he sent his latest video to me Monday evening, I asked him a couple of questions...(as if I know how to interview ANYONE - LOL!):
Me: "Why exactly are you doing this? Especially with the very real threat to your life that could possibly result from doing so?"
Mike: "I'm doing this because I believe in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights and I'm not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. Unlike most of our politicians in Washington."
Me: "Did you FULLY understand the possible ramifications of posting such a video BEFORE you posted it? Or, if you receive any death threats are you going to remove your videos, put your house up for sale, and run like a scared bitch for the hills?"
Mike, answering my last 4 questions in succession: "Yes. No. No. And, no."
Additionally, Mike added: "I didn't serve in the military to preserve our freedoms. I guess this is my way of serving my country and our protecting our freedoms."

Good on you, Mike! While you'll hopefully never find video of ME on YouTube (or anywhere else), I do hope you get many people to participate in your #DrawMuhammadChallenge in many various ways. And, thank you for turning the camera sideways this time. :)

Whoops! I almost forgot. Here's my submission:
My submission for the #DrawMuhammadChallenge

Regarding my drawing of Muhammad above:
Bring on the "yeah, but" crowd.
You know, the "I believe in free speech...but..." types.

My message to that crowd: I don't care what you think. You are free to think whatever you want, but I really could care less what it is. You do what you do and I'll do what I do. It's OK that you don't like what I do. You have the right to offend me, just as I have the right to offend you. In the United States of America, thanks to the 1st Amendment, we're equal like that. As someone who has been posting videos and writing on my blog for a few years now, I fully understand the ramifications of "putting things out there" that others don't like. I've already been threatened...multiple times. So what? I actually take great pleasure in offending the easily-offended. It's kind of "my thing". The First Amendment doesn't provide you the right to NOT be offended. You easily-offended crybabies need to get over yourselves. Seriously. Now, call me a "racist" (even though Islam isn't a "race") so you can feel better about yourselves, OK?

I stand with Pamela Geller. I stand with my brother. And, I stand with all Americans who are not willing to live under the influence of any Islamist influence here in the United States. I resoundingly REJECT savagery...just as I reject those who can't understand what "savagery" is or how savages conduct themselves. I am anti-jihad. I am against beheadings. I am against burning people alive. I am anti-genocide. I am against the selling of ANYONE into slavery. I am against training CHILDREN in the art of beheadings and executions. I am anti-Shariah law or ANY implementation of ANY part of Shariah law ANYWHERE in the United States. Savages are currently doing ALL of these things I just mentioned. RIGHT NOW! THAT is what SHOULD offend you.

Here are the links to the donation pages of the 4 charities to which Mike suggested you may make a donation:
Lone Survivor Foundation (Marcus Luttrell)
Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (Taya Kyle / Chris Kyle)
America's Mighty Warriors (Debbie Lee / Marc Lee)
Hire Heroes USA (Brian Stann)

Please don't forget to use the #DrawMuhammadChallenge hashtag when you post your creations on social media! Thank you!

I kicked off the donations just now...
Thank you to my friend "Karen". If not for her donation to my blog yesterday, this donation from me would not have been possible.

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