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Newt Gingrich and Agenda 21

I've recently been conducting research for the making of an in-depth video that will take a look at the progressivism of Newt Gingrich. I was just about to go to bed when I got to wondering how far back the videos on Newt's official YouTube channel go. In other words, how old is the oldest video he has available on his own channel?

Five years. The answer is five years. The man has been involved in politics for the past few decades, but all he has available on his YouTube channel is the past 5 years. Odd.

One of the 5-year-old videos that shows up is entitled "Renewable Energy - Newt Gingrich." February 20, 2007 is the date it was uploaded to YouTube. I'm familiar with the "buzzwords" and the "language" of Agenda-21-speak, therefore, the title of the video caught my eye so I clicked on it to watch it. What is in the 3-minute and 22-second excerpt of the speech (that is the only portion of the speech that is available on Newt's YouTube channel) is that of any such typical speech to any particular "green group." In this case, Gingrich is speaking to one of those "cutesy-named" green groups that are in virtually every community across the United States, this one is named "25X'25." All of these "cutesy-named" green groups are the people on the ground that are working to actually implement Agenda 21 across the country - whether they know it or not. My own town has one that is called "Visioning 2026."

By the way, if you're curious how long it took me to verify that 25X'25 was actually connected to the UN (Agenda 21), it took two clicks on their website. From the home page, click on "resources," then click on the video at the bottom of the list. That video is about 25X'25 and is posted on the UN Foundation's YouTube channel. Bingo!

If you pay more attention to the news than the average person, you're most likely familiar with Agenda 21. If not, you can educate yourself here, here, here, here, & here for starters. If you'd like to READ Agenda 21 as it appears on the website for the United Nation's Department of Economic and Social Affairs HERE. Enjoy.
(See the UPDATE at the very bottom of this article for a video about Agenda 21 that I just added to this post. 12/31/12)

Source: Agenda 21

Now that you're at least somewhat familiar with Agenda 21, I'll tell you the reason for this blog post: Newt Gingrich has endorsed the UN off-shoot program 25X'25 that is helping to implement Agenda 21 across America.

Here's a screen shot from the 25X'25 website where it states that Newt Gingrich has endorsed their group:


Curiously, the link from the 25X'25 website to Newt's website doesn't work. How convenient.

Don't worry, Newt Gingrich isn't the only politician to have endorsed 25X'25. Here's a list of Governor's, State Legislatures, Cities, & Counties who have also endorsed it and/or passed resolutions regarding 25X'25.

Take a quick look at the map below from the 25X'25 website to see if your state is among one of those offering its endorsement:


Don't worry, only HALF of the Governors in the United States have endorsed 25X'25, so far:
While grassroots activities continue to build for 25x'25, top-tier support at the state level is also growing. Currently, twenty five governors, eight former governors, and fifteen state legislatures have endorsed 25x'25.

I'll step way out on a limb here and say that I'll guess that 95% of the Governors that have endorsed 25X'25 are progressives. The other 5% are probably simply ignorant to the agenda of Agenda 21 and the groups that are being employed across the country to implement it. The ignorance of the 5% should be just as concerning to you as the 95% that are progressives.

Even an organization named after one of Newt's favorite progressive presidents has endorsed the project, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Project. Newt has mentioned this organization repeatedly in various speeches over the years.

Is "conservation" a bad thing? No.
Is protecting the environment a bad thing? No.
Is government-sponsored social engineering designed to "help" you behave in a way that some group of "experts" has determined would be "best" for the environment a bad thing? Yes.

Unless you want the United Nations influencing your way of life in a free America, you'd better begin to get educated about Agenda 21 and all of its insidious off-shoot programs that are most likely IN your community right now. Not everyone involved with these local programs is completely aware of the influence of the United Nations Agenda 21 on their program.

***(UPDATE: 12-22-12 Subsequent to the release of the Glenn Beck/Harriet Parke "novel" entitled "Agenda 21" the links to "Agenda 21", as listed on the UN's own website, have been taken down. The links are broken and no longer work. The link to purchase Glenn's book in this update works. The link to "Agenda 21" on the UN website as posted in the paragraph below no longer works. The UN has "scrubbed" Agenda 21 from the internet.)***

Many people involved may actually think that they are doing a good thing for their community. For these people, there is understanding. However, for those that fully understand the implications and effects on a free society of a program like Agenda 21, may God have no mercy on their souls because what they are doing is pure evil; a fully-implemented Agenda 21 HAS to result in the loss of some of your freedom.

No one will be able to convince me that Newt Gingrich isn't fully aware of the implications of Agenda 21. I'm sure he quite agrees with it, given that he's been "very active (his) whole life on issues that involve the environment" and all.

Oh, WAIT! Now Newt doesn't "endorse" Agenda 21 (July 26, 2011):

Another flip-flop.

(***UPDATE*** - January 31, 2012)
I just came across this video and thought I'd add it to this post for those that don't know what Agenda 21 is.
(***UPDATE*** - December 22, 2012 - this video has been removed from YouTube. Sorry about that. I didn't do it. ;)***)

December 22, 2012:
UN-hosted info related to Agenda 21:

All you'd never want to know about the evil of man's mind (the entire 300-page Agenda 21 pdf as originally listed on the UN website can be found at the first link here:

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sarah Palin's 2012 Earthquake - D.C. Radio Ads

Sarah Palin's 2012 Earthquake and Vote Rogue are working together again to air another radio ad. We are hoping to one or both of the ads below in Washington, D.C. during the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) which is being held February 9th - 11th. Sarah Palin is scheduled to deliver the keynote address on the final day of CPAC.

If you'd like to contribute toward the airing of one or both of these new ads, you may do so via PayPal at this link.

Here is ad #1:

Here is ad #2:

Some of the Earthquake members that will be attending CPAC this year are also printing out the following ad to hand-out to other attendees at CPAC. If there is another location where you would like to hand out the ad, feel free to print it out and do so.

If you'd like to see a more complete history of all the advertising that our groups have been a part of please see this most recent post and this older post.

Again, if you'd like to donate via PayPal to the airing of the radio ad, here's the link. Thank you!

If you're not a member on Facebook of Sarah Palin's 2012 Earthquake, please join us. (Click the link and then request to join the group.)

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

State of the Union: Patrick Henry via Ann Barnhardt (VIDEO)

Timed perfectly to coincide with the beginning of the delivery of the third State of the Union address by President Obama tonight, Ann Barnhardt delivered to YouTube her recital of Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty or give me death speech."

Here's Ann's description underneath her video:
Ann Barnhardt reciting Patrick Henry's March 23, 1775 speech before the Virginia House of Burgesses.

The reason Ann uploaded this speech is more evident when you visit her blog. She's posting this speech as a response to several questions that she's received from people who have asked her a variety of questions like:

What is your response to Obama telling Catholics that they have no right to their own consciences vis-a-vis contraception, abortifacients and sterilization?

What is your response to the Obama DOJ, SEC and CFTC allowing Jon Corzine to steal over a billion dollars and effectively destroy the futures and options markets?

What is your response to the Tennessee woman being arrested and imprisoned for asking a policeman what she should do with her legally owned handgun in New York City?

What is your response to Obama adding over SIX TRILLION DOLLARS (to date) to the national debt, thus debasing and destroying the currency?

What is your response to Obama looting the United States Treasury and handing billions of dollars in federally guaranteed "loans" to political cronies to skim off of shell companies that are never intended to produce or be profitable?

What is your response to Obama thwarting every effort for energy production in the United States while handing that same production capacity to the Chinese?

What is your response to Obama gutting, demoralizing and hamstringing the United States Military?

What is your response to the Obama regime eliminating due process and giving themselves the power to arrest and imprison American Citizens indefinitely at their sole discretion?

What is your response to Obama's alliance with the Islamic Caliphate?

Read more from Ann's blog HERE.


The last video Ann uploaded to YouTube was on September 15th, 2011. It's good to see that she's back at it on YouTube.

Ann's YouTube channel.

Ann's Blog.

Something everyone should know about Ann:
‘Going Galt’: Hedge Broker Shuts Down Firm With Chilling Letter About The Market

If you'd like to hear a radio interview Ann did after closing her firm, listen to this:

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chris Matthews, Shame on You!

Chris Matthews, I hope episodes like the one displayed in the video below ends your career. All of the race-baiting BULLSH_T that you keep trying to get into the national narrative has gone on for far too long. It has got to STOP.

There will probably be repercussions for you at some a few in, when you're DEAD.

The damage you're doing to cases of REAL racism, by over-using & ruining the impact of the word should have an everlasting effect on you. As for now, all we mortals here on earth can do is call you out on your shameful behavior.

Shame on you, Chris Matthews!

Shame on anyone/everyone else in the media or Hollywood who just keep TRYING to bring race into every subject that even comes close to being associated with the first black President of the United States Barack Obama. I think that these people that are constantly beating the racism drum are being racist themselves. Do they think that President Obama is incapable of defending his positions? Why do they always feel the NEED to "provide cover" for him? Why do they do this? They must be racists. Right? Or are they just people with very simple minds. One must be true; are they racists or simpletons?

The upcoming presidential election is going to be FULL of more race-baiting by all of the liberals in the media and Hollywood, too. They've already proven that over the past 3 years. Too bad they keep getting away with it. When the liberal left has nothing else to offer to a conversation, no logical point to make about why something with which they disagree is wrong, they head STRAIGHT for the race-baiting comments. It's a sad reflection on not only their status and how they achieved whatever status they've achieved, but it's also an unnecessary false-moniker applied to millions of Americans on an almost daily basis because they disagree with someone's political stance.

Shame on ALL of them!!!

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Not Romney (Video)

I started making this video the night of Thursday, January 12, 2012. I uploaded it to YouTube, after pulling an all-nighter to get it finished, around 6:00AM on Tuesday, January 17, 2012. I made the video. Me. No one helped me. No one paid me...although, if anyone would like to, the "tip jar" is right over there --->

I made the video because I really don't want to see Mitt Romney as the President of the United States because I've never believed that he is ANYTHING that he has said that he is. I've always felt that Mitt Romney says whatever he feels will be the best thing he can say to whatever audience he is speaking to. Doesn't matter WHAT he says, all that matters is WHO he is saying it to. It changes from day-to-day, so what difference does it make WHAT he says? The fact that he's been lusting after the presidency for as long as he has creeps me out, too. I won't be voting for him in the primary. I will, however, hold my nose and vote for him in the general election if I have to. Replacing Barack Obama as the President is far too important.

As of the time of this blog post, my "Not Romney" video has 6,332 views on YouTube. The video is an assortment of clips of 2012 GOP presidential candidate Willard "Mitt" Romney's different political stances and scandals throughout his political career with some pop-culture clips (movies/TV/YouTube stars) tossed-in to help maintain my sanity while making the video.

However, the star of the video is Ann Barnhardt. Her YouTube video "Barnhardt-RomneyGoHome" was the driving force behind the making of my video below.

Here's my video: Not Romney
***UPDATE*** My original youtube channel was deleted by YouTube. This vid had 21K views on my old channel, thanks to Ann Barnhart. I've uploaded this video on a new channel.

Here's Ann Barnhardt's video that was the inspiration for my video above.

The night I uploaded my video to YouTube, Ann Barnhardt herself, made the following post about it on her blog. (Because Ann's blog posts all eventually disappear - they are eventually run-off the bottom of the main page to her blog - I've copied & pasted her entire post.):

I'm going to be hypocritical here for a moment and post this video about Mitt Romney that just hit YouTube tonight. Back in June, when I was still working under the assumption that the country could maybe be salvaged, I made a video exposing Mitt Romney and all of his bought-and-paid-for, Marxist, Fascist, oligarchical crap.

Well, some people have taken that video of mine and built an entire 52 minute piece around it, inserting citations, clips of Romney himself, news stories, and all kinds of HILARIOUS pop-culture references. There are movie clips, Randall the Honey Badger guy (a huge guilty pleasure of mine) makes several appearances, even Beavis and Butthead have cameos. The work that went into this was enormous, and the editing is superb. It is long, but it is very informative while being laugh-out-loud funny.

Well done, Guys.
What an immense honor for her to have noticed and given it such high praise. Thank you, Ann!
Here's Ann on Twitter if you wish to follow her: @AnnBarnhardt (She follows NO ONE.)

Just in case any of you think that you're friends with Ann on Facebook, here's part of post that she made on January 16, 2012 on her blog:
Q: Ann,
I friended you on your Facebook page. Will you friend me back?

A: I don't have a Facebook page. Facebook is evil. I never have been on Facebook and never will be. You "friended" God-knows-who, a person who has nothing better to do than impersonate other people on Facebook. Creepy. And just for the record, the word "friend" actually means something, and it means something sacred and profound. I find the whole "friending" culture of online social networking to be seriously disturbing, akin to sexual promiscuity. Don't throw yourself, your affections or your intimacy around. Don't call someone "friend" unless you actually know them and are not just mere acquaintances, but ACTUALLY FRIENDS.
So, if you're "friends" with someone named "Ann Barnhardt" on Facebook, it ain't the one you think it is.

And, one more note about Ann: Everyone should read this news story about her: ‘GOING GALT’: HEDGE BROKER SHUTS DOWN FIRM WITH CHILLING LETTER ABOUT THE MARKET

Yesterday, my "Not Romney" video was posted by Kevin DuJan from
MUST SEE: Ann Barnhardt’s Viral Video Exposing Mitt Romney and Proving How Unelectable He Is Against Barack Obama
Thank you, Kevin!

Conservative blogger Mark America has also posted my video:
Epic Video – Not Romney
Thank you, Mark!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Michelle Obama April 2007: "Occupy the White House" & "Transform America"

It seems that the Obama's have had the idea of "occupying the White House" and "transform(ing) this country in a fundamental way" since 2007.

April 23, 2007 (edited January 13, 2012):

Here's the original video (April 23, 2007):

Here's Barack Obama speaking about transforming America (October 31, 2008):

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When Mitt Romney Came to Town: Newt's Take-down

"Winning our Future," a SuperPAC (Political Action Committee) that supports Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, released their scathing take-down of Mitt Romney today. It is entitled "When Mitt Romney Came to Town." You may view it at this link:

It only lasts 28 minutes and 6 seconds but it includes:
Closed factories
Foreclosed homes
People fired
Cancer patients
Sad, frail, elderly people
Closed toy stores
Sad kids
Greedy, evil capitalists
Average investors screwed over
Lies/proven by SEC filings
"America's heartland"
Vietnam veterans screwed over
Pregnant lady screwed over
Destruction of people's way of life

Mitt may have a little trouble explaining this.

28 minutes and 6 seconds.

At the end of the film a new page is loaded and the viewer is taken to the "Winning the Future" website where you can donate to the cause:

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Sarah Palin's 2012 Earthquake - Advertising Update

This post is designed to show the members of "Sarah Palin's 2012 Earthquake" what ad campaigns we are currently running. All current members of "Sarah Palin's IOWA Earthquake" should now be in the brand new 2012 Earthquake group on facebook as we have now moved-on from Iowa. This should be our final migration from group-to-group. If we had had the capability to change the name of the Iowa group, we would have changed the name. We didn't. Come join us in the new group. The Iowa group will eventually be defunct.

The newest fundraising effort we have underway is to run the "HELP WANTED" ads you'll see below in newspapers across the country. We are using the town I live in, Norfolk, NE (in northeast Nebraska), as a "test case" for these ads to see what kind of response, if any, we get from people on the ground that will see these ads. We are seeking people in communities all over the country to be the eyes and ears for us on the ground when and if that becomes necessary. Of course, these ads are also intended to get the attention of Governor Palin in the hope that she will reconsider her decision to not run for president in 2012. If these ads also help persuade people to vote for her in their state primary or caucus, that's great too.

We need all kinds of information from people on the ground such as state-specific primary/caucus rules, television and radio station contact information, popular/well-placed/available billboards, all kinds of things that only people that live in a particular community can provide. There are "secret" (facebook's terminology, not mine) state-specific groups set-up on facebook so people in each state can coordinate their efforts as well. These state-specific groups will be used as needed and members will be added as deemed necessary by each "state captain" as they are established.

Here are the new "HELP WANTED" ads that will be run in newspapers across the country. The first ad below will run in the Norfolk Area Shopper which is a free publication that will reach all homes in Norfolk as well as in several surrounding communities (approx 29,000 homes). The cost of the 2-column by 5-inch "display ad" below is $85.00 and will run one time on Wednesday, January 11, 2011. If you wish to donate to future placings of these ads in other papers across the country you may do so via PayPal HERE. The ad below has been enlarged so that it is legible in this post. Also, feel free to take a screen shot of it or save the photo and use it as you see fit. We own this ad and may share it wherever we'd like. Email it, share it on facebook. Feel free to share all of our advertising or even this blog post if you so wish. You do not need to ask. Just do it. Thanks!

Ad as it will appear in the Norfolk Area Shopper.

Norfolk Daily News ad.

The ad to the left is the ad as it will appear in the Norfolk Daily News which is the local newspaper in Norfolk, NE.

This ad will reach the regular circulation of the paper (16,000 homes) plus an additional 10,000 homes via "The Daily News Plus" which is a free publication put out by the Daily News each Wednesday. The ad is a one-column by 7-inch ad. It's final cost was $158.26.

These ads have been made "small" so that they remain as inexpensive as possible - this way we can cover many more areas of the country. Just for comparison, a full-page ad in the Des Moines Register was going to cost about $27,000.00.

In each placement, the cheaper of the two options was used - the "display ad" in the Norfolk Area Shopper vs. the "paragraph-style" ad in the Norfolk Daily News. We're not seeking to make a "flashy appearance" with these ads. We're seeking local "boots on the ground."

Also, if we garner more media attention by "blanketing" the country with ads, that could be helpful to our cause, too.

As explained to me by the person I worked with at the Norfolk Daily News, in order to be in compliance with the law, it is necessary to list the name of a representative of the group along with an address. The use of my name and address was decided upon by Sandra Bailey and I. The listing of any name and address was not necessary in the ad in the Norfolk Area Shopper because that publication is a free publication and is not a subscription newspaper.

We also have a radio ad that is running in New Hampshire. It will run through mid-day Tuesday, January 10th, 2011 on WKBK This radio ad was written and produced by Richard Garrell and others in connection with the "Vote Rogue" group and "Sarah Palin's 2012 Earthquake" is responsible for it's dissemination via the donations we've received. (Come on Palin supporters - the "old" Iowa radio ad could use a few "likes" on YouTube, too.)

The radio ad that is currently running in New Hampshire may be heard below.

The two television commercials below have run in Iowa and may still be run in other states in the near future. Obviously, some minor changes to each of the commercials will be needed for whichever state they may run in in the future, but you'll get the idea of what they are about by watching them below.

This commercial was made by Joshua Thuma:

I made this commercial:

Both of the above commercials ran numerous times throughout the state of Iowa prior to the Iowa caucuses. If you wish to read my blog post that includes all of the updates about air-times, and new and re-worked commercials, you may do so HERE. That post was updated multiple times and is a bit of a mess to follow so, good luck. ;)

The majority of our efforts are being organized on facebook. We realize that not everyone is active on facebook. If you are not, you can contact us via this email address: You can donate via PayPal HERE. If you are on facebook, come join our group, learn about us, and PLEASE DONATE.

We also have a "Page" on facebook that you can "like," if you'd like: "Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement"

We are always in need of more donations. If you wish to donate any amount to help fund the newspaper ads that we are hoping to run in papers across the country, please do so HERE. If you are currently unable to assist us financially or in some other capacity but know others who may be willing to help out, please send them to our facebook group "Sarah Palin's 2012 Earthquake" or share our email address with them:

Thank you ALL who have donated not only money but countless hours of their time to this effort. Without the support and encouragement from all of you in the group, none of this would be taking place.

Now, because this is my blog, I'm including the following editorial comment because I feel a need to include it. The following words are MINE and are mostly directed at all of the naysayers that we have encountered over the past few days and months:
Sarah Palin's 2012 Earthquake, Sarah Palin's Iowa Earthquake, Sarah Palin's Earthquake and Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement DO NOT support writing-in Sarah Palin in the general election in November 2012. If it is an individual's choice to do so, that's up to them. However, this is NOT something for which this group is advocating.

We are also not seeking to divide delegates and/or "mess with the election" as has recently been suggested by those who are ignorant about our cause, among other things. It is our belief that if a candidate, any candidate, has enough popular support in any primary or caucus, the efforts that we undertake will not affect those candidates in any way. If they're so popular, their own supporters will be responsible for their success or failure, not us. So, those who want to blame the Earthquake groups for their candidate's failure to win a delegate or two, had better re-think whom they've chosen to support. Perhaps you're backing a loser? It's hardly our fault that your chosen candidate can't garner enough votes for a win.

Those who choose to write-in Sarah Palin's name on their primary ballot are making a statement with their vote. They are, in essence, rejecting the current crop of sub-par candidates and voting their conscience by writing her in. Whether their vote counts or not, they are able to know that at least they did not participate in the selection of another GOP-propped-up establishment-type pick for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

These are the feelings of many of us who still wish to see Governor Palin enter this race. Personally, in the general election, I will vote for the eventual nominee whomever it may be. However, in my state primary, even though my vote won't even count (unless Governor Palin signs an affidavit agreeing to be on the ballot at least 10 days prior to our primary on May 15th), at least I can vote with the comfort of NOT having voted for one of the other sub-par candidates, all of whom I deem to be unfit for taking on the task of what this nation is facing.

This is still America and I own my vote and I will do with it as I see fit.

You should do the same with yours and stop blaming others for the failure of whichever candidate you are supporting.

One more thing, until Governor Palin suggests that the Earthquake stop it's efforts, or until she personally endorses a candidate, we will be continuing. That will not change no matter how many people lie about us or attempt to smear our efforts. In this effort, we take our marching orders from God, Governor Palin, and ourselves. We do not seek nor do we require the approval of ANYONE else..

Thank you.

Shelly Dankert

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