Thursday, March 31, 2016

What The Trump Crowd Doesn't "Get" About Politics ("You Must Be Voting For Hillary?")

Poor Ben Carson appeared with Hannity last night and made this "brilliant" suggestion:

“I’m starting to think that many of the so-called ‘Republican establishment’ – of course they say there is no such thing, 'we don’t exist,' but we know they do.

I believe that many of them would prefer to have Hillary in there, than to have Donald Trump.

Because she is part of the political establishment and can be controlled, whereas Donald Trump cannot be controlled.

And they’re not interested in – Democrats or Republicans in the ruling class – of having somebody that they can’t control.”

My problem with what Ben said is this:

Sunday, March 20, 2016

62+ Reasons I Will NEVER Vote For Trump & Don't Understand Why ANYONE Would

Another reason not to vote for him.

I will never vote for Donald Trump for many reasons. The following list of reasons is my own and they are NOT listed in any order of importance to me. They are ALL important as together they ALL speak to the type of individual for whom I will never vote.

(If you copy this list and paste it elsewhere it is an infringement of my copyright. If you wish to share this list, share the link to this blog post. Also, copying and pasting a list like this eliminates all of the hyperlinks I've included below as supporting evidence.)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trump Supporters Think They've Cornered The Market On...


(Check out the video below if you'd rather have this post read to you.)

Trump supporters are "angry" at "the government" (aka "politicians") for screwing them now, they're going to vote for someone who BRAGS about being a major crony capitalist and engaging in that political screwing-over of the little guy for decades to FIX that at which they say they're ANGRY. This is precisely what leads many of us to refer to Trump supporters as "stupid." But, there's more...

I've been a literal "member" of that "angry" crowd since April 15th of 2009 (the date of the 1st TEA Party I attended here in town)...but now, because I'm not a Trump supporter, according to Trump supporters, people like me must no longer be "angry" about how politicians screw over and completely ignore their constituents. They think they have "cornered the market" on "anger" in the populace. They make no sense. There's NOTHING about ANY of this that makes ANY sense. But they get mad (madder) when, in our own moments of weakness, we call them "stupid" for making NO SENSE. When they behave like the star-struck, wholly ignorant Obama voters of 2008 and we call them on it, they get even madder. They react by throwing another Trumpertantrum, digging-in their heels, name-calling, and VOWING to vote for Trump. Basically, they react like Trump does to women like Megyn Kelly who ask him questions he's incapable of answering. In other words, they act like their new hero, the big, fat bully, Trump. And, the MORE Trump acts out, the MORE EMPOWERED his supporters feel to behave exactly like him. It's a sickening reality to witness...especially within the so-called "Christian" adult population in the United States.

MANY of the Trump supporters who claim to be "angry" have been BEGGING for a "Constitutional Conservative" candidate to STEP FORWARD and he has...his name is Ted Cruz. But, because all the Trump supporters are believing ALL of Trump's LIES about Ted Cruz (and other conspiratorial-type bullsh*t about Ted) they're foregoing what they've SAID they WANTED for the past 7+ years and are voting for the candidate with the most LIES, the most BLUSTER, and the BIGGEST MOUTH.

Trump has held BOTH sides of nearly EVERY issue...and he's STILL changing his positions on his OWN typed out PLANS on his website almost weekly. NONE of this matters to the "angry" people. They just want to elect a BLOWHARD who they think will make them FEEL better. And, it DOESN'T MATTER to them if he has to govern as a fascist to accomplish it. I've read several comments from Trump supporters who've stated exactly that. Some have even said they "look forward to it."

This is the terminally sad condition of the United States today.

She's on life-support.

Voting for Trump is akin to tripping over the cord on the machines keeping her alive and pulling the plug out of the wall.

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trump Targeted On Stage After He Taunts Another Protester In Ohio (VIDEO)

Trump turns to see who or what is coming at him. 

Two separate incidents with protesters at a Donald Trump campaign rally in Dayton, Ohio occurred within the past hour.

The 1st protester appeared in the middle of the front of Trump (The protester is not visible in the video below but, Trump addresses him/her with taunts).

The 2nd protester
, who is also not visible, either tried to get on the stage with Trump, or ran into the stage (causing the stage to shake) and was quickly put down.

(FOX News Network is reporting that someone threw something at Trump.)

I'm typing what I saw while I was streaming the live event

Friday, March 11, 2016

Insanity! Sarah Palin & Drudge Join Forces With Those Who Smear Them

Again, I sit here with my chin on the floor as I compile another blog post. The absolute nuttiness of this campaign season is off the hook. Almost every day I see something else that I just can't believe or make ANY sense out of.

The very first thing I saw when I woke up this morning was the series of new headlines posted on the Drudge Report as seen in the photo on the right. Matt Drudge is "all in" for Donald Trump to become president...he's made that very apparent with all of his positive headlines for Trump and all of his negative headlines about Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Today, Drudge has

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ben Sasse: "The only choice people get are 2 dishonest NY liberals?" (VIDEO)

Nebraska's one Conservative member of Congress, Senator Ben Sasse, just appeared on Gretchen Carlson's show on FOX News. The entire interview can be seen in the video below.

This is part of what Ben had to say:
"The Republican party is an absolute mess and has been for some time. So, let's give Trump credit for this, the guy knows how to wage a hostile takeover. We could have never gotten to this moment if the Republican party weren't also vacuous. If it were clear what the Republican party's principles were over the last many years, none of this would be happening now.

So, Donald Trump has been waging a war on the platform of