Friday, July 22, 2016

I LOVE That Christie, Huckabee, & King HATE Ted Cruz

Why is it that Trump supporters keep sharing videos or articles of Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, and/or Peter King (and others) sharing their disapproval/insults/hatred for Ted Cruz after his speech at the RNC?

Have they already forgotten that Christie, Huckabee, and King are progressives?

Have they already forgotten that Christie, Huckabee, and King are RINOs?

Have they already forgotten that Christie, Huckabee, and King are deeply entrenched members of the political establishment that all Trump supporters supposedly hate so much?

Why do they think it's a GOOD thing to promote what Christie, Huckabee, and King think about Cruz?

When I see these kinds of things posted, it just solidifies my opinion of Cruz. ALL of the proper people hate him. I don't want or need Ted Cruz to have the approval of a bunch of progressive RINO establishment types. (Like Trump supporters apparently NEED Cruz to speak these words: "I will vote for Trump" because they can't recognize an endorsement of any other kind.)

I LOVE knowing that Christie, Huckabee, and King (and many other faux-Conservative/Republican losers like them) HATE Ted Cruz.

Some in the Trump crowd, including several who are still on my facebook friend list, USED to know that having those in the progressive/RINO/establishment class speak ILL of your candidate is a GOOD THING. Today, for far too many of them, it's only a good thing if someone like Sarah Palin or Breitbart "News" or Donald Trump himself tells them it is so.

This is what happens when you sell-out your beliefs...when you fall for populism...when you let emotion guide your decisions...when you panic for no reason at all and fall-in line behind an inexperienced, authoritarian political amateur. It's shameful to witness.

It's too bad all of these videos are so SHORT! I could listen to this stuff ALL DAY LONG. I enjoy hearing Democrats bitch about Conservatives. It's music to my ears.

Virtually unknown progressive douche, Rep. Steve Womack ("R"-AR):

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