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Ron Paul Supporter Advocates "Shooting the Bastards," Hate for Jews & Israel, Anarchy, Revolution, New Conspiracy Theories & Accuses the GOP of Stealing the Vote ALL on Live Internet Radio Show Within a 9-minute Segment

This HAS to be a record, even for a Ron Paul supporter.

Ron Paul supporting internet-radio talk show host Michael Rivero doesn't like that the Iowa GOP leadership is moving the vote tabulation in next week's Iowa caucuses behind closed-doors...and he's not afraid to tell you about it, or make an ass out of himself while doing so.

Naturally, in true Ron-Paul-supporting ethos, he's attached a wild conspiracy theory to the Iowa GOP's decision to move the vote-count behind closed doors due to a promise by the Occupy Wall Street crowd to disrupt the Iowa caucuses...and, because that link provides such a pathetic view, also check out THIS LINK.

As Michael tells his listeners:
They're getting ready to steal Iowa from Ron Paul. That's the ONLY explanation here.

(Don't worry, a full-transcript and video follow.)

Normal folks would just assume that this is a good move by the Iowa GOP so that votes are not comprised by any chaos that the OWS protesters may cause, and they have caused a lot of chaos over the past few months: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11.

It's a good thing that nobody ever accused the Ron Paul fan-base of being "normal." I wonder if Ron Paul's peeps know that Occupy has been protesting their fearless leader, too? Because of this alone, one would think that the Ron Paul crowd wouldn't be so eager to back the Occupy movement. As with the TEA Party movement, the Ron Paul supporters are trying to "claim" the Occupy Wall Street movement as their own. ALL Paulbots know more about Occupy Wall Street than you or I...just ask one of them.

ALL of Wall Street = Bad.
ALL of Ron Paul = Good.

Note to radio-internet host Michael Rivero and every other conspiracy-believing Ron Paulbot (which is just about every single one of them) there ARE exceptions to every rule. From CNN.:
Votes in each of the 1,774 precincts will still be counted on location, and observers from the campaigns will be able to watch that process.

Oh! Doesn't that ruin a good conspiracy theory? I suppose the GOP has also infiltrated the Ron Paul campaign in Iowa and at every single caucus location there are actually faux-Ron-Paul-supporting/GOP-cloaked-spies that will "watch that process?" No?

In the interest of full-disclosure, I feel the need to tell you that I LOVE a good conspiracy theory. I don't BELIEVE any of them, I just LOVE to delve into them and see for myself the level of delusion that some people have achieved. As one who has lived my entire life in "fly-over country," the theory of chemtrails is my favorite. My family and I laugh about this on a regular basis. HAARP is fun too. It caused the earthquake in Japan, don't ya know? Oh, and like Ron Paul and the vast majority of his supporters believe, the Jews caused 9/11...and, of course, Jews are bad. Everybody knows that, silly.

Back to Michael Rivero's paranoid internet-radio show. Here's the 9-minute clip and the transcript that I compiled is posted beneath this video.

Host Michael Rivero
Full show:

Full clip transcript (9:05):
Announcer: Here is your host, Michael Rivero
:03 And aloha, America. Welcome back to our show and boy, there are times I, I hate being right all the time. I really do. I love that line in the movie "Jurassic Park" when the T-Rex, you know, breaks out of the paddock and Malcolm says, "gee, I hate being right all the time" because he predicted it.

:18 Remember I was telling you if that if they, they can not smear Ron Paul and defeat him honestly in Iowa they will try and steal it? Ok? We are just now getting word that the Iowa GOP leadership has decided, because of the 'potential of disruption at next week's caucuses,' the GOP is going to move the vote tabulation to a secret, undisclosed location.

:49 The caucuses are supposed to be counted right there where everybody can witness it. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, we have, we have an email that's saying 'bad people are coming to disrupt the caucuses'.
It's probably the GOP leadership['s] kid [that] posted them.
So, they gin up this whole thing about "Oh, there are going to be disruptions so we have to move the tabulation to a secret, undisclosed location." That's not the way the system is supposed to work. There ARE no secret votes, in a republic, in a democracy. There are secret votes ONLY in dictatorships.

1:21 They're getting ready to steal Iowa from Ron Paul. That's the ONLY explanation here. He is so far ahead in the polls; CNN has him over 50%. He has more support than all the other GOP candidates combined.

1:36 But, Israel does not want Ron Paul in the running.
The federal reserve does not want Ron Paul in the running. These are soulless people with no conscience and no sense of civil responsibility. They're gonna steal it from him.

1:48 So, if they have their little secret tabulation location and there's a surprise, come-from-behind victory for Newt Gingrich, we're all gonna know what happened. It was another vote theft, and at that point, with the election system is that badly compromised, I think Claire Wolfe was right,
it's time to start shooting the bastards. Because nothing else is gonna work.

2:15 Because they're not only stealing the election from Ron Paul, they're stealing the right of the people to choose our own govt. That's what they're really stealing. All of this election stuff, it's a theater exercise; 'we're gonna let you think that you have a choice as long as you vote for the people we approve of.' And, then you'll quietly go back to your slavery and [keep] cranking more out soldiers for us to use in our wars in the belief that somehow this is something you all wanted because you voted for the leaders. But now we know we're not.

2:47 This idea that they're going to move the Iowa caucus vote tabulation to a secret, undisclosed location where there are no witnesses is proof they're going to steal it from Ron Paul. They're desperate to keep him out of there.

3:02 We have seen the media just coming up with all of this nonsensical stuff about him. You know, 20-year-old newsletters, disgruntled former employees who were probably agent provocateurs. They can't stand him.

3:15 He refuses to go along with this suck-up to Israel, suck-up to the war machine and protect Wall Street at the expense of the American people. They don't want him in there and they're going to steal it. And we all need to decide what we're going to do, when they do. When they steal it, what will you do? Will you just sit down and say, "oh well, I just guess that's the way it's gonna be?" Because if you do, then that's basically the end of the United States of America. If you're not willing to stand up and defend your right to vote for the candidate that you want, then this nation is lost.

3:53 So, I just put this story up at "Iowa GOP Moving Vote Count to Undisclosed Location." I want you to grab that article, copy it, send it everywhere. Post it everywhere and post it with the comment
"They're doing this to steal the Iowa caucuses from Ron Paul."
We're not supposed to have secret vote-counts. It's Un-American! It's 'Nazi.' It's 'fascist.' It's 'Soviet.'' It's NOT America. They've made it very obvious, they're not going to allow the American people to choose their own candidates. And, that too, is not America.

4:37 I'm angry. And, if you're not, what the heck is wrong with you? This is an attack at the very heart of what this country is supposed to be. Democracy. We the people, choose the government. Not Israel. Not Bernie Madoff. Not George Soros. We the people. And what the GOP leadership in Iowa have just said is "No. You don't get to choose. We don't like the guy that you like. We're going to make sure that he doesn't get to the ballot. Long before you ever get to a polling place, we will make sure that the people WE want are the only ones you can pick from." That's how the election systems got hi-jacked in this country.

5:30 I need to get this over to Bev Harris at and she needs to be aware of this. That's the only interpretation; the GOP is going to steal Iowa from Ron Paul. They want him out of the race as quickly as possible. They don't dare let him stay in the race any longer.

5:45 They're gonna get rid of him in Iowa and New Hampshire. They will steal it from him.
If they can't steal it from him. they will shoot at him. I'm telling you that right now.
These people are desperate. Politicians, Presidents, who stand up to the bankers, get shot at. Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy.

6:02 These money-junkies are making trillions of dollars off of your labor. They're not gonna let that go without a fight. And it's time to realize that it's going to take a fight to get those money-junkies pried loose from your, from your blood-veins.
6:24 So, go to the website, grab that story: "Iowa GOP Moving Vote Count to Undisclosed Location" and you send it to everybody. You send it to everybody you know who's a Ron Paul supporter. You make a stink about this. This is not how elections are supposed to be run in the United States of America.

6:46 If they steal it from Ron Paul, at that point there is no possibility of saving this country. It's time to just start burning it all down.
Because, better [that there is] NO government than a govt of the money-junkies, by the money-junkies, and for the money-junkies.
It's like I keep joking all these years...I've been studying the Republicans and the Democrats for a lot of years and
anarchy is looking attractive right now.

7:16 I'm furi...I'm angry. I hope you are too. I hope you're as angry as I am.

7:23 Now, up in Montana, as an expression of their anger over this whole National Defense Authorization Act and the provisions in there for indefinite detention, the Montanans have launched a recall of their Senators who voted for this abomination. Senators Max Baucus and Jonathan Tester. The Montana voters are gonna kick 'em out of office. They're gonna fire them. And that's what we should all be doing, firing every member of this government who does not represent the American people. Which sadly, is most of them so we've got our work cut out for us.

8:00 We're gonna go to the phones. Clint in Las Vegas. Aloha, Clint. Welcome to the show. What's on your mind?
Clint: Yeah Mike, uh, I just got a little steam coming out of my ear which is kinda good on a cool night like tonight but, however, uh, uh, what you just told me about Ron Paul moving - cuz there's a lot of people out there who are really sensing that, you know, that we, we hafta get Ron Paul in there. That this country (over-talk)
Mike: He's the only chance to save this country.
Clint: and, uh...
Mike: You know, if we don't get Ron Paul in the White House then it's all over. It's time to have the revolution.
Clint: Did you, uh, uh, are, are you uh, also with a this uh, article you want me to pass around, uh, do you have plenty of phone numbers on there (over-talk) for the people responsible for this?
Mike: Um, I do not, but if anybody has (over-talk)
Clint: Or their names?
Mike: Uh, you know, I don't think the Iowa GOP leadership is going to care how many people call them.
They've been given their orders to get rid of Ron Paul.
We just need to get this out to the public so there's a (inaudible) cry calling the media, calling everybody and basically, the message we want to send is:
"If Ron Paul loses Iowa WE KNOW it was stolen from him." It's time to start shooting the bastards.
We'll be right back.
End of transcript.

If you wish to hear/view the entire 2-hour radio show from Michael Rivero in which the above segment appears, you can do so below (yes, you'll have to sit through a 30-second commercial):

Watch live video from michaelrivero on
If the video above won't play for you try HERE)

If you have any doubts about the efforts being put into the "Occupy the Iowa Caucus" movement, check out these efforts.

Hundreds of Occupy Activists Gather in Iowa to Plot ‘Anti-Caucus’ Disruptions

Also, please scroll back up to the top of this post where I posted links from 1 through 11. There is more in all of those posts than you could ever hope to know about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

As for me, I'm Voting Rogue 2012!
(This means I'm writing-in Sarah Palin in my state primary on May 15th. Paulbots and others who have a problem with this, I don't care what you have to say about my decision. I'll do what is right for me. You do what is right for you. When a nominee is selected, whomever it is, I will vote to eliminate Obama. Period.)

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Are Glenn Beck's Listeners a Part of a Christmas Miracle?

The Drudge Report is a news aggregate where millions of people get their news for the day. I'm one of those people. Earlier today, when checking out the headlines on Drudge, I saw this headline "SPIRIT: Anonymous donors paying strangers' Christmas layaway accounts..." That headline is a link to a story on the Detroit Free Press entitled "Anonymous donors pay strangers' Christmas layaway accounts."

My immediate thought when I saw that headline on Drudge was "this is because of Glenn Beck." Did the idea originate with Glenn? No. Did Glenn give this idea publicity? Absolutely. Are Glenn's listeners playing a part in this phenomenon? Common sense leads me to believe that they must be.

Here's Glenn discussing the idea on his radio show on Thursday, December 15, 2011.

Good samaritans, or "angels" as some recipients refer to them, have been busy all across the nation helping nameless, faceless strangers by paying the balance on their layaway account. Are they all listeners of Glenn's? I doubt it. Some of them may have never heard his name. But, I'm familiar enough with Glenn's listeners to know what kind of people these are and because of that, I'm comfortable in stating that several of these "secret Santas" were most likely inspired this Christmas season by Glenn Beck.

Omaha, NE

Fla. Secret Santas help pay off Christmas layaways

MIAMI -- Across Florida, secret Santas are bringing some extra holiday joy to families by paying their layaway bills for Christmas toys.

From Hialeah to the Panhandle, unsuspecting families are getting phone calls or arriving at the layaway counter to find out their bill has been paid. At a Kmart near Orlando, one man helped pay the bills of more than 50 families. At a store in Pensacola, good Samaritans have helped nearly a dozen.

"People cry," said Wally Silvagnoli, the store manager at a Kmart in Winter Garden. "It touches your soul."

Managers at several stores across the country have reported a wave of generosity as anonymous donors come in wanting to help pay layaway bills. Florida has been no exception: Store managers say more families are using layaway to pay for gifts bit by bit as they struggle to make ends meet, and good Samaritans are stepping in to make sure the toys end up under the tree.

"People feel good about doing something good for someone else, and it's really catching on," said Alba Strong, manager of a Kmart in Hialeah.

Strong called up three families this week to let them know an anonymous donor had paid their layaway bill. One didn't believe it and hung up. The other two were ecstatic.

"They're like, 'Really? Who did that?" Strong recalled. "They were really shocked."
Read more HERE.

Wilmington, NC
Wilmington good samaritan pays $400 worth of layaway bills at Kmart (Video included)
WILMINGTON -- A Wilmington good samaritan decided to help out struggling families when he paid $400 worth of unpaid layaway bills at a local Kmart Friday. Paulusco said he was inspired by a story from another town about someone doing the same thing and just wanted to help out needy families.

He paid off bills for about nine people in total. He tried to pay the entire costs but was forced to leave at least one cent as a remainder.
Read more HERE.

Hayward, CA
Secret Santa pays off Hayward Kmart layaways

A Secret Santa sent ABC7 proof of his good deed.

"At first he called and said that he was going to come in and he wanted to pay $10,000 on delinquent kids' layaways," said Darlene Beverly from Kmart. "And we didn't quite believe him at first and then he actually came in with $10,000 cash and he paid of everybody's layaways, everybody's layaways, that we delinquent and mainly kids and toys. That's what he wanted."

He cleared that list, but when you pay off a bill, the items disappear, so a small fee had to remain.

"We can't completely just wipe it out, we have to leave it at one penny. So when everybody comes to make their payment, it's just one penny, that's it," said Beverly.

So strange, it was hard to stay calm.

"I almost started crying. I was surprised like, 'Wow, for real? Because right now we have five kids, so right now this was like a blessing," said Hernandez.
Read more HERE.

Nebraska, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana and Montana.
Anonymous donors pay strangers' layaway accounts
A similar random act of kindness happened at a Kmart in Indianapolis, where a young father wearing dirty clothes and worn-out boots, stood in line at a layaway counter alongside three small children.

He asked to pay something on his bill because he knew he wouldn't be able to afford it all before Christmas. Then a mysterious woman stepped up to the counter.

"She told him, 'No, I'm paying for it,'" recalled Edna Deppe, assistant manager at the store in Indianapolis. "He just stood there and looked at her and then looked at me and asked if it was a joke. I told him it wasn't, and that she was going to pay for him. And he just busted out in tears."

Before she left the store Tuesday evening, the Indianapolis woman in her mid-40s had paid the layaway orders for as many as 50 people. On the way out, she handed out $50 bills and paid for two carts of toys for a woman in line at the cash register.

"She was doing it in the memory of her husband who had just died, and she said she wasn't going to be able to spend it and wanted to make people happy with it," Deppe said. The woman did not identify herself and only asked people to "remember Ben," an apparent reference to her husband.

Deppe, who said she has worked in retail for 40 years, had never seen anything like it.

"It was like an angel fell out of the sky and appeared in our store," she said.
Read more HERE.

Good Samaritans paying off layaways for strangers at local Kmarts
The practice -- at Kmart and a few Walmarts nationally -- received press Friday after a number of recipients of the layaway Good Samaritans in the Midwest shared their stories. Yet even before the story hit the national air waves, folks in Oregon were giving.

On Friday morning, two different people came in to pay off strangers' layaways at the Tualatin Kmart, two others visited the store in Northeast Portland.
Read more HERE.

Hamilton, NJ
Secret Santas Pay Layaway Accounts at Local K-Mart
The movement has reached the K-Mart in Hamilton, New Jersey in which more than a dozen layaway accounts have been paid in full by Good Samaritans, according to the store’s manager.

“The range actually varies from $30 to over $1000,” said Ivan Collazo. “You have customers coming in paying multiple layaways for customers.”

While Collazo claims the store still has a layaway balance of over $20,000, he’s still amazed by the massive showing of generosity.
Read more HERE.

Plainfield Township, MI
Secret Santas pay strangers’ layaway bills at Kmart
Christmas came early for three people in West Michigan when a stranger picked up the tab on some presents.

It happened Monday night at the Big Kmart on the 4000 block of Plainfield Avenue in Plainfield Township. A woman, described only as "being in her 30s," walked up to the layaway desk, pushing a shopping cart full of toys she planned to donate.

"This lady came up randomly and said, 'Can I, you know, pay off some people's layaway?' " said Dannell Goddard. Goddard works at Kmart in the layaway department. She told 24 Hour News 8 that when she first heard the request, she was a bit confused.

"I was like, 'Well, are you trying to pick them up? 'Cause you can't pick them up if you don't have an ID,' " Goddard said. "And [the mystery woman] replied, 'Nope, I just want to help people.' "

The woman looked through several of the 800 or so layaway contract tickets at the store. She randomly picked and paid the bill on three of them. She paid about $500 between all three of them and left a $10 balance on each of the accounts.

The woman's only requirement was that there were toys in the layaway orders.

"It was really crazy the way she did it. She was so excited and so happy to do it," said Goddard. "She had a great heart, and I told her that I felt like she had a great heart, and she said she doesn't want to take appreciation for it. She just felt that she was blessed and she wanted to bless others."

One of the recipients of that kindness was Mary Chapin. She told 24 Hour News 8 the act of kindness "restored her faith in people."
Read more HERE.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Merry Christmas, everyone. The giving season has definitely arrived.

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Governor Palin, If Not You, Who?

Governor, I'd like for you to know a few things about the path that those of us that are still hoping you'd run are going down. We've been kicked out of once-friendly Palin groups on facebook. Groups that we've been a part of for years. We've been told that we are not "true supporters" because we "are not respecting your decision." We've been called names; this would fall under the category of "nothing new" if it weren't for our former, fellow Palin supporters being the ones to call us those names.

We've been told that we have no clue how American politics work. We've been told to shut up and sit down by just about every fragmented supporter of every candidate that is out there or has been out there.

Yet, still, here we are.

We are not leaving until we hear from you.

We know you didn't ask us to be here. Can we, at a minimum, elicit some response from you...other than you NOT deleting our posts from your facebook wall? We've seen you delete the posts from others who have bad-mouthed our "Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement" page. We know that you've blocked some of these naysayers from posting on your wall. This is part of what keeps us moving forward.

We're planning to run a television ad in the local Des Moines, Iowa market within the next couple of weeks.

We can't run it as much as we'd like because we're not going to have the financial support that a group like C4P can bring in. Why? Because they have moved on. Even they no longer support us. Yet, you still allow our posts on your facebook wall. Why do none of these other Palin supporters not recognize this fact?

Please, Governor, if you're be're done. If you're in...I'm gonna need about a months-worth of sleep before I'll be able to help you out any more than I already have tried to do.

Please send notice soon. :)


Run, Sarah, run!!!
Please, for the love of God & Country.
We've never needed the leadership that you've proven you can provide more than we need it now.

"We the People," are calling you.
Please, answer our call.

Today, we'd like people who feel like donating cash, to help us air some ads in Iowa, to join us here: Sarah Palin's IOWA Earthquake

Thank you.

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Sarah Palin's IOWA Earthquake - 7 COMMERCIALS (Video)

---This post has been updated MULTIPLE times. Scroll down for commercial air dates and new TV and radio commercials that have been added.---

I made these three four five videos for "Sarah Palin's IOWA Earthquake" group on facebook. We are hoping that Governor Palin will reconsider her decision to not run for president in 2012. Currently, we are asking Iowans to caucus for Palin on January 3rd.

We are in need of more donations. If you are willing to donate any amount to a fund to air ads on Des Moines, IA television stations that will be set to air within the next week or two, please DONATE NOW. We currently only have enough money to air a 30-second advertisement 3 or 4 times in the Des Moines market. We are seeking to at least triple or quadruple this amount. If you can help, or if you know of someone who can, please send them our way.

We realize that not everyone is active on facebook. If you are not, you can donate via PayPal HERE. If you are on facebook, come join our group, learn about us, and PLEASE DONATE.

We are advocating that Iowans caucus for Sarah Palin at this point in the election. We DO NOT support writing-in Palin in the general election in November 2012.

This is commercial #1.
"Comm#1" (You've probably seen this one if you're involved in the Earthquake.)

This is commercial #2.
This is a revision of "Comm#1." There are a couple of different pics in this one and a new, "please caucus for Sarah Palin" ending, and a message from Sarah at the end of the commercial.

*****December 23, 2011 9:50PM This commercial has been completely overhauled and replaced. Below is the replacement that will be aired.*****

This is commercial #3.
This video includes audio from the 3 current frontrunners in Iowa, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul.
"Sarah Palin - Caucus4Palin - NPR (Newt Paul Romney)"

12-20-11 2:25AM CST
If you remember Ronald Reagan's 1984 commercial "The Bear," the ad below may make sense to you. If you do not, go HERE to view it. The meaning is different in the video below. In the video below, Sarah Palin is "the bear," not Russia.

This is commercial #4

12-21-11 8:36AM CST
This is the NEWEST commercial.
Again, it's based on one of the most famous political ads ever...

This is commercial #5

12-22-11 2:54AM CST
A deal has been made with three Iowa television stations to air two of the five commercials. Commercials #2 and #5 will be the two ads that will air.

They are scheduled to air Thursday, December 22nd on KCAU-TV in Sioux City, IA:
#2 will air during the Dr. Oz Show (4:00-5:00PM)
#5 will air during the late local news (10:00PM-10:35PM).

#5 is scheduled to air on New Year's Day during the Broncos/Chiefs NFL football game on KCAU-TV's sister-station WHBF-TV in Rock Island, IL (on eastern border of Iowa).

The scheduling of time-slots is still being worked out with KCAU-TV's third sister-station WOI-TV in Des Moines. These airings may not take place until after Christmas. I will update this post as more air dates are confirmed.

(UPDATE) 1:08PM 12-22-11
From Sandra Bailey at Sarah Palin's Iowa Earthquake on facebook:
AD UPDATE: I just added two more commercials. Additional ads showing on Tuesday, December 27th 10:00 PM on WOI in Des Moines (#5 ad) and Wednesday, December 28th WOI Midday news 11:00-12:00 (#2 ad). As the funds come in I will be adding more. Thanks so much for all the donations and I will keep the updates coming!
(End of UPDATE for 12-22-11)

(UPDATE) 12:12PM 12-27-11
From Sandra Bailey at Sarah Palin's Iowa Earthquake on facebook:
MEMBERS: I am happy to announce that our group will be credited with running some radio ads in Iowa on station WHO over this week and weekend. We were asked by some independent individuals if we would work with them to get the ads put on. They are donating to having the ads run and we are lending our Iowa Earthquake's name to the ads. They have secured a spot on the Rush Limbaugh show and Simon Conway show along with other scattered time slots. This will add to the saturation of the airwaves this last week. Thank you to our members and others who arranged this merger of all of us!

The radio ad may be heard below:

Iowa Earthquake member and creator of the Iowa radio ad, Brian Lerch, took part in an interview on the Simon Conway Show on WHO Radio:

(End of UPDATE for 12-27-11)

A new TV commercial created by Joshua Thuma has also been added. It will be added to the rotation of commercials set to air in Iowa:

(UPDATE) 3:17PM 12-28-11
From Sandra Bailey at Sarah Palin's Iowa Earthquake on facebook:
UPDATE ON TELEVISION ADS: I have booked the following slots for ads through Sunday 1/1/12.

Thursday, December 29th
ABC 5 Des Moines; Good Morning America 7-9 am
KCAU Sioux City; 6:00 pm local news

Friday, December 30th
KCAU Sioux City; 6:00 pm local news
WHBF Rock Island; 10:00 p.m. local news

Saturday, December 31st
ABC 5 Des Moines; Dick Clark/Ryan Secrest New Year's Show 7-10 pm

Sunday, January 1st
WHBF Rock Island; NFL today 11:00 am
and the the Denver/Chiefs game!

If we add more, I will update again! Thanks for all your donations and support members! NO ONE can ever say we aren't trying our best!
(End of update for 12-28-11)

(UPDATE) 12:13PM 12-30-11

December 22nd: Dr. Oz (KCAU Sioux City)
December 22nd: 10:00 PM News (KCAU Sioux City)
December 27th: 10:00 PM News (WOI Des Moines)
December 28th: 11:00 AM Midday News (WOI Des Moines)
December 29th: 7:00 AM Good Morning America (WOI Des Moines)
December 30th: 5:00 PM News (KCAU Sioux City)
December 30th: 10:00 PM News (WHBF Rock Island IL)
December 31st: 7-10:00 PM Dick Clark/Ryan Secrest New Year's Eve (WOI Des Moines
January 1st: 11:00 AM FOX NFL Pregame (KLJB Fox Davenport)
January 1st: 11:00 AM NFL Today (WHBF Rock Island IL)
January 1st: 3:00 PM Broncos/Chiefs game (WHBF Rock Island IL)
January 2nd: 7-9:00 AM Good Morning America (KCAU Sioux City)
January 2nd: 9-10:00 AM Anderson Cooper (KCAU Sioux City)
January 2nd: 4-5:00 PM Dr. Oz (KCAU Sioux City)
January 2nd: 6:00 PM News (KCAU Sioux City)
January 2nd: 9:00 PM News (KLJB Fox Davenport)

This is the complete list of ads we have or will be running up to the caucuses on Tuesday. Vote Rogue still has an ad scheduled in the Simon Conway radio show on Monday, along with scattered spots that day. I think we have a good line up between radio and tv! Thanks members!
(End of update for 12-30-11)

As more money comes in we will be able to schedule more time slots in all 3 previously-mentioned television markets in Iowa. If you wish to contribute you may do so via PayPal HERE. Please join us on facebook at Sarah Palin's IOWA Earthquake. (Click the link and then on facebook "ask to join" the group.)

The feedback received from all three television stations was extremely positive, especially about the "Bear" commercial (#5). The Vice President & General Manager of KCAU-TV Mary Ann Johnson was excited to air the "Bear" commercial (#5) and said her phone "will probably be ringing like crazy." The following quote was relayed to me by Sandra Bailey, the owner of the Sarah Palin's Earthquake groups on facebook:
"Apparently all three stations have the ad now and have viewed them and love them. Mary Ann said one of the photos of SP in the Bear ad gave her chills!!!!"

Once again, if you are able to donate so that these ads can be aired more frequently in western, central, and eastern Iowa you may do so via PayPal HERE.

To all of you who have already been SO generous with not only your money but with your time as well, thank you very much. Please, keep helping to spread the word. Your efforts are paying off.

Some of you have asked for the url for each of the specific commercials. I've posted each url below so that you can copy the link for whichever commercial you wish to share. You can share any of them that you'd like. Thank you for doing so.

Commercial #1

Commercial #2

Commercial #3

Commercial #4

Commercial #5

Joshua Thuma's commercial

Radio ad #1

I also want to give a hat tip to Ian Lazaran at Conservatives4Palin for linking to this blog post in his December 22nd Open Thread which has greatly assisted us in getting the word out. Thank you, Ian. It's greatly appreciated.

Another hat tip to Ian Lazaran for linking to this post again on another Open Thread on C4P. Thanks again, Ian.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Another hat tip to Ed Morrissey at for posting the first five our commercials on HotAir. Thank you, Mr. Morrissey.

A hat tip is also in order to Andrew Breitbart for posting the radio ad on his site. Thank you, Andrew!

Hat tip to Joe Newby at for writing about our Iowa Earthquake, also.

Here's a list of stories about Sarah Palin's Iowa Earthquake (this list is not all-inclusive, nor is it complete).

‘Vote Rogue’: Iowa Ad Campaign Urges Voters to Caucus for Sarah Palin

Open Thread - Posted on December 22 2011
Going Rogue: Independent Group Runs Palin For President Radio Ads In Iowa
It begins: Radio ad asks Iowans to caucus for Palin

Vote Rogue: Sarah Palin 'Earthquake' Radio Ads In Iowa
Independent group runs radio ad calling on Iowans to caucus for Sarah Palin


Palin fans urge Iowa to go 'rogue'

Opposing Views
Audio: Independent Group Urges Iowa to Vote for Sarah Palin

New Zealand Herald
Fans to 'go rogue' and vote Palin

Yahoo! News
Palin fans urge Iowa to go 'rogue'

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Breitbart's Twitter Bitchfest - Re: Glenn Beck (VIDEO Included)

Conservative Andrew Breitbart is angry with conservative Glenn Beck. Last night, Breitbart took to Twitter to share his viewpoint. Not one of his several websites, but Twitter.

On December 5th Andrew Breitbart sent 13 tweets, including re-tweets.
December 6th: 11
December 7th: 18
December 8th: 21
December 9th: 9
December 10th: 8
December 11th: 56 (not including re-tweets)
December 12th: 113 (not including re-tweets)

Below is a video of Andrew's many tweets. I did not include every single tweet that Breitbart sent because not all of the tweets that he sent referenced Glenn. I left out a few that did reference Glenn due to repetitiveness or the fact that they just weren't that interesting.

Breitbart called-out Glenn over old thorns still in his side. He mocked Glenn for a variety of issues. At one point Breitbart even agreed with the suggestion of challenging Glenn to a duel. Breitbart also referred to Glenn's listeners/viewers as "sycophants" and "slavish." Many of Breitbart's tweets appeared to be sent with the hopes of eliciting a response from Glenn. A man he just said "is dead to him."

I think Breitbart goes a little off the rails in his efforts. Obviously, you can make up your own mind:

All of the links below are relevant to this story. The first few of them provide you with the back story and the remaining links and audio clips are links that Andrew Breitbart tweeted last night.

@AndrewBreitbart (Andrew Breitbart on Twitter)

@GlennBeck (Glenn Beck on Twitter)

Et Tu, Beck? – Part III: Erratic Multimedia Star Pulls Race Card Against Tea Party! (

Et Tu, Beck? – Part III: Erratic Multimedia Star Pulls Race Card Against Tea Party! (

Beck Explains His Criticism of ‘Progressive’ Gingrich (Plus the Truth About His Views on the Tea Party) (The Blaze)

Overreaction by Publius at to Glenn Beck's "Race Comment" About the TEA Party (NebraskAttitude) :)

PODCAST: “Glenn Beck as Race Baiter” with Guest Andrew Breitbart. (

Breitbart: Coward, Liar, Thief Beck Is Dead To Me After Calling Tea Party Racist (




Andrew Breitbart Goes Off On ‘Coward’ Glenn Beck: ‘He Is Dead To Me’ (Mediaite)

TheDC Exclusive: Conservatives hit Beck for taking content without attribution (Daily Caller)

Glenn Beck: Newt Gingrich Supporters Who Oppose Obama Are Racist (VIDEO) (Huffington Post)

Newt Flashback 2008: ‘I Did Fair Amount Of Work With Freddie Mac’ (

Glenn Beck Suggests Tea Party Is Racist (Think Progress)

GLENN BECK: If Tea Party Votes For Gingrich It's Because Obama's Black (Business Insider)

Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck Have Differences (The Atlantic Wire)

Breitbart: Beck is a “Coward”. And a long overdue thank you… (Ameristroika)

Audio from Glenn Beck Radio show where he references Shirley Sherrod:

Glenn's response...that Breitbart tweeted about repeatedly...for $9.95/month.
Part 1: FREE

Part 2: FREE

Part 3: FREE

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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Cutest 7-second Video You'll Ever See - The Bear Waves Back

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OWS Plans to Shut Down West Coast Ports & Wal-Mart Distribution Centers Today

The Occupy Wall Street crowd is planning to shut down some of the west coast ports today. They're calling it the "West Coast Blockade." Here's their poster:

So far, the facebook page for the Los Angeles version of this shutdown is only showing 135 confirmed participants. I'll guess that there will be more attending than that; 1,525 were invited by Occupy LA.

Here's the description of the event from Occupy LA, as listed on their public facebook event page:
Occupy the Ports/A Day without Goldman Sachs, on December 12

Occupy Los Angeles and Long Beach will carry out a port action, "Occupy the Ports/A Day without Goldman Sachs," on December 12 as part of the Dec. 12 day of action, Boycott and March previously adopted by the GA. The occupation will take place at at least one facility owned by SSA Marine, a shipping company belonging to Goldman Sachs, (coordinated with a possible port shut down by the port truck drivers) as a build up towards a General Strike on May 1, 2012.

The General Strike Preparation Committee of Occupy LA, will work with the Dec. 12 Coalition, port truck drivers, longshore, warehouse and other port workers, community residents, unions, and Occupy Long Beach to plan and organize the Dec. 12 actions.

We will develop alliances in the process with organized and unorganized labor, student and community groups to prepare for and build towards a General Strike on May 1, 2012, or at any moment that circumstances and conditions demand.

We call on other Occupations to act on Dec. 12 and May 1.

The 1% are depriving port truck drivers and other workers of decent pay, working conditions and the right to organize, even while the port of LA/LB is the largest in the US and a huge engine of profits for the 1%. The 1% have pursued a conscious policy of de-industrialization that has resulted in "trade" at the port meaning that there are 7 containers coming in for every one going out. The 1% have driven migrant workers into a "grey market" economy and repression. The 1% use police brutality and repression, jails and prisons to suppress, divide and try to silence the 99% and all who oppose their insatiable greed. To put an end to all that, we call on the 99% to march, boycott, occupy the ports, and STRIKE on December 12 for full legalization, good jobs for all, equality and justice.

After the Occupy the Ports/A Day Without Goldman Sachs action, OccupyLA will be mobilizing people to the downtown March and Boycott.

Contact information: Michael Novick, 323-901-4269,

So, as you can see for yourself, not only are they planning a shutdown today, but they are also planning for another port shutdown or a general strike on May 1st (note the name of the website in this link) or "or at any moment that circumstances and conditions demand." Thank goodness that's clear.

While they complain about their perceived injustices heaped on these poor port workers by the "evil, rich, and greedy 1%," I guess they don't bother to consider that by shutting down these ports, the workers will be going without more than half a day of pay. (Shutdown is scheduled for 5AM -10AM PST) Once again within the occupy movement no common sense applies.

If you care to watch these events unfold live later today, you can do so via this Ustream feed: (When that feed is live, it will say "Channel is LIVE" above the channel name, otherwise, it will say "Channel is offline" if it is not live. Previously recorded events play when the channel is not live.)

In keeping with the "no common sense applies" theme, Occupy Houston is also planning to join in on this west coast port blockade. Even though Houston is not on the west coast, nor does it have a western port, I guess they were feeling left out. Here is their poster:

The official website for the West Coast Port Blockade explains the day this way:
Why shut down the West Coast Ports?
The ports play a pivotal role in the flow and growth of capital for the 1% in this country and internationally. For that reason alone it is the ideal place to disrupt their profit machine. The workers on these ports have always understood that; they have consistently staged shutdowns for political reasons, honored community picket lines, and led the labor movement. A general disruption of commerce, in protest of the nationally coordinated attacks on Occupy movements alone is warranted, but additionally, the specifically targeted attacks on workers at these ports by the 1% further necessitate this call to action.

Truck drivers on ports in southern California were fired in a union busting attack when they attempted an organizing campaign. Workers, especially in the Latino community, are organizing a “stay away” to withhold labor on December 12, the day of Our Virgin Of Guadalupe. Occupy LA voted to also blockade the SSA ports, owned by Goldman Sachs. In solidarity, Occupy Oakland voted unanimously to expand this call to all of the West Coast ports.

After tens of thousands shut down the port of Oakland in solidarity with ILWU Local 21 in Longview, Washington’s struggle against EGT, the first ship still approaches the port. The workers and their families have been beaten, pepper sprayed, and arrested by police armed with tear gas, rubber and live ammunitions, in order to protect EGT’s flow of capital. The power of the workers to act collectively to disrupt production on the ports will be seriously compromised by any penetration of the ILWU’s West Coast stronghold. If EGT is successful, other ports may follow and these attacks could spread to other worker organizations. As the ILWU motto states, “An injury to one is an injury to all!” We must show that workers will not tolerate attacks on ourselves, our families, or our communities. We will maintain our collective power and right to organize.

Who is EGT, you ask? As I posted on this blog on September 12 of this year:
EGT, the operator of the first new grain elevator in nearly two decades in the United States in Longview, WA...
In that blog post I included 17 videos from YouTube that display the type of behavior that one can expect from the group of people that will be taking part in the port blockade later today. I strongly urge you to check out at least a few of those videos so you have some idea of how quickly today's blockade could get out of hand. These are not civil or peaceful people.

Here's how Occupy Seattle is describing the events scheduled for today:
Actions are planned in every major west coast port city, plus Houston, TX; blockades of Walmart distribution centers in Salt Lake City, Denver, and more.

Meet at Westlake Plaza (4th & Pine) for a 1pm rally, then march to blockade the Port of Seattle. (Heads up! Geo from the Blue Scholars will be at Westlake at 1pm. For more info, visit

There will be two rallies near the port at 3pm and 6pm at the Spokane Street fishing area, just to the east of the Spokane St. bridge, near the intersection of SW Spokane St & SW Manning St. under the West Seattle bridge.

Isn't it nice of them to screw with shipments to Wal-Mart? Where NINETY-NINE PERCENT of the country shops! Two weeks before CHRISTMAS! They're such a thoughtful bunch.

Dig in, gang. These "99ers" aren't going anywhere. You may want to think about stocking up a little extra food...before they TAKE OVER the ports and distribution centers this coming Spring and Summer. I would "stock-up" but I'm lucky to be able to afford ANY food, as is. Thanks 99ers. Thanks for looking out for "one of your own." Please, stop thinking you're doing us any favors. You do not speak for me. Nor do you speak for about 90% of the country. Someone should donate a calculator to your cause.

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"Patriotic Millionaires" - Give Me a Break

This video just showed up in my email inbox a few minutes ago and I can't help sharing it with you. It's entitled "Patriotic Millionaires" and, of course, there is a website that accompanies it:

Here's the video:

If you haven't lost all of your cookies yet after watching that video, here's a partial list of people who have signed the pledge to pay more. This list can be found on one of the supporter websites of Patriotic Millionaires, called: Wealth for the Common Good. Wealth for the Common Good is one of the two "partners" listed at the bottom of the Patriotic Millionaires website. The other one is The Agenda Project.

• Chuck Denny, Jr., retired CEO, ADC Communications, MN
• Arul Menezes, principal architect at Microsoft, WA
• Bernard Rapoport, Chairman Emeritus, American Income Life Insurance Co., TX
• William Collins, former mayor of Norwalk, Conn. & CEO of Minuteman Media, CT
• Todd Achilles, managing member at Balius Ventures LLC, WA
• Jody Wiser, Tax Fairness Oregon, OR
• John Steel, former mayor of Telluride, Colo. & attorney, CO
• Eric Schoenberg, private investor and professor at Columbia University, NJ
• Albert Francke, independent director of companies, NY
• David Krakow, school teacher, DC
• Stan Storscher, legislative director, SPEEA, IFPTE Local 2001, WA
• John Burbank, director, Economic Opportunity Initiative, WA
• Susan Estep, financial advisor, MT
• Kris Alman, former physician and activist, OR
• Jonathan C. Lewis, CEO of Opportunity Collaboration and Microcredit Enterprises, CA
• John Harrington, Harrington Investments, Inc., CA
• Drummond Pike, CEO, Tides Inc, CA
• Roy Ulrich, Attorney and radio, CA
• Michael Sherraden, Center for Social Development, MO
• Paul Grundy, IBM Corporation’s Global Director, IBM Healthcare Transformation, NY
• Sandee Stewart, Sandee Stewart Television, CA
• Rene Balcer, writer and producer, CA

The only name I recognize is the 6th one from the bottom, the one in bold and italics. Drummond Pike has been mentioned many times by Glenn Beck for being the head of the Tides Foundation, which is funded in-part by notorious George "Spooky DUDE" Soros.

By the way, "Patriotic Millionaires," you can always give the government more of your money anytime you'd like by visiting the government website Until you donate to the national debt via that website, how can you really call yourselves "patriotic?" If you would donate money there, perhaps other Americans who cherish their freedom could be left alone by the greedy, wasteful hand of the government tax collectors. Now THAT would be a service you could perform that actually could be considered "patriotic." Until then, stop bastardizing the word. Thank you.

Now for some "Spooky Dude" in action:

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Overreaction by Publius at to Glenn Beck's "Race Comment" About the TEA Party

It appears as though Publius over at Breitbart's may need to take a chill pill.

Friday on the FOX Business Network, Glenn Beck was a guest on Judge Andrew Napolitano's show Freedom Watch (Scroll to the bottom for the full interview.) Glenn was making a point about the progressivism that he sees in Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and, in doing so, he employed a bit of Rush Limbaugh's "illustrating-absurdity-by-being-absurd" philosophy. This was not recognized by Publius who rushed to the defense of James O'Keefe and Andrew Breitbart, then engaged in a string of insults directed at Glenn.

Quoting Publius from BigGovernment:
First he turned against the undercover video work of James O'Keefe - after championing the ACORN undercover video sting and getting huge ratings off them. Then he turned against Andrew Breitbart - by lying about his actions in the Sherrod incident and refusing Breitbart's requests to defend himself on his radio and TV shows.

Now Glenn Beck, the shock jock-turned-multimedia-star-turned-historian-cum-evangelist-of-sorts pulls the race card... against the Tea Party!
You can read the remainder of what Publius wrote HERE.
Screen grab from
Screen grab from

All because of what Glenn says in this 1 minute and 28 second excerpt posted by the Media Research Council (

Beck "pulls the race card?" Are you serious Publius? Come on. Every regular listener of Glenn's knows better. I've been listening to Glenn for over 10 years. Glenn was making the point that TEA Partiers that now support Gingrich may as well have been supporting President Obama over the past 3 years because the two have similar, big-government-producing philosophies and policies.

Since the TEA Party has championed a smaller government over the past 3 years, how can they now be supporting a big-government progressive such as Gingrich? Who is just like Obama...who is a progressive...which is what Gingrich is...just like Obama. So, if the TEA Party likes Gingrich, but doesn't like Obama, because the two are so similar, the only obvious difference between the two is their race.

Silly? Yes.
Potent? Yes.
Effective? Yes.

The vast majority of Glenn's regular listeners understand completely what Glenn was saying. The only people that are going to have trouble understanding this are the people who are not regular listeners...and, evidently, Publius at Big Government. The work that Publius does is amazing. However, it does appear that this one time, too many personal emotions may have gotten in the way of objectivity. So, no...not "Et tu, Beck?"

Here's the complete interview between Judge Napolitano and Glenn Beck:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Breitbart's Twitter Bitchfest - Re: Glenn Beck (VIDEO Included) Yes, Andrew's rant is continuing today:!/AndrewBreitbart

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Is Newt Gingrich a Real Conservative? (Website)

I just came across this website a little while ago and thought I'd share it with others who are seeking to be more informed about 2012 Republican candidate for President Newt Gingrich:

I'm almost positive that the creator of this website is a Ron Paul supporter. I came to that conclusion after looking at several of the videos on YouTube...not just on the website, but ON YouTube and seeing all of the pro-Paul comments beneath the videos. I'm no Ron Paul supporter, and with that being said, if you do not view at least some of the evidence on that website, at some point you may have to ask yourself: Why wasn't I better informed about Gingrich? Why didn't I know that he was just the Republican version of Obama?

If you are a Gingrich supporter, I would hope that you would check out more than just a couple of videos on that website. (At the time of this posting there are 26 videos available. Most of them contain Newt's own words.) Rather than attacking the creator of the website that houses all of this evidence, or attacking me for trying to help you be more informed, you should take-in some of the evidence that is presented to you and then analyze the content of that evidence.

Just a couple of years ago, Newt Gingrich would have most likely been politely booed off of any stage at any TEA Party anywhere in the country. Now, folks who call themselves "TEA Partiers" are supporting Gingrich. The world is officially & completely upside-down.

Listen at the beginning of this video how the Georgia Tea Party boos Newt in April 2009. Sean Hannity is on location at a TEA Party in Newt's home state of Georgia and Newt appears from the NYC TEA Party as a guest on Hannity's FOX show. The crowd eventually cheers some of Newt's comments, but upon his introduction, he is booed. Watch:

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Video Posted on - In September... - (UPDATED)

***This post has been updated. 2:20AM 12-11-11***

Apparently, one of my YouTube videos was posted on by Kevin DuJan on September 30, 2011.

The title of the video: "Candidate Palin"
Uploader of the video: "shellymic" (Me.)

Title of the article:
When have presidential candidates announced their campaigns for the White House?

Notice this line, which is the first line underneath my video in the HillBuzz article ("h/t" = hat tip):

h/t our friend Rose for this great video.

And, since I'm the one that did all of the research for my video, and all that is below is a regurgitation of the info that is in my video, I don't feel much of a need to "credit" it's "source," but I just did.

When have presidential candidates announced their campaigns for the White House?

Franklin Roosevelt: Announced January 1932 for November 1932 election.

Dwight Eisenhower: Announced March 1952 for November 1952 election.

John F. Kennedy: Announced January 1960 for November 1960 election.

Lyndon Johnson: Announced July 1960 for November 1960 election.

Barry Goldwater: Announced January 1964 for November 1964 election.

Richard Nixon: Announced February 1968 for November 1968 election.

Ronald Reagan: Announced November 1979 for November 1980 election.

George H.W. Bush: Announced October 1987 for November 1988 election.

Bill Clinton: Announced October 1991 for November 1992 election.

Bob Dole: Announced April 1995 for November 1996 election.

Al Gore: Announced June 1999 for November 2000 election.

George W. Bush: Announced June 1999 for November 2000 election.

John Kerry: Announced September 2003 for November 2004 election.

John McCain: Announced April 2007 for November 2008 election.

Barack Obama: Announced February 2007 for November 2008 election.

Hillary Clinton: Announced February 2007 for November 2008 election.

Here's my video, which everyone with access to the internet can see wasn't made by "Rose":

Beneath the article on HillBuzz, "Rose" appears to take credit for my video. Here's the 1st part of the comment that "Rose" left beneath the article:
Glad ya like it! We all feel the angst - the media exacerbates it. And so we buy into it. No one wants to be let down, and so many are afraid to get their hopes up, which gives that media angst extra power.
You can read the rest of "Rose's" comment HERE.

I'm happy that HillBuzz posted my video, that's for sure. I am a little confused about the way it is credited, however. Oh well.

A moderator from has posted a comment beneath this post and I have posted a reply to her. You can read both comments below.

Just in case I ever change the comment format on this blog, I've also decided to include both of our comments in this post.

From Kathleen Gee, moderator at
Hi Shelly,

I'm one of the moderators of I didn't post the video you created, but in all likelihood, a reader named Rose sent one of us a link to it, so we gave her a hat tip for making us aware of it. I have updated the post to reflect that the video is your work.

Thanks for putting it out there to help inform the rest of us.

Kathleen Gee

My reply to Kathleen:
Cool, Kathleen. A couple of hours after I made this post I thought about amending it with a "note" that this post was really just made as a reminder to myself that my video was even ON your site. (I made another similar post a few days ago...about a lefty blog that made fun of one of my vids: http://nebraskattitude.blogspo... ) I got side-tracked and didn't get it done. I will be sure to update my post to, at the very least, send people to this comment section to see your response.

It wasn't really clear from "Rose" whether or not she was taking credit for sending it to you or for creating it and because of that, I didn't "blast" her, or you.

Either way, I'm sure it received more views than it would have had it not been posted on your site at all. For that, I am thankful. Too bad more people didn't see it. It's at 891 views right now. :\

I really, really appreciate your response. Thank you very much.

Shelly Dankert

If you'd like to see the updated post on, you can see it HERE.

Thank you again to Kathleen Gee and HillBuzz. I appreciate and respect your accountability. Thank you.

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Pat Flynn Speaks To The Norfolk, NE 9-12 Group (VIDEO)

Pat Flynn, Nebraska Republican candidate for Senate, spoke to the Norfolk, NE 9-12 Group in July of this year. Below is video of that meeting.

Pat Flynn, Deb Fischer, Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg, and Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning are the 4 Republican candidates who are hoping to replace Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson.

You can find out more about Pat Flynn via his website:

This video is one hour long:

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Glenn Beck's "Apocalypse Packet"


Glenn said he was putting together packets of information to share with his family over the holidays – and he has decided to share these stories with you!

Below is the audio he is burning to a CD for his family:
(There may be a commercial at the beginning of each of these clips, however, each of the next 3 clips are AUDIO only.)

And the stories you need to share:

Daily Caller – Euro Breakup

Market Oracle-Global Balance Sheet Depression Making Second More Dangerous Credit Crisis Inevitable

Yahoo News -Anonymous Targets Pepper-Spraying Police Man

Illegal Immigrants suspected in 30 border fires in Arizona

CNN – IN video, White House shooting suspect calls himself ‘modern-day jesus’

The Blaze – Cyber Hackers Infiltrate Illinois Water Utility: ‘This Could Get Ugly’

The Blaze – Atlantic: ‘This is how Terrifying Cairo is Tonight’

The Blaze-Hamas and Fatah Set to Join Forces in Unity Deal, Worrying the U.S., Israel, and Jordan

The Blaze-Chris Matthews – Obama’s Not Happy in White House

The Blaze-’Occupy CUNY’ : NYC Students Drop Books on Police in Chaotic Tuition-Hike protest

The Blaze-Man Al Qaeda ‘Sympathizer’ Arrested by NYPD in Plot to Bomb Cops & Troops

The Blaze – Occupy London Out of Control: Children Squatting at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Camp Rife with Class ‘A’ Drugs, Human Waste

The Blaze – Author: Buffet May Have Been Involved in Congressional Insider Trading Scandal

The Blaze – D.C. Area Flash Mob Shoplifts from 7-11 Store

The Blaze-3 American Students Arrested in Egypt for Firebombing Police During Protests

The Blaze – Joseph Stalin Appearing on Campaign Posters in Russia

The Economic Collapse – The Police State Vs. Occupy Wall Street: This Is Not Going to End Well for Any of Us

The Economic Collapse – 17 Quotes About the Coming Global Financial Collapse That Will Make your Hair Stand Up

Palestinian Media Watch – Kill a Jew, Go to Heaven (.pdf file)

Palestinian Media Watch – PA Depicts a World Without Israel

Zero Hedge – Why is the IMF Giving More Funds, When the G20 Won’t?

Zero Hedge – Presenting the Swiss (Black) Loch Ness Monster

Zero Hedge-Futures Plunge As Fed Discloses New Stress Test: Fears US Banks Will Need to Raise Tens of Billions in New Capital

Zero Hedge- Live Feed From the Protester Occupied Electric Power Company in Athens

Business Insider – An Economic Perfect Storm is the Most Likely Scenario

Business Insider – The New Price Era of Oil and Gold

Business Insider – Billionaire Howard Marks on “The Ultimate Worry: Tyranny of the Majority”

Business Insider: Wall Street Has A Much Bigger Worry Than Obama

The New York Observer – The New Doom

IBankCoin-Drinking Good Wine to Wash the Pain Away

Business Insider – The Run on Europe Begins, As Global Investors Head For The Hills

Business Insider – Right Now Officials in Brussels Are Threatening To Cross A line That Will Set Off Panic

Business Insider -EUROPE: Print or Perish


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