Friday, March 9, 2012

That Look on Her Face - Sarah Palin Discusses Bill Maher

Former Governor of Alaska and 2008 Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was a guest on "Hannity" last night on FOX News. I believe this interview was the first time ever that Governor Palin was asked to give her opinion about Bill Maher on live television. The look on her face immediately after Sean Hannity played a few clips of some of Bill Maher's disgusting comments about her and other Conservative women was one to take note of. The picture below is a screen shot of the moment the clip filled with Maher's disgusting comments ended.

Not only is her disgust visible, I believe you can also see some of the hurt and anger caused by low-life pseudo-comedian Bill Maher. I also see the "steely-resolve" within her. I've been a supporter of Palin's since about April of 2007 and I've never seen a look like this on her face. You can watch the full interview below. (h/t to "sarahnettoo" on YouTube for the video.)

Those of us who pay attention to the news and to politics are not surprised by the behavior of those who hate Sarah Palin for sport. We are always disgusted by the level to which some people will stoop in order to take a shot at Sarah. Some people have no couth, no simple manners, not even a shred of human decency.

Bill Maher is one of the haters that falls into all of those categories and while hating her for sport he reaps a financial reward. (Ah, capitalism.) HBO should be embarrassed to have him on their payroll. But, since evidently all of the filthy pigs in management at HBO seem to agree with a troglodyte such as Maher, he won't be going anywhere. After all, HBO is who will be airing the movie "Game Change" which is full of lies about Sarah that is set to air soon on their network. I'm sure they're all patting themselves on their back for putting such tripe into the airways.

John Nolte at has seen the "Game Change" movie and had this to say about it:
Now that I've actually had a chance to screen HBO's "Game Change," I can tell you without any hesitation that if you've seen the trailer, you've seen the movie. The film is nothing more than an extended version of those 107 seconds where, for around two hours, Governor Palin is maliciously turned into one thing -- that which she is not.

Essentially, what HBO and company have done is to bring to life that which justifies the darkest part of their own incapacity to see the humanity in those who might threaten the reelection of Barack Obama.

You can read John Nolte's entire review HERE.

Never forget that Tom Hanks is the producer of this movie about Sarah. Tom Hanks. The same Tom Hanks that is the narrator for the yet-to-be-released 17-minute "please re-elect the worst president in American history" documentary about President Obama. Tommy Hanks panicked by producing the hit-job "Game Change" movie about Sarah. He obviously thought she could beat Obama so he had to hurry-up and get the movie out to smear Sarah some more. I guess even Tommy knows that Obama's record is so God-awful that it will take a massive amount of deception (again) to get him re-elected.

Panic. Keep panicking, Tom. I hope you're in full-fledged panic mode by November 1st. Please take video of yourself from November 1st until election day and make THAT into a movie. THAT would be a BIG HIT. That would be the LAST project with which you're involved that I would pay to see.

Also keep in mind that HBO Films is who produced the racist "Space Traders" segment of the "Cosmic Slop" trilogy in 1994 which was written by President Obama's former friend and Harvard Professor racist Derrick Bell.

The folks at ShePAC have produced a new NON-hypocritical video that Michelle Malkin rolled-out late last night about the attacks on women in politics...ALL women in politics. Not just Conservative women. It highlights the 1 million dollar donation made by Maher to the Obama super PAC Priorities USA. It also juxtaposes the comments made by Maher against the comments made by President Obama at his most recent press conference regarding the faux-scandal surrounding Rush Limbaugh's use of the word "slut."

It shows-off liberal hypocrisy at its finest:

In January of last year, I made a video of my own that highlights all of the nastiness that regularly comes from the left. I made it shortly after the memorial in Tucson, AZ where President Obama said we need to "return to civility." The hypocrisy and irony of his comments about civility, from the head of the Democrat party, motivated me to spend the next several days gathering clips from all over YouTube that showed the "civility" that the left in this country is responsible for showering on the American public on an almost daily basis.

The video below is the product of probably about 120-150 hours of research and editing. It took eleven 10-15-hour days to complete from start to finish. I've had many people from the left challenge me by saying "the same video could be made about the right." I've challenged MANY people over the past year to make such a video, none have. It can't be done because the evidence simply does not exist. There is NO comparable collection of disgusting, vile, nasty, vulgar, rude, misogynistic comments from the right like the one that I made about the left. The video below is entitled "The Civil Left: Politicos, Media, & Hollywood." It highlights comments made by Democrat politicians, TV Hosts, radio hosts, print publications, and Hollywood weirdos.

There IS NO civility in this video. There is language like you wouldn't believe, also. Do NOT watch this video with small children around or while at work. This video is an hour and 40 minutes long.

Shortly after I made the above video, the union protests began in Wisconsin. As a member of the TEA Party and, as such, having been accused of being "violent" by not only the President but by other politicians and by many in the media, I decided it was time to make a video that highlighted the actual violence that was taking those on the left. This video took about the same amount of time to make as the video above. It contains more evidence of the "civility" that comes from the left in this country. It also contains many examples of the violent behavior exhibited by the left. This video is entitled "The Civil Left: Union Goons" and is also NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN or work. It is an hour and 55 minutes long.

The two videos above are only the first two in a series of "The Civil Left" videos that I plan to make. I've just got to find the time away from work and other obligations to be able to do so. Funding, so I don't have to get a part-time job, which will mean for LESS time to do the videos, would be nice, too. Ha...right? (See tip jar above.) LOL

The left in this country should be on notice. Lamestream media, this includes you. The right is done taking your crap. We're fighting back.

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