Thursday, March 31, 2016

What The Trump Crowd Doesn't "Get" About Politics ("You Must Be Voting For Hillary?")

Poor Ben Carson appeared with Hannity last night and made this "brilliant" suggestion:

“I’m starting to think that many of the so-called ‘Republican establishment’ – of course they say there is no such thing, 'we don’t exist,' but we know they do.

I believe that many of them would prefer to have Hillary in there, than to have Donald Trump.

Because she is part of the political establishment and can be controlled, whereas Donald Trump cannot be controlled.

And they’re not interested in – Democrats or Republicans in the ruling class – of having somebody that they can’t control.”

My problem with what Ben said is this:

Many Trump supporters, many of whom admit that they are new to politics, make the mistake of lumping us Conservatives in with the "establishment" because they simply don't understand the difference between the two. I believe that poor Ben Carson may be one of those who makes this same mistake because he simply doesn't understand the difference.

As someone who has labelled myself a member of the #NeverTrump camp, the uber-ignorant "oh, you must be voting for Hillary" retort is the one I hear most often from Trump supporters. It's pure idiocy on its face. Every single time I hear it I know for a FACT that I'm dealing with a "newbie" to politics.

In his appearance on Hannity last night, poor Ben Carson proves my point that it is only a real political AMATEUR that would believe that someone who will not vote for Trump would vote for Hillary. It's such a juvenile suggestion. It's also a suggestion that can only be made by someone who doesn't have the first clue about what a Conservative is, what the TEA Party was (or is?) about, or even what "the establishment" is.

IF I have poor Ben Carson wrong, and IF he knows the difference between "the establishment" and Conservatives who will never vote for Trump, then I apologize to poor Ben. As for those of you who do NOT know the difference between the two, I'll define the two as SIMPLY as I can:
"The establishment": The entrenched political class in D.C. who governs as they wish with zero regard for the wishes of their own constituents. They enrich their own bank accounts by "making deals" with each other while maintaining a complete disregard for everyone else. They believe that MORE government is the solution to most problems. Another name for those who govern this way is: "Progressive." (Progressives exist in both the Republican and Democrat parties. The vast majority of the members of the House and Senate are Progressives.)

Conservatives: The few members of Congress who keep their promises to their constituents, govern with the concerns of those who elected them first and foremost in their mind, and believe that LESS government is the solution to most problems. Libertarians also fall into this category, however, they have much, much less of a focus on "social issues" than many Conservatives typically do.(Very few members of the House and Senate are TRUE Conservatives or Libertarians.

(I most often define myself as a "Conservative" for the purpose of practicality. What I REALLY am is a "Conservatarian"...which is a mix of Conservatism and Libertarianism...but, because most people have no clue what it means, I just call myself a "Conservative" to avoid having to educate the entire population one-by-one about "Conservatarianism" every time I mention it.)

I'll tell you why "the establishment" hates Trump:
He's an ignorant loose cannon who can't even properly define his own policy positions. (Even those IN "the establishment" have certain criteria that must be met.)

Now I'll tell you why Conservatives/TEA Partiers hate Trump:
He's a lying Progressive and he's been a member of the political establishment for his entire life. There is nothing that suggests that he'll be any different from any of the establishment politicians he's been bribing for the past 40 years.

Andrew Breitbart
Those of us who are "Andrew Breitbart-inspired citizen journalists" that have been active in the TEA Party movement since April 15th of 2009 are sick & tired of politicians who LIE to us to get into office. They tell you one thing while they're campaigning and then, once elected, they turn and join the establishment and vote WITH everything they TOLD US they were AGAINST while they were campaigning. This is what Trump is doing (we know this by looking at his past 40 years of being in the public eye). Worse yet, Trump doesn't even KNOW what the hell it is that he supposedly "believes."

To a Conservatarian TEA Partier like myself, Trump is the epitome of the "lying, establishment politician." WE can see this because WE'VE been paying very, very close attention for the past 7+ years. Some of us have been blogging about news and politics for the past 5 years and have *uploaded 100's of news and politics related videos to YouTube for the past 6 years. (Each link I just provided in that last sentence is PROOF of what I've been doing for the past several, please, don't insult me by asking "what have YOU done to fight against Obama?") (*My 1st YouTube channel that was deleted from YouTube in 2011 had over 220 videos on it.)

It's only those who have not been paying as close attention as us that would believe that someone on the right who is AGAINST Trump would be FOR Hillary. Those that make the suggestion are not only an insult to us personally, but they're also an insult to and a DANGER to the future of the country. There's ONE candidate in this race that has KEPT his promises to his constituents and performed the way he promised them he would.....Ted Cruz. But, all of the political retards that the Trump circus has brought into politics this cycle are too damn ignorant to understand ANYTHING that I've just said. Which is WHY all they have to come back at those of us who are against Trump is "Oh, you must be voting for Hillary?"

It's a damn shame. It's like the last several years worth of work done on behalf of the ideals of the TEA Party was done for NOTHING because of ALL of the "new" people (read: ignorant) that Trump has brought into this campaign cycle. And, they have the nerve to call those of us who've been busting our asses (for NO MONEY, mind you) for the past several years "ignorant" or a "liberal" or a "Hillary voter." Kiss mine.

Poor Ben Carson is correct in saying that "the establishment doesn't want somebody that they can't control." But, he's wrong if he thinks that a person who has willingly participated in crony capitalism with the entrenched political class for the past 40 years is going to be the person to put a stop to that behavior. After all, as Trump says, "It's how business gets done."

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