Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thouroughly Bored With the Debt Ceiling "Debate"

It seems like it's been going on for years. All of this talk about the debt ceiling is about as interesting as Joe Lieberman. (Sorry, Joe.) I can't wait until it is over. It just makes me want to sleep. It's such a BORE.

The jerks (Congress/Obama) are gonna do what their gonna do & they're gonna do it "in time" & we're STILL gonna have our credit rating downgraded. End of story. Too bad none of the pricks who are just NOW worried about whether or not Moody's will downgrade our credit rating weren't listening to (instead of making fun of) Glenn Beck a few years ago. I think that's why this story is such a snooze.

Glenn Beck has been talking about the credit rating being downgraded since at least as far back as February 6, 2008...when President Bush was still in office. Here's what Glenn said on radio while interviewing economist Stephen Moore in '08:
GLENN: Here’s why it won’t last. Because you cannot put something that large on the table without addressing Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security already. The credit of the United States will be downgraded, the rest of the world will know we’re not serious by any stretch of the imagination. In a very short period of time foreign governments will say, I’m not loaning these people any money because they can’t pay it back.
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I think it is hilarious that FOX News has most of their weekday & primetime "talent" on the air on a SUNDAY, for the 2nd week in a row. Cavuto was supposed to be on LIVE tonight at 8PM CST on the FOX Business Channel to "cover the Asian markets." Oh, the drama of it all.

If Congress really does pass and make into law their new "agreement," I'll be amazed (& glad that it's over). Sunday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had this to say:
Pelosi said she would be meeting with House Democrats about the compromise measure on Monday.

"We all may not be able to support it or none of us may be able to support it," Pelosi said, indicating Democrats would want to study the plan.
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Tick tock.

This is NOT a Big F*%$ing Deal

Oooh, aren't you excited? I know I am. Congress has reached a deal in their debt ceiling talks. Here's the story from the AP .

Time to bring on the downgrade and continue the abuse of our Constitution . Thanks again, Congress! You sold us out yet again! We "get" a supposed $1 TRILLION in cuts...spread out over the next TEN YEARS ! What a JOKE !

If you'd like to hear el Dumbo announce the deal, here's that video:

President Obama, here's a special thank you for you:

A Limbaugh Classic Upload

"Rush Limbaugh Classic: Dan's Bake Sale"

If you've been a daily listener of Rush's for more than 5 years, you have probably heard a reference or two from Ma Ha Rushie about "Dan's Bake Sale," the man that "threatened" to "bake several small poodles,"...and more.

Rush replayed, in a 4-part series, "20th Anniversary Flashback: The Dan's Bake Sale Phenomenon on August 1, 2008" . Sorry, you have to be a subscriber to Rush 24/7 to hear/view all 4 parts on his website. (I used to be a subscriber; I'm not currently.)

Here's a part of this video that I transcribed (before I realized that Rush had one available). My transcription begins at the 4:40 mark in this video:

Rush: "So, we have 'Nick' from the high mountains of New Mexico on the phone. Nick, I'm glad you called. Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh Program. How are you, sir?"
Nick: Heh heh heh....that old cowboy from up there in Ft. Collins?
Rush: Yes.
Nick: We're goin' to his bake sale.
Rush: You're gonna go to his bake sale?
Nick: Yeah.
Rush: Wait a second. Wait a mean you have a donation for Dan's Bake Sale in Ft. Collins?
Nick: Yes, sir. Well, we gonna bake several small, this is not gonna make the animal rights people happy... we're gonna bake several small poodles and one Mastiff. We got 3 German Shepherds, 14 cats & one small pony that we're gonna take up there."
Rush: (laughing) Oh Nick, nobody'll show up if you do that.
Nick: Oh, no, they'd love it. You know, you put a lot of Heinz 57 on it & you cook it in Coors beer...
Rush: (laughing)
Nick: ...and they'd love it.

---The End...of my transcription---

Watch the video below for the entire story...and for some VINTAGE Limbaugh video footage...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sen. Marco Rubio Tells it Like it is...& schools Sen. Kerry, too!

Freshman Florida Senator Marco Rubio tells it like it is and schools Senator John Kerry at the same time. Johnny had some questions for Marco (yes, more than one...he's a slow learner).

At 4:55 in the video below (it's ALL worth listening to, however):
"I do not understand how an issue of this magnitude, of generational importance, the President of the United States has not offered a plan. If someone has seen the President's plan please send it to me because no one else has seen it. It does not exist. So, this has been the plan all along, by the way. The plan all along was not to take a position, to let the days count down until we got to this point with 72 hours to go and then force a vote on something that they wanted. I believe that that has been the plan the entire time and you can see it carrying itself out and you wanna know why people all across America get grossed out by politics? (It) is by watching this kind of stuff happen."

Is Obama Longing for Home?

NO, I'm not a "birther" & I don't mind if you are, I just couldn't resist asking the question in the headline.

The full title of the video below is:
"President Obama Meets Leaders of Four African Nations"

AFSCME Protests Business Employing Disabled

These union protests have gone on long enough. Haven't they? The little babies STILL aren't getting what they want. So, they keep protesting. After the union protests began in Wisconsin in February, I made a 1 hour and 55 minute video entitled The Civil Left: Union Goons about the disgusting behavior that union members willingly put on display all over the country. That video was the second in a series of "The Civil Left" videos that I'm in the process of making. The first video in that series, entitled The Civil Left: Politicos, Media & Hollywood is 1 hour and 40 minutes long.

I hope the Huskers KICK the Badgers' ASS ! Game on!

In Honor of Thaddeus McCotter's Request to NOT Call RINOs RINOs (see previous post below)

How do ya like this Thaddeus?

McCotter You Need To Grow Up, We Are United In Taking Back This Republican Party

Thad doesn't like me calling RINOs RINOs. Screw you, Thad. YOU grow up. Neener neener.

This video was uploaded by a fellow YouTuber and Blogger .

Obama Admin: Kids Know More Than Parents

The head of USAID Raj Shah agrees with Al Gore that kids know more than their parents.

Sarah Palin's Scandalous Emails

On Friday, June 10, 2011 over 13,000 emails totaling 24,199 pages from when Sarah Palin was Governor of Alaska were released. 17 "news organizations" scoured the emails. This is some of what they found.

Bob Beckel Needs Shotgun to Interview Ann Coulter - The Five

Breitbart posted my video !