Monday, March 25, 2013

Jim Carrey - Professional Douchebag - Loves Free Speech, Hates Guns

Hollywood jackass Jim Carrey thinks we need to know or that we care what his opinion is about guns and gun owners. He made a little song and video for us. I'll describe it for you: Blah, blah...2nd Amendment and those that support or recognize it are bad...blah, blah. Hee Haw...blah...Charlton Heston didn't go to heaven because the angels couldn't pry that gun from his cold, dead hands...blah, blah..."with your cold, dead, aim you try to prove your dick is bigger"..."you're a big, big man with a little bitty gland so ya need somethin' bigger to fill your hand"...blah, blah.....blah.....what an asshole.

Jim, how many armed guards protect you when you go out? How many armed guards do you employ? How many times have you glorified guns in your movies? You are just another in a long line of worthless Hollywood hypocrites. I'm so sick and tired of you and others like you feeling it is your duty to lecture the rest of us. Shut the fuck up. Go make your stupid little movies and keep including the exact same "jokes" and tired mannerisms that have been in all of your little shows and keep your sickening opinions to yourself. Nobody asked you for your opinion. Nobody cares about your opinion. Go plunge your face and make those same stupid faces that you used to practice in front of your mirror before anyone even knew your name. Keep doing that stuff. That's what you're paid to do. As for your opinions, take all of them and stick them up your ass. Nobody cares what you think!

"First Amendment ALL GOOD!
Second Amendment ALL BAD!"
Jim Carrey
Here's Jim's stupid/condescending/immature/idiotic/simple-minded/stereotypical "song":

Gandhi, John Lennon, Abe Lincoln were all killed by gunfire. Ha ha. Cute joke including them in your little video, Jim.

Jim, GUNS are what made it possible for you to be a condescending, rude jackass who can disseminate his disturbed opinion freely.

If the country didn't get to see such fine images as these, how would we survive?

What kind of a fine mind does it take to come up with this? Jim Carrey as "Charlton Heston" using his gun as an extension of his penis. Wow. What about women that use guns? How does Jim's "penis logic" apply to us? Our usage of guns and support of the 2nd Amendment is an extension of what, Jimmy?

Jim Carrey as "Charlton Heston" attempting to masturbate his "gun".
Yes, I'd say Jim has more than just the one mental problem.

Right back at you, you douchebag.

Jim, it's got to be a bit surreal when you begin defining yourself via your own 20-year-old, not-in-demand movies:

Jim, if there's ever another revolution in this country, I know which side you'll be on...and that makes me happy.

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