Thursday, May 12, 2016

GOP-led Senate Panel Votes To Allow Women To Be Drafted Into War

As a woman...I've always wanted women to be ALLOWED into combat. However, I've never thought ANY woman should be "forced" into combat. There are just some women who wouldn't be able to hack it (as there are also a few men who can't). In fact, there are MANY MORE women who wouldn't be able to "hack it" than men.

Contrary to those who wish to no longer acknowledge the differences between the sexes...there is now, as there has always been and as there will always be, a difference. A BIG DIFFERENCE. And no amount of talking, changing opinions, or screaming about it will change that FACT.

From ABC News:
The GOP-led Senate Armed Services Committee has seconded a call by its counterpart in the House to require women to register for a military draft, setting the stage for a significant cultural change triggered by the Pentagon's decision to lift all gender-based restrictions on front-line combat units.

Any justification for barring women from draft registration was erased last year when the Pentagon announced all military jobs would be open to women, the committee said late Thursday in a summary of its annual defense policy bill. Women must begin to sign up with the Selective Service beginning in January 2018, according to the committee's measure.

Read the whole story here: Senate Panel Calls for Women to Sign up for Military Draft

We used to be able to count on the Republican Party to acknowledge this most basic of differences between humans. That is no longer the case...enjoy your "new Party," Trumpkins. I'll make sure to box-up some tooth paste and deodorant for your daughters when/if they're deployed to one of those lovely sand pits on the other side of the earth where they'll be surrounded by members of ISIS (etc.) who'd rather rape them than be forced to look at them while Trump is "knocking the hell out of ISIS" (Trump just said that again on Hannity a few minutes ago).

Enjoy your "new" Republican Party, Trumpkins! They're still continuing Obama's agenda (well, with the exception of 3 notable patriots as listed below). Should be fun when/if Trump takes over, eh?

The Republican members of the Senate Armed Services Committee and how they voted - to allow women to be drafted into war - is as follows:
NO - Cruz, Ted (TX)
NO - Rounds, Mike (SD)
NO - Lee, Mike (UT)
YES - McCain, John (AZ) , Chairman
YES - Inhofe, James M. (OK)
YES - Sessions, Jeff (AL)
YES - Wicker, Roger F. (MS)
YES - Ayotte, Kelly (NH)
YES - Fischer, Deb (NE)
YES - Cotton, Tom (AR)
YES - Ernst, Joni (IA)
YES - Tillis, Thom (NC)
YES - Sullivan, Dan (AK)
YES - Graham, Lindsey (SC)

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I May Have Just Cast My Last Vote As A Republican

I just returned home from voting in the Nebraska Republican Primary. It may have been the last Republican Primary in which I'll vote. What happens in the presidential race over the next few months will ultimately determine what I'll choose to do.

As someone who is part Conservative and part Libertarian ("Conservatarian") I wont remain a part of a party that has already spit in my face and stabbed me in the back for the past several years by telling me that they'll uphold Conservative principles and then turns around and funds Obamacare. (I could list 50 other examples, but that's not what this post is about.) And, now, with the likely nomination of the liberal pig known as Donald Trump as the Republican candidate, there will be virtually zero left for me within the Republican party with him as the defacto leader of the party.

I'm not one that runs from a fight, in fact, if there isn't a "fight" to be had, I'm generally not at all enthusiastic about being a part of it. If the Republican Party chooses Trump as its nominee, they will have gone "full liberal." And, that's not a crowd I wish to stand alongside in any fight.

If I wanted to fight for and with liberals, I'd be a member of the Democrat Party.

All of the work done by the TEA Party over the past several years getting principled Conservatives elected to the House and Senate would have all been done for nothing if Donald Trump becomes president.

As of today, I'm still a registered Republican...and, I like having a primary in which to vote. Since there are primarily only two viable parties in this state (and in the country), I really don't like the idea of letting other people pick my president by abstaining from the Republican primary altogether. So, I'm not sure yet what I'll do. But, I'm certainly leaning heavily toward LEAVING the Republican Party. After all, it left me a long time ago.

I will wait until after the Republican National Convention in July to make my final decision. And, I may even wait until after the general election in November. But, I just wanted to put it "out there," that I'm seriously considering leaving the party. I know many others are currently struggling with this same decision.

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If Ted Cruz Wins Nebraska Primary He May Re-enter Race (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck interviewed Texas Senator Ted Cruz today in a telephone interview on the Glenn Beck Radio Program.

Pat Gray asked Ted what he would do if he won the Nebraska Primary tonight.

Ted said if he won the Nebraska primary and could see a viable path to victory, he'd consider un-suspending his presidential campaign and re-enter the race.

Get out and vote for Ted Cruz today, Nebraska!!! I'll be voting for Ted in just a few hours.

Here's the relevant part of the interview:

Here's the full interview:

Vote for Ted Cruz!

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Get To Know The Good Man You're Rejecting, America - Ted Cruz

This post is for all the people who've asked ME if I personally know Donald Trump...and, how can I possibly say anything bad about him if I don't? (As if they had to personally know Jeffrey Dahmer to decide that they didn't like him.) Well, the man who wrote the Facebook post below knows Ted Cruz. His name is Cecil Stinemetz. He was a driver for the Cruz campaign for the past several months.

Oh, and by the way, I CAN say that I know Donald Trump. He's been in my home, on and off, since I was 9 years old (his 1st national TV interview was in 1980). I guess that Trump's biggest supporters only began paying attention to anything "news-related" within the past 5-10 years? I've been watching and reading "the news" since probably 7th or 8th grade.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

One Year Ago Today: Freedom Of Speech Was Attacked By ISIS & Donald Trump

One year ago today, was the attack on Pamela Geller's "Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest" in Garland, TX.

Pamela Geller has commemorated this date with the writing of an article which appears on her website as well as on Breitbart News: "Today is the first anniversary of the Islamic State’s first attack in the homeland."

Pamela's blog post begins this way (emphasis is mine):
Today is the one year anniversary of the jihadi attack on our free speech event in Garland, Texas. I know of no commemorations or remembrance of the brave Americans who staved off the attack in Garland. Unlike “Boston Strong” (they have been anything but), Garland was truly “Garland Strong. Taking out those jihadis was a real American response and we had the best of all possible outcomes. San Bernardino, Chattanooga were Garland without guns.

As for me, how am I commemorating? I am alive, that’s how.

And I, for one, am very thankful that Pamela's alive. She's a rare, gutsy gem in America today. She is a one-of-a-kind American treasure.

In Pamela's article today she addresses the treatment she received from many in the media and some in politics following the attack. She also chronicles nearly 80 other instances of jihad attacks in the United States that have occurred within the last year. Go HERE to see the list. It's jaw-dropping.

Now, because this is an election year and I've been focused solely on it here on my blog, that will not change in this post...

Following the jihadi attack in Garland, TX, Donald Trump spent the next few days smearing and belittling Pamela Geller for DARING to hold her event. He actually had the gall to call her an "obnoxious blowhard" (among other things) for hosting the event. In December 2015 I chronicled most of what Trump said about Pamela in the video below. I emailed the video to Pamela and she posted it on her blog and on all of her social media sites. She included the video again today in her commemoration of the 1st anniversary of the attack.

If there's one thing this video makes CLEAR, it's that Donald Trump loves his OWN freedom of speech, but he has little regard for the freedom of speech of others.

For contrast, Texas Senator Ted Cruz responded to the Garland attack this way:
"Thankfully one police officer helped them meet their virgins."

On May 10, 2015, Pamela Geller endorsed Ted Cruz for president.

Today, Pamela made two mentions of Trump. First, in her listing of those in the media and in politics who attacked her in the aftermath of the Garland event: "Donald Trump said I was an obnoxious blowhard (!) who was taunting Muslims." (That is the sentence on her blog that includes the link to my video today.) Secondly, here: "Ironically, Donald Trump is suffering the same abuse I received from him, for speaking candidly about jihad terror and Muslim immigration."

Good. If anyone deserves that kind of abuse, it's that ignorant bastard. Not Pamela Geller.

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