Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Under Obamacare MS Sufferer Will Save *$12 A YEAR* And Receive Less Coverage (Guest Post)

This is the first "guest post" on this blog. I know the author, Sandra, personally and I recently became aware of some of the impending changes to her health coverage due to Obamacare. (A few years ago Sandra was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.) Several days ago Sandra mentioned that she was going to be writing an email to the president and some members of Congress in which she was going to address these new changes in her health coverage which are a direct result of Obamacare. I suggested to her that I should post her email message here on my blog for others to read and hopefully share. She agreed. What follows is the email that Sandra, who has a degree in accounting, will be sending to the president and select members of Congress:

Subject: Health Insurance Disaster

Dear Mr. President and Members of Congress:

I want to let you know that I am AGAINST the new health care law.

Before I get into what has happened to me regarding my health care, I am going to paraphrase a couple things I have heard regarding Obamacare. First, over and over as it was being discussed, we were told "if we like our current plan, we will be able to keep it". Second, if anything, the "out of control" health care costs will go down.

The end of last week I received the proposed new health care option for me from Blue Cross Blue Shield who is my current provider. I was eagerly anticipating this letter because "the unknown" regarding expenses is difficult for me due to my limited income; what a blow it was. The first paragraph of the letter stated that the plan I currently have is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. So much for the "if we like our plan, we can keep it" mantra.

I considered, "Well, maybe they have a better and cheaper plan for me?" WRONG. The plan Blue Cross Blue Shield is moving me into is the SAME plan I TURNED DOWN last Fall when I was reviewing plans because it was so expensive.

The new premium I'll be paying will save me a whopping $1 per month. This $12 yearly "savings" includes the following changes to my plan:

  • My deductible increases from $1,000 to $3,500.
  • My office visits increase from $40 per visit to $60 per visit for up to two visits. Any more than two visits a year are subject to the deductible. Under my current plan I was allowed unlimited office visits at the rate of $40 per visit. The full cost of an office call is $167 per visit.
  • Currently, when I get my prescriptions filled with the generic brand, I pay nothing. Under the new plan, my prescriptions are subject to the deductible.
  • Mental health is not currently covered on my health plan, but the $300 a month anti-depressant I NEED is covered by a financial assistance program through the pharmaceutical company. I have NO IDEA how this will be affected with the new coverage. ***(see below)
  • I also have Multiple Sclerosis. I should be getting an MRI at least once a year to monitor the disease. Right now I am unable to do this because I am unable to afford my current deductible. The increase in my new deductible will further decrease my likelihood of receiving what should be a yearly MRI.
  • The medicine I currently self-inject weekly to help decrease progression of this disease costs right at $4,000 a month. YES, that is $4,000 per month. Luckily, with my current plan and with the assistance of a Multiple Sclerosis support group, I only have to pay $10 per month. Once again I have NO IDEA how this will be affected with the new plan. ***(see below)

I have to admit, at this point, I stopped looking at the comparison between the two plans to see what other better options they had for me. Like I mentioned earlier this "better for me" plan is the same plan I turned down last Fall because it would cost me so much more. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to do a little mental math on this to see that the expense of the "new and better" health coverage is going to cost more than the premium savings I will be receiving of $12 per year. The story is the same when it comes to my husband's coverage.

You might come back with the argument that "if you qualify", the subsidy will help defray these costs. There are SEVERAL PROBLEMS with that.

First, is the "if you qualify" line. Right now we live paycheck-to-paycheck. (This is after having to close our own business because the costs of being self-employed in the current economy were too high.) Although there is ALWAYS "more month at the end of the money", we do not qualify for several assistance programs now because we earn too much. Some people may counter this with a statement saying we need to budget better. Our paychecks go to the house payment, utilities, groceries, health insurance, gas to get to work (we live in a rural area), and the one fun extra of satellite television. NO VACATION, NO WEEKEND TRIPS, NO FUN NEW SCHOOL CLOTHES (second-hand or hand-me-downs only), and LIMITED SCHOOL ACTIVITIES FOR OUR GIRLS who are both in elementary school. Trust me, I have pared down our expenses to the bare minimum.

Secondly, regarding the subsidies, I still have no idea how the government can afford to pay them. Per what we hear, the medicaid, medicare, and social security programs are financially unsound. So, explain to me how forcing everyone to obtain health care and then offering a subsidy to pay for it will help EASE the financial stress on the above-mentioned programs. It appears to me that by offering these subsidies the number of people on "Medicaid" just increased by the number of people whom qualify for these "wonderful" subsidies. Why not monitor the current programs better, crack down on the people whom are defrauding these programs, and offer a graduated-assistance plan?

By writing this letter, I hope to convince you that the Affordable Care Act is anything BUT affordable to this mom, wife and United States Citizen who lives in Nebraska. Please do NOT fund this program. Waiting until it was passed to see what was in the Affordable Care Act HAS cost and WILL cost the United States Citizens more than we can afford to pay.


Sandra Homolka

*** - The reason Sandra has "no idea" what the effect will be is because no one currently has access to the plan or cost information on the website until October 1st as seen in the screen shot below. It's kind of like before the bill was passed - they had to pass it in order for us to see what was in it. Now, Obamacare has to go into effect (for those that didn't receive a waiver, that is) in order for us to see what is in it:

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Husker Coach Bo Pelini Is A Liar - His Comments About Tommie Frazier Are Proof

Screen grab from YouTube video.
Bo Pelini is a liar. After his 2011 comments about us Husker football fans were recently outed, Bo now says he's "sorry" for the comments he made - most likely only because he got caught. (While wanting nothing more than to figure out WHO finally "leaked" the comments he admits he made. - Why? What will that prove? Ohio? Union roots? Where "payback" is a way of life? No proof. I'll drop that...) Yet, in the video below he reacts to the comments Tommie Frazier made a few days ago on Twitter after the (2nd consecutive) loss to UCLA about the Husker program & Husker coaches.

In the video below, Bo proves he hasn't learned a THING that he claims to have learned since being caught on tape bad-mouthing Husker fans in 2011. He bad-mouths Husker legend and College Football Hall of Fame member Tommie Frazier with the same reckless-abandon with which he bad-mouthed Husker fans 2 years ago (minus the vulgarity - only because he was "in public").

It appears as though Bo has no respect for anyone that doesn't fall 100% in-line with what he's working so hard to do. (Whatever that is - maybe he's trying to break every "bad" record Solich and Callahan didn't have time to break?)

Here's what the head Husker wordsmith had to say in response to Tommie Frazier (directly translated from the video below):
You know, since I came back here I've embraced the former players and if he feels like that then, so be it. We don't need him. We don't know...and, uh, uh...that's a shame. You know, you're know...until you sat in this seat, until you've sat and done know anybody can have an opinion. Anybody can uh,...can, can do that, but, you know, that, like I said, it's, it's easy to point fingers when, uh...and stand outside and, and, and uh, throw stones but,, I just take it for what it is.

Right, Bo. You're correct. Tommie Frazier never has endured one day of judgement as a Husker. You're so smart, Bo. I hope you're around for years to come. (Not.) Bo's comments sound more like he's talking to me...or you...or any one of the thousands of Husker fans who DARE to criticize...certainly NOT to a Husker legend who has endured all the criticism while he played and since he played. Bo's not that stupid. Right? Oh, yes he is...listen for yourself...

What we don't need, Bo, is YOU. Take your junior-high-level on and off-field antics to some program somewhere in the country where they will be respected and appreciated for what they are.

It seems to me as though Bo is a liar when he says he's continued to grow over the past two years. Today, he'd still dismiss each and every critical Husker fan if given the opportunity. In fact, the way he dismissed Tommie, I'd guess Bo is still in regular practice of dismissing all of those with whom he disagrees...only in private, however. Bo hasn't learned a thing...and, I seriously doubt he's even capable of doing so.

But, who cares what I think? I'm just a 42-year-old life-long Husker fan. Now, let the "fair-weather fan" comments from the "don't-say-a-bad-word-about-our-Huskers" babies commence...if you'd like me to kiss your ass as Bo wanted the "fair-weather fans" to kiss his, form a line and BEND OVER...maybe we should make that a new Husker pre-game tradition in order to appease all you "real" fans? (If you thin-skins are the "real" fans, perhaps the Husker program is in more jeopardy than previously considered?)

As a life-long Husker fan I understand my comments above are incendiary. Good. I'm simply responding to potential Pelini fans before being responded to. I know you don't mind the vulgar language if you're supporting Bo...neither do I, actually (that's the least of my concerns with Bo - if anything, his vulgarity endears him to me). Have fun. Game on! Perhaps THIS game will be fun? I know I'll win.

Kiss my ass!
(See? I win.)


Think the above was enough "opinion"? You haven't heard nothing yet:
Go Huskers! Go find a new coach! Go find a new conference, too! This year's schedule is the WEAKEST schedule I've ever seen in my life. How are we supposed to get better when we play MOSTLY losers? The Big 10 is a JOKE of a conference. Use all that "new money" from the Big 10 to "buy" a grown-up, decent coach...and stop adding all those new seats to the stadium that all come equipped with an oxygen supply. tee hee

One more: Nebraska will be LUCKY to finish 7-5 this year!

OK, ONE more: Can you fans that attend the games please quit sitting on your hands and pretending as if you're all mute? We now have over 90K in our stadium - can that translate AT ALL during televised games? (It doesn't now.) Do we have to be kicking ass for you to make some NOISE??? The only time we hear you on TV is when things are going much for "the 12th man" being a factor at ANY Husker game! I attended my last Husker game over 10 years ago. Until you Nebraska fans get off your asses and actually pretend to ENJOY being AT the games, I'm not sitting in the stadium with you. My dogs and my couch are much more entertaining and fun to be around during the games. I'll cheer and encourage our team from within my house since it seems to be so OUT OF PLACE at the actual game. Take some of the newly-discovered "passion" you may have for my opinion to the next game with you and YELL IT OUT there...maybe those of us who are stuck at home will know you're actually PRESENT at the next game. Ha!

Now that I've probably offended just about everyone in the state...that's all for now. Let the insults, threats and intimidation begin...(all because I may have an opinion that differs from yours). Bring it.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Greta Interviews Rumsfeld - This is FUN! He SMACKS Obama as a WEAK LEADER (VIDEO!!!)

It's always fun when a member of the Bush administration calls Obama a pathetic leader.........and, that's exactly what Donald Rumsfeld did...multiple times in his interview with Greta last night.

I've transcribed a couple of the best parts for you.

Beginning at 8:44 in the video below...
Greta: President Putin of Russia is calling him (Obama) a liar today because he said that Secretary Kerry said there's no al Qaeda element in the rebels and he points to one group, one rebel faction, that is associated with al Qaeda and al Zawahiri. Ah...President Obama's going to see Putin in the next 24 hours. What is that going to be like?

Don: Well, I think it'll be awkward. The United States of America is faced with a situation where they talk about the "international community", but there isn't an "international community". It's not a "community". It's a group of countries. And the "mechanism", the United Nations, that is there to address questions like this is subject to a veto by President Putin and by the People's Republic of China. Both of whom have sided with the Assad regime. And, it appears that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons and it appears, therefore, that Putin and the People's Republic of China are siding with the use of chemical weapons.

Now, I can't tell you the facts. I would guess there are islamists in the mix of opposition forces against Assad. How strong they are? I just simply do not know. And, I know I don't know. But, uh...we know what happened in Egypt - the United States came away, persuading a lot of the Egyptian people, that we favored the muslim brotherhood and they then took to the streets and tried to have, and succeeded in having, the muslim brotherhood leadership taken out and brought out of office. But the signal has gone out to the world that the United States is not uncomfortable supporting the muslim brotherhood, which I think is a terrible mistake.

The islamists in the world are fundamentally against the "nation-state" concept. And, the world order is based on the "nation-state" concept. The American people prefer the "nation-state" concept and the idea that some religious group would try to impose their views across nation-states, which is what's taking place, and use terrorism and the killing of innocent men, women and children to achieve that is something that, it seems to me, that we ought to be opposed to, energetically. We didn't demonstrate that opposition in Egypt, a terribly important country, and I don't doubt for a minute that the islamists will try to take and play an out-sized role in Syria if they are successful.

So, in helping the opposition to Assad, people have to be very careful that they don't end up with something worse than the Assad regime which is hard to imagine, but possible.

Greta: So, what's the best strategy in light of the position (that) we're in? We have the president saying that there is a red line. He says he didn't draw it - it's drawn by the international community. You've got a Congress...

Don: He DID draw it...

Greta: I'm telling you what he said.

Don: You're kidding. I didn't see that.

Greta: He's saying it's one that is drawn by the international community, by international standards, by Congress, by the American people...

Don: You know, this president has tried to find a way to blame everybody or anybody for everything and leadership requires that you stand up, take a position, provide clarity and take responsibility. And, I can't imagine him saying that he didn't draw the red line, but he, he DID draw the red line.

Greta: In light of...

Don: We have ears.

Greta: In light of where we are...

Don: I've been out in Montana and I must have missed that...

Greta: light of where we stand now............... more part - beginning at 14:18 in the video below:

Greta: What about the British? Are you surprised at the British vote?

Don: No! I think...I think...what is the word from the Bible? The "uncertain trumpet". Is that biblical? Or practical?

Greta: I, I...

Don: I mean that's what we have. We have an "uncertain trumpet". We have mixed signals. We don't have leadership. We don't have a clarion call. We don't have people standing up and saying, "What's important is 'this'." And, "Let's go do 'this'", or "let's not do 'that', let's do something different."

But, to constantly look for someone else to blame, and to meander, and to cause confusion, that isn't something that the United States does.

Greta: Well, I think he thinks...what he's said is he "seeks to punish and degrade their 'capability'".

Don: But only a little bit "because we don't want to get involved with a 'regime change'." I mean...what does it MEAN: "degrade their ability"? (pause) I don't know what it means.

I think that the Congress has a very difficult vote. And, uh, it seems to me that a person could very honorably...I would always begin (by) wanting to support the President of the United States, but, I can understand a vote in the Congress that opposes anything because the president isn't providing the kind of leadership that suggests that we would have an outcome that would be beneficial to our country and to the world.
(Some of the above emphasis was mine.)


(If the above video, as embedded from FOX News, doesn't appear click THIS LINK. Thanks, FOX News - you make sharing your work a blogger's delight...not.)

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