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Sarah Palin's IOWA Earthquake - 7 COMMERCIALS (Video)

---This post has been updated MULTIPLE times. Scroll down for commercial air dates and new TV and radio commercials that have been added.---

I made these three four five videos for "Sarah Palin's IOWA Earthquake" group on facebook. We are hoping that Governor Palin will reconsider her decision to not run for president in 2012. Currently, we are asking Iowans to caucus for Palin on January 3rd.

We are in need of more donations. If you are willing to donate any amount to a fund to air ads on Des Moines, IA television stations that will be set to air within the next week or two, please DONATE NOW. We currently only have enough money to air a 30-second advertisement 3 or 4 times in the Des Moines market. We are seeking to at least triple or quadruple this amount. If you can help, or if you know of someone who can, please send them our way.

We realize that not everyone is active on facebook. If you are not, you can donate via PayPal HERE. If you are on facebook, come join our group, learn about us, and PLEASE DONATE.

We are advocating that Iowans caucus for Sarah Palin at this point in the election. We DO NOT support writing-in Palin in the general election in November 2012.

This is commercial #1.
"Comm#1" (You've probably seen this one if you're involved in the Earthquake.)

This is commercial #2.
This is a revision of "Comm#1." There are a couple of different pics in this one and a new, "please caucus for Sarah Palin" ending, and a message from Sarah at the end of the commercial.

*****December 23, 2011 9:50PM This commercial has been completely overhauled and replaced. Below is the replacement that will be aired.*****

This is commercial #3.
This video includes audio from the 3 current frontrunners in Iowa, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul.
"Sarah Palin - Caucus4Palin - NPR (Newt Paul Romney)"

12-20-11 2:25AM CST
If you remember Ronald Reagan's 1984 commercial "The Bear," the ad below may make sense to you. If you do not, go HERE to view it. The meaning is different in the video below. In the video below, Sarah Palin is "the bear," not Russia.

This is commercial #4

12-21-11 8:36AM CST
This is the NEWEST commercial.
Again, it's based on one of the most famous political ads ever...

This is commercial #5

12-22-11 2:54AM CST
A deal has been made with three Iowa television stations to air two of the five commercials. Commercials #2 and #5 will be the two ads that will air.

They are scheduled to air Thursday, December 22nd on KCAU-TV in Sioux City, IA:
#2 will air during the Dr. Oz Show (4:00-5:00PM)
#5 will air during the late local news (10:00PM-10:35PM).

#5 is scheduled to air on New Year's Day during the Broncos/Chiefs NFL football game on KCAU-TV's sister-station WHBF-TV in Rock Island, IL (on eastern border of Iowa).

The scheduling of time-slots is still being worked out with KCAU-TV's third sister-station WOI-TV in Des Moines. These airings may not take place until after Christmas. I will update this post as more air dates are confirmed.

(UPDATE) 1:08PM 12-22-11
From Sandra Bailey at Sarah Palin's Iowa Earthquake on facebook:
AD UPDATE: I just added two more commercials. Additional ads showing on Tuesday, December 27th 10:00 PM on WOI in Des Moines (#5 ad) and Wednesday, December 28th WOI Midday news 11:00-12:00 (#2 ad). As the funds come in I will be adding more. Thanks so much for all the donations and I will keep the updates coming!
(End of UPDATE for 12-22-11)

(UPDATE) 12:12PM 12-27-11
From Sandra Bailey at Sarah Palin's Iowa Earthquake on facebook:
MEMBERS: I am happy to announce that our group will be credited with running some radio ads in Iowa on station WHO over this week and weekend. We were asked by some independent individuals if we would work with them to get the ads put on. They are donating to having the ads run and we are lending our Iowa Earthquake's name to the ads. They have secured a spot on the Rush Limbaugh show and Simon Conway show along with other scattered time slots. This will add to the saturation of the airwaves this last week. Thank you to our members and others who arranged this merger of all of us!

The radio ad may be heard below:

Iowa Earthquake member and creator of the Iowa radio ad, Brian Lerch, took part in an interview on the Simon Conway Show on WHO Radio:

(End of UPDATE for 12-27-11)

A new TV commercial created by Joshua Thuma has also been added. It will be added to the rotation of commercials set to air in Iowa:

(UPDATE) 3:17PM 12-28-11
From Sandra Bailey at Sarah Palin's Iowa Earthquake on facebook:
UPDATE ON TELEVISION ADS: I have booked the following slots for ads through Sunday 1/1/12.

Thursday, December 29th
ABC 5 Des Moines; Good Morning America 7-9 am
KCAU Sioux City; 6:00 pm local news

Friday, December 30th
KCAU Sioux City; 6:00 pm local news
WHBF Rock Island; 10:00 p.m. local news

Saturday, December 31st
ABC 5 Des Moines; Dick Clark/Ryan Secrest New Year's Show 7-10 pm

Sunday, January 1st
WHBF Rock Island; NFL today 11:00 am
and the the Denver/Chiefs game!

If we add more, I will update again! Thanks for all your donations and support members! NO ONE can ever say we aren't trying our best!
(End of update for 12-28-11)

(UPDATE) 12:13PM 12-30-11

December 22nd: Dr. Oz (KCAU Sioux City)
December 22nd: 10:00 PM News (KCAU Sioux City)
December 27th: 10:00 PM News (WOI Des Moines)
December 28th: 11:00 AM Midday News (WOI Des Moines)
December 29th: 7:00 AM Good Morning America (WOI Des Moines)
December 30th: 5:00 PM News (KCAU Sioux City)
December 30th: 10:00 PM News (WHBF Rock Island IL)
December 31st: 7-10:00 PM Dick Clark/Ryan Secrest New Year's Eve (WOI Des Moines
January 1st: 11:00 AM FOX NFL Pregame (KLJB Fox Davenport)
January 1st: 11:00 AM NFL Today (WHBF Rock Island IL)
January 1st: 3:00 PM Broncos/Chiefs game (WHBF Rock Island IL)
January 2nd: 7-9:00 AM Good Morning America (KCAU Sioux City)
January 2nd: 9-10:00 AM Anderson Cooper (KCAU Sioux City)
January 2nd: 4-5:00 PM Dr. Oz (KCAU Sioux City)
January 2nd: 6:00 PM News (KCAU Sioux City)
January 2nd: 9:00 PM News (KLJB Fox Davenport)

This is the complete list of ads we have or will be running up to the caucuses on Tuesday. Vote Rogue still has an ad scheduled in the Simon Conway radio show on Monday, along with scattered spots that day. I think we have a good line up between radio and tv! Thanks members!
(End of update for 12-30-11)

As more money comes in we will be able to schedule more time slots in all 3 previously-mentioned television markets in Iowa. If you wish to contribute you may do so via PayPal HERE. Please join us on facebook at Sarah Palin's IOWA Earthquake. (Click the link and then on facebook "ask to join" the group.)

The feedback received from all three television stations was extremely positive, especially about the "Bear" commercial (#5). The Vice President & General Manager of KCAU-TV Mary Ann Johnson was excited to air the "Bear" commercial (#5) and said her phone "will probably be ringing like crazy." The following quote was relayed to me by Sandra Bailey, the owner of the Sarah Palin's Earthquake groups on facebook:
"Apparently all three stations have the ad now and have viewed them and love them. Mary Ann said one of the photos of SP in the Bear ad gave her chills!!!!"

Once again, if you are able to donate so that these ads can be aired more frequently in western, central, and eastern Iowa you may do so via PayPal HERE.

To all of you who have already been SO generous with not only your money but with your time as well, thank you very much. Please, keep helping to spread the word. Your efforts are paying off.

Some of you have asked for the url for each of the specific commercials. I've posted each url below so that you can copy the link for whichever commercial you wish to share. You can share any of them that you'd like. Thank you for doing so.

Commercial #1

Commercial #2

Commercial #3

Commercial #4

Commercial #5

Joshua Thuma's commercial

Radio ad #1

I also want to give a hat tip to Ian Lazaran at Conservatives4Palin for linking to this blog post in his December 22nd Open Thread which has greatly assisted us in getting the word out. Thank you, Ian. It's greatly appreciated.

Another hat tip to Ian Lazaran for linking to this post again on another Open Thread on C4P. Thanks again, Ian.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Another hat tip to Ed Morrissey at for posting the first five our commercials on HotAir. Thank you, Mr. Morrissey.

A hat tip is also in order to Andrew Breitbart for posting the radio ad on his site. Thank you, Andrew!

Hat tip to Joe Newby at for writing about our Iowa Earthquake, also.

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