Friday, May 6, 2016

Get To Know The Good Man You're Rejecting, America - Ted Cruz

This post is for all the people who've asked ME if I personally know Donald Trump...and, how can I possibly say anything bad about him if I don't? (As if they had to personally know Jeffrey Dahmer to decide that they didn't like him.) Well, the man who wrote the Facebook post below knows Ted Cruz. His name is Cecil Stinemetz. He was a driver for the Cruz campaign for the past several months.

Oh, and by the way, I CAN say that I know Donald Trump. He's been in my home, on and off, since I was 9 years old (his 1st national TV interview was in 1980). I guess that Trump's biggest supporters only began paying attention to anything "news-related" within the past 5-10 years? I've been watching and reading "the news" since probably 7th or 8th grade.

In the 80's I learned that Donald Trump was a cocky, smarmy, rich New Yorker. (I didn't like him then.)
In the 90's I learned that he was an adulterer, and that he sucked at business. (I didn't like him then.)
In the 2000's I learned that he was still a failure on a level that only a famous, cocky, smarmy, rich man can be. (I didn't like him then.)
And, in this decade, I've learned more about the son-of-a-b than I ever cared to. (I more than "don't like" him now.)

On the contrary, I really like Ted Cruz. I thought he would be a really great, constitutionally-conservative president. I still do.

After reading what Cecil wrote about Ted, I feel even worse for our country that Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign.

America, please read the following about the man you barely know and too many of you rejected. Shame on you.

I have held off saying anything mainly because I am not as strong as most of you are - I would probably have said things I shouldn’t of. And perhaps because of the time I had spent with Ted, Heidi, the girls and his staff that I am having a very difficult time. After being in a vehicle, backstage, or at hotels for hours with Ted and his staff, listening to all the things that goes on running a campaign and seeing how he acted, how he responded, how he conducted himself behind the scenes, led me to know how he would have ran the White House. Being with him at meals, at movies, late at night, early in the morning, he never changed his respect and dignity to people who wanted to see him. He never wavered in wanting to see us return our country back to the way it was meant to be. Seeing him struggle when talking about his girls when they had to stay in Texas because it is hard on them and him. There were times he and I were the only ones in the vehicle while he was on the phone strategizing and not once did I hear him say anything that was unethical or dishonest. (Just thinking about Trump in this regard makes me want to vomit)

Caroline and Cathrine were such fun to play with and be around. How rough it is to be small children while dad and mom are non stop running for president. But they have their mom and dad's genes and they will be just fine.

Heidi is so gracious and kind. I have seen her early in the morning with no makeup getting ready to run and having guests at a hotel come up and want to talk to her, and she, of course, kindly talked to them. At times before an event I would drive our vehicle around back so she could brush her teeth, put on makeup because everything is so hectic, not having time to do so beforehand. Listening as she has little Catherine say grace before a meal. As crazy busy as she was she insisted I give her my wife’s phone number so she could text her a thank you for me being gone for so long. And she did what she said she would do, just like her husband has done - do what he says he will do. Who does that anymore in politics or for that matter in general?

Read the rest of Cecil's Facebook post here:

I'll be voting for Ted Cruz in the Nebraska primary on Tuesday. I encourage everyone who has yet to vote in their state primary to do the same. Donald Trump still hasn't secured the number of bound delegates (1,237, supposedly) needed to secure the Republican nomination.

Sanity, in some form, still has a slight chance of securing the Republican nomination at the RNC in July. Donald Trump has won NOTHING yet.

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