Saturday, January 12, 2013

If Only More School Boards Had This Much Sense...

A school board in Montpelier, Ohio has exhibited so much common sense over the past few days that Obama may have to issue an executive order just to deal with them. What did they do? They are allowing their 4 custodians (only) to carry handguns in their school.

I think arming school personnel is such a good idea - I've actually been thinking about this for months. If I had my way, any staff member of every school in the country could be armed. (And, if they don't pass the background check what are they doing working in our schools?) I don't want anyone to be forced to carry a gun - I just want those who work in schools who would be willing to protect the innocent to be allowed to do so. (I actually have an accompanying idea that would require the "lockdown" of the gun - on the person - of all that carry guns in schools to make them inaccessible to everyone but the carrier. I'm not ready to share that idea just yet...I may never be. If/when I am, I'll post it here.)

Until guns appear with multiple, properly-trained adults at random locations within schools, your children are sitting ducks in their government-approved "gun free zones". No matter HOW the politicians decide to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment in the coming days, criminals will ALWAYS have guns.

Even if NO ONE in a school is willing to carry a gun to protect the innocent there is still, at the very least, the possibility that these killers that live among us won't know which schools have armed personnel in them...which is more than we have now. That information should NEVER be broadcast...or available for "public consumption" following a Freedom Of Information Law (FOIL) lib-rot site Gawker and The Journal News have recently broadcast lists of registered handgun owners following FOIL requests in the state of New York.

EVERY school in the country should have MULTIPLE mounted signs that state something similar to this:

Having only one uniformed, armed person in every school as the NRA and the Obama administration (Sen. Barbara Boxer suggested this idea to Obama's gun-blood-hound VP Biden - but, since Biden doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground, who besides Obama cares what Biden reports to him in a few days?) is such a stupid idea to me that it is a blatant waste of time to even discuss it...but, here goes (if I must):
  1. One person with one gun in each school is such a pathetic waste because everyone in that school will know where the ONE gun is at most times. If an attacker is a student of that school, he'll know where and when to enter the building and begin the murdering. If one of the kids that attends that school wants to shoot it up, they'll know where the officer is...and who the officer is, even if the officer is not wearing a uniform.
  2. If the officer is at the opposite end of the school from where a killer begins their killing, what good will that one officer be able to do? Unknown numbers of innocent victims could be murdered before that one person with that one gun could take out the murderer.
  3. If an officer can't make it to work on a particular day (due to snow - please note that the supposed existence of ONE armed officer in this school did NOT deter this would-be killer), or is scheduled to not work or is sick on a particular day, again, your kids are still sitting ducks.
  4. If Muslim savages (aka, "terrorists") take over a school here (remember 9/11 - they've attacked the U.S. before - they will again), as they did in Beslan, Russia, one armed officer will be of zero use. MANY armed personnel within a school may also be of zero use in a "Beslan-style" attack. Still, several or many guns have a better chance of having an effect on a group of terrorists than ONE gun does. Right now, with zero guns in schools to protect your kids, they stand zero chance. Almost 1 out of 4 hostages at the Beslan school were killed...more than 350 dead out of about 1200 hostages.
  5. IF the officer IS wearing a uniform, that's who will be shot first. Then, again, there are "no guns" in your school...except of course for whichever guns the killer has most-likely illegally-obtained to carry out his massacre of innocents...even though the president and/or Congress told him not to.
  6. There are many other reasons...I listed 5 above. Add your own below.

Of course, as soon as more guns appear in the hands of the good-guys in our schools, and the rate at which these idiotic school massacres occur declines, crazy people, who are hopped-up on God-only-knows which psychotropic medications, will simply attack all you "gun free" people in all other "gun free zones" in malls, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. Happy shopping.

One last note: If you think a "good guy with a gun" is not the solution to a "bad guy with a gun" who is attacking you and/or your children, by all means, DO NOT CALL THE POLICE if you are ever attacked!

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