Thursday, September 19, 2013

Husker Coach Bo Pelini Is A Liar - His Comments About Tommie Frazier Are Proof

Screen grab from YouTube video.
Bo Pelini is a liar. After his 2011 comments about us Husker football fans were recently outed, Bo now says he's "sorry" for the comments he made - most likely only because he got caught. (While wanting nothing more than to figure out WHO finally "leaked" the comments he admits he made. - Why? What will that prove? Ohio? Union roots? Where "payback" is a way of life? No proof. I'll drop that...) Yet, in the video below he reacts to the comments Tommie Frazier made a few days ago on Twitter after the (2nd consecutive) loss to UCLA about the Husker program & Husker coaches.

In the video below, Bo proves he hasn't learned a THING that he claims to have learned since being caught on tape bad-mouthing Husker fans in 2011. He bad-mouths Husker legend and College Football Hall of Fame member Tommie Frazier with the same reckless-abandon with which he bad-mouthed Husker fans 2 years ago (minus the vulgarity - only because he was "in public").

It appears as though Bo has no respect for anyone that doesn't fall 100% in-line with what he's working so hard to do. (Whatever that is - maybe he's trying to break every "bad" record Solich and Callahan didn't have time to break?)

Here's what the head Husker wordsmith had to say in response to Tommie Frazier (directly translated from the video below):
You know, since I came back here I've embraced the former players and if he feels like that then, so be it. We don't need him. We don't know...and, uh, uh...that's a shame. You know, you're know...until you sat in this seat, until you've sat and done know anybody can have an opinion. Anybody can uh,...can, can do that, but, you know, that, like I said, it's, it's easy to point fingers when, uh...and stand outside and, and, and uh, throw stones but,, I just take it for what it is.

Right, Bo. You're correct. Tommie Frazier never has endured one day of judgement as a Husker. You're so smart, Bo. I hope you're around for years to come. (Not.) Bo's comments sound more like he's talking to me...or you...or any one of the thousands of Husker fans who DARE to criticize...certainly NOT to a Husker legend who has endured all the criticism while he played and since he played. Bo's not that stupid. Right? Oh, yes he is...listen for yourself...

What we don't need, Bo, is YOU. Take your junior-high-level on and off-field antics to some program somewhere in the country where they will be respected and appreciated for what they are.

It seems to me as though Bo is a liar when he says he's continued to grow over the past two years. Today, he'd still dismiss each and every critical Husker fan if given the opportunity. In fact, the way he dismissed Tommie, I'd guess Bo is still in regular practice of dismissing all of those with whom he disagrees...only in private, however. Bo hasn't learned a thing...and, I seriously doubt he's even capable of doing so.

But, who cares what I think? I'm just a 42-year-old life-long Husker fan. Now, let the "fair-weather fan" comments from the "don't-say-a-bad-word-about-our-Huskers" babies commence...if you'd like me to kiss your ass as Bo wanted the "fair-weather fans" to kiss his, form a line and BEND OVER...maybe we should make that a new Husker pre-game tradition in order to appease all you "real" fans? (If you thin-skins are the "real" fans, perhaps the Husker program is in more jeopardy than previously considered?)

As a life-long Husker fan I understand my comments above are incendiary. Good. I'm simply responding to potential Pelini fans before being responded to. I know you don't mind the vulgar language if you're supporting Bo...neither do I, actually (that's the least of my concerns with Bo - if anything, his vulgarity endears him to me). Have fun. Game on! Perhaps THIS game will be fun? I know I'll win.

Kiss my ass!
(See? I win.)


Think the above was enough "opinion"? You haven't heard nothing yet:
Go Huskers! Go find a new coach! Go find a new conference, too! This year's schedule is the WEAKEST schedule I've ever seen in my life. How are we supposed to get better when we play MOSTLY losers? The Big 10 is a JOKE of a conference. Use all that "new money" from the Big 10 to "buy" a grown-up, decent coach...and stop adding all those new seats to the stadium that all come equipped with an oxygen supply. tee hee

One more: Nebraska will be LUCKY to finish 7-5 this year!

OK, ONE more: Can you fans that attend the games please quit sitting on your hands and pretending as if you're all mute? We now have over 90K in our stadium - can that translate AT ALL during televised games? (It doesn't now.) Do we have to be kicking ass for you to make some NOISE??? The only time we hear you on TV is when things are going much for "the 12th man" being a factor at ANY Husker game! I attended my last Husker game over 10 years ago. Until you Nebraska fans get off your asses and actually pretend to ENJOY being AT the games, I'm not sitting in the stadium with you. My dogs and my couch are much more entertaining and fun to be around during the games. I'll cheer and encourage our team from within my house since it seems to be so OUT OF PLACE at the actual game. Take some of the newly-discovered "passion" you may have for my opinion to the next game with you and YELL IT OUT there...maybe those of us who are stuck at home will know you're actually PRESENT at the next game. Ha!

Now that I've probably offended just about everyone in the state...that's all for now. Let the insults, threats and intimidation begin...(all because I may have an opinion that differs from yours). Bring it.

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