Sunday, April 6, 2014

What Goes In...Must Come Out? (Abortion Filmed & On YouTube)

So, some poor, ignorant girl who counsels women who are seeking abortions got pregnant and decided to film her "experience" and subsequently posted the video of her receiving an abortion on YouTube.

This same poor, ignorant girl also disabled the comments on her YouTube video. Anyone who would like to leave a comment for poor, ignorant "Emily Letts" may do so in the comment section here on my blog. First, watch the poor, ignorant girl's video:

"Emily's Abortion Video"

In case she also disables embedding (as she disabled the comment section under her video on YouTube - RATINGS are still ON, however), here's the direct link to her video on YouTube: (If she removes her video from YouTube, just search on YouTube for "Emily's Abortion Video", surely someone else will or has already re-uploaded it.)

I call Emily "poor" because I pity her. I call her "ignorant" because she has no thought about her own future. It's obvious she has no thought for the life she just had sucked out of her, therefore, with young girls like her, I think it's much more productive to try to convey to them what THEY are going to feel about THEMSELVES as they age. When they decide that they are "ready for children", they're always going to regret killing their firstborn. It will be a heavy weight that they'll carry with them until their own death. A vast MAJORITY of women who have had an abortion would have told that to poor, ignorant Emily if only she had asked them.

(One note about the word "ignorant": Don't confuse "ignorant" with stupid. Ignorant is fixable. Stupid is forever.)

This entire post is one big Hat Tip to Daniel at "State of Daniel". Thank you for posting your video response to poor, ignorant Emily's video, Daniel. Without your video response to poor, ignorant Emily, I'd have never seen her video.

Below is the video response to Emily from "State of Daniel" on YouTube:

"DISGUSTING: Woman Films Her Own Abortion, Puts it Online"

Very well put, Daniel.

Any women who may be struggling with the abortion/adoption choice, here is a link that may help you: Catholic Charities (Click on the link on that page to contact your local Catholic Charities agency. Even if you don't have a local agency, they may be able to direct you to help in your own community.)

A quote from the Catholic Charities website:
"We don’t preach or pressure. We’re simply here to help. And remember, you don’t have to be Catholic! Catholic Charities serves men and women from any background, religion, ethnicity, or income level."

If anyone else wishes to leave other links for women who may be looking for help with the abortion/adoption process, PLEASE, post your links in the comments below. Thank you.

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