Monday, August 18, 2014

Can Somebody PLEASE Define "JUSTICE" For Me? (Re: Mike Brown, Ferguson, MO)

Ferguson, MO - People marching in the streets chanting "No justice! No peace!" . What exactly does that mean? Yeah, yeah, I know it's from the "Civil Rights era" (prior to my birth). But, what the hell does it mean today?

I'll tell you what I think it means to the people who chant it today in Ferguson, Missouri:
If officer Darren Wilson isn't convicted of murdering Mike Brown there will be no "justice".

But, what if Officer Wilson isn't charged with any crime?

Here's the Merriam-Webster definition of justice:
jus·tice noun \ˈjəs-təs\
the process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals

While this case is being adjudicated via the internet (mostly via YouTube videos), I'm believing that, not only will there be no conviction of Officer Darren Wilson, he won't even be indicted (by anyone who possesses the ability to look at this case rationally, that is). It may turn out, as in the George Zimmerman case, that the public pressure becomes too great for some weak-kneed public servant that criminal charges are eventually filed, but, we've all seen before, via the Zimmerman prosecution, how that turns out.

Charges should have never been filed against George Zimmerman because, as the prosecutors knew (prior to succumbing to public pressure), they didn't have enough evidence for a conviction. Yet, they put the nation (and the local taxpayers) through a public dog-and-pony show so some people could feel better about their lives. I suppose that is exactly where this case is heading. If "the locals" don't file some kind of charges, Obama's Department of "Justice" may, now that they're involved in the case. And, that doesn't equal "justice" in any sense of the word. So, what do the people who are seeking "justice" really want?

I'm always seeking justice for every wrong...but, in this case that means that if the officer is guilty and this was a "bad shoot", then he should be convicted of "murder" (or some lesser charge like "manslaugter" - I don't know how either are defined in the state of Missouri). However, that also means that if there isn't enough evidence to indict him, he shouldn't be charged. End of story. I'm not going to go out into the street screaming about how there is "no justice" and feel like my life is over and the possibility of me ever being treated fairly has disappeared. I'll simply be done with the case and move on with my life as if everyone on the planet is NOT seeking to screw with my life...which, they're not.

Somehow, I don't think some people will. Some people seemingly exist as if they're always the victim of something or someone. Some people think that there has always been someone else or some set of circumstances that have held them back. I personally know a few people who are like this. I'm also getting the message that there are a few people in Ferguson, MO who have these same feelings. But, you know what? No one in this country has ever been guaranteed the right to not be offended. Sometimes you will be offended. Sometimes I will be offended. Sometimes life just sucks. We all have sh_tty days. Including Mike Brown and including Officer Darren Wilson. Sometimes that means you cease to exist. Sometimes that means your life changes forever. Sometimes...just sometimes, it also means that there may be no "justice", as you choose to define it.

Other times, it may mean that when you break the law by walking down the middle of a street, you seal your own fate when you run back toward the cop that stops you for walking down the middle of the street. Don't blame him (or her). Blame yourself.

And, parents, please stop blaming others for the situations in which your children place themselves. This country has had enough of that.

EVERYONE: Teach your children to NOT break the law in the first place and THEY will NEVER find themselves in one of these situations. It really is that simple. And, yes, kids will do what they want...they're like people that way. Sometimes you have to deal with their choices on your own. The entire nation shouldn't have deal with them.

Food for thought:

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