Saturday, September 13, 2014

"Palin Family Brawl" - I SOOOOOOOO Want This Story To Be TRUE!!!

Oh, YES! I've read the latest stupid stories about the Palin family supposedly being "involved in a brawl" from the political ne'er do wells over at the Immoral Minority and Political Gates (& I'm NOT linking to them...let THEM link to ME - as they've done in the past)...LOL!!! I love a good "tramp" story, just like they do. Hell, I'VE BEEN IN THE MIDDLE of a good "tramp" story (as I call them)...let me tell you about it:

I was pissed off & had drank 3 beers & about 1/2 of a butterscotch schnapps after the 2012 election and I recorded a video that I KNEW WOULD GO VIRAL AS I WAS RECORDING IT...and, I was right...and EVERY liberal/hate blog on the planet called me a "drunk conservative" because I showed ONE of the beers that I was drinking and mentioned the ONE butterscotch schnapps that I also had in a glass at the time. Can't you just FEEL them all getting "giddy" as you're reading this? I can feel it as I'm writing it. Keep reading...

Although, they'll try to post my "viral video" in their feeble effort to discredit me. Well, you know what? FUCK THEM!!! I'll post it FOR THEM. I'd just gotten off of the phone with my dad and we were BOTH PISSED OFF and had been fueling each others' mood for about the previous 20 minutes! That being said, I guess I can hold my alcohol more than most of the paranoid schizos in the universe who freak out at that possibility of someone being able to convey a coherent thought past 4 drinks. What the hell are they drinking? And, why do they continue to drink it? You ALL had better STOP DRINKING if you do not have the ability to think coherently, as I proved I can, past 3+ drinks.

Anywho...back to the Palins:
The "Palin family" was allegedly "involved in a brawl" at someone's house party in Wasilla? Good!!!!!!!

The Palin family should be on TEAR throughout the ENTIRE UNITED STATES and I know MANY PEOPLE THAT WOULD JOIN-IN ON THEIR ASS-KICKING TOUR!!! I'm not just talking about the local "Bubba" in your town or in mine...I'm talking about members of the Army...Navy...Air well as various Special Ops folks that would LOVE to have a moment with you "I hate the Palins" assholes. It would truly be a reckoning...for you. And, dammit, it would be another "viral" moment for my NEW YouTube channel...if ONLY I ever get the chance to shoot that me, I'll be rolling...& uploading.

I HOPE the Palins were involved in ANOTHER fight to protect their good name. And, you know what else? It won't matter ONE FUCK who doesn't like it!!! You freaky freaks who "like" stories like this, you'll be spreading this story whether it's true or not until the end of your miserable lives. It's really sad you can't find anything better to do with your time. I know Sarah will...


Oh...and, this is my video...that I recorded when was less than 4 drinks a long night that I ain't tellin' you about...JUST LIKE YOU WON'T TELL ME ABOUT ALL OF YOUR LONG NIGHTS YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITES!

Shut the fuck up about the Palins. All of you who constantly profess your HATRED of the Palins, we who love them all KNOW that you ALL wish you WERE one of them. I'm glad you're not. And, so are they.

(Although, I know they're glad I'm not, too. Good on them.)

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