Friday, March 11, 2016

Insanity! Sarah Palin & Drudge Join Forces With Those Who Smear Them

Again, I sit here with my chin on the floor as I compile another blog post. The absolute nuttiness of this campaign season is off the hook. Almost every day I see something else that I just can't believe or make ANY sense out of.

The very first thing I saw when I woke up this morning was the series of new headlines posted on the Drudge Report as seen in the photo on the right. Matt Drudge is "all in" for Donald Trump to become president...he's made that very apparent with all of his positive headlines for Trump and all of his negative headlines about Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Today, Drudge has
taken to MOCKING Ted Cruz for his and his father's religion. (At least they have a record of religious affiliation...unlike Trump, who only calls himself a "Christian" in order to gain votes...just like Obama did.) The mocking of the religion of Republican candidates is quite common...from the left (see the Palin video near the end of this post where she talked about how "sad" it makes her to see this). Not from the right. And, Matt Drudge is on the right. And, two out of the four sources that Drudge linked to this morning are from outwardly leftist organizations...Raw Story and Right Wing Watch. So, Drudge is aligning with leftist media sources in order to smear Constitutional Conservative Ted Cruz.

This is insanity!

Headlines on the Drudge Report about Ted Cruz and his dad (as seen in the photo above):
'TED IS THE ANOINTED ONE' (Source: East Orlando Post - never heard of it)
HOLY GHOST VIDEO REVEALED (Source: YouTuber "Bruce Wilson" - never heard of him)
DAD SPEAKING IN TONGUES (Source: Right Wing Watch - HATES the right/Republicans/Conservatives)
SUPPORTERS 'LAY HANDS' ON CRUZ AT RALLY (Source: Raw Story - hates the right/Republicans/Conservatives)


There are 47 PAGES OF STORIES posted on Right Wing Watch about Sarah Palin since 2008.
There are only SEVEN stories posted about Matt Drudge on RWW dating back to 2010.

There are 125 PAGES OF STORIES posted on Raw Story about Sarah Palin since 2008.
There are 4 PAGES OF STORIES posted on Raw Story about the Drudge Report since 2008.

World, please make sense again!

The second thing I saw this morning the second I turn on my computers is Dr. Ben Carson endorsing Donald Trump for president. You know...Dr. Carson, the holy-rolling, good doctor who put himself on the political map when he blasted President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast in February of 2013. You know...Dr. Carson...the one Donald Trump compared to a pedophile just FOUR MONTHS AGO in Iowa!

Not only that, but Dr. Carson also admitted that "there are two Donald Trumps" if this is a good quality in Trump (I guess when one is desperate to find good in someone, they'll use whatever they have to) his endorsement speech this morning: During endorsement, Carson says 'we're going off the deep end' and 'there are two Donald Trumps'

THEN, after Dr. Carson spoke, Trump spoke and admitted that he's two-faced (again, as if this is a GOOD QUALITY): Donald Trump: 'I think there are two Donald Trumps'

The world has gone MAD!

The third thing I saw I actually saw yesterday, but it fits-in with the rest of the insanity I'm chronicling in this blog post.

Yesterday, for the second time (that I've seen), Trump-endorser Sarah Palin has posted links to leftist-generated LIES about Cruz-endorser Glenn Beck on her Facebook page *whilst* calling for Ted Cruz to "denounce" Glenn Beck for the things she's found in the leftist-generated media! (You know......THAT SAME LEFTIST MEDIA THAT HAS BEEN TELLING LIES ABOUT SARAH PALIN SINCE 2008!!!!!!!!!!)

GOP Majority Voters in Primary are Wayyyyyy Beneath Cruz, So Says...
Posted by Sarah Palin on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Now, to chronicle just a BIT of the mocking/smearing that Sarah Palin endured in 2008 over her religion (which is EXACTLY what Trump fan, Matt Drudge is doing to Ted Cruz today):
Video uploaded to YouTube on October 4th, 2008:

YouTube - September 3rd, 2008: Sarah Palin Church video Part One

NPR - September 5th, 2008: Examining Palin's Pentecostal Background

CNN - September 9th, 2008: Pastor: GOP may be downplaying Palin's religious beliefs

UK Telegraph - September 25th, 2008: Sarah Palin in witchcraft prayer on video clip

Chicago Tribune - October 3rd, 2008: Does Palin have explaining to do?

TIME - October 9th, 2008: Does Sarah Palin Have a Pentecostal Problem?

YouTube video - CBN - October 25, 2008:

Below I've transcribed part of the conversation in the video above from The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN):

David Brody: There have been some shots taken at you...regarding your Christian know a lot of the stuff with the Penecostal stuff and you know the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Do you wanna clear up, you know, exactly what you believe in and so the record can be set straight a little bit? Because there have been some editorials and others taking shots at you regarding your Christian faith.

Sarah Palin: Yeah, yeah and I think the saddest part of that is that faith, and not just my faith, but faith in God in general has been mocked through this campaign and that breaks my heart. And, that is unfair for others who share a faith in God and choose to worship our Lord in whatever private manner that they deem fit and, um, my faith has always been pretty personal. I haven't really worn it on my sleeve. ... And, that was kind of a surprise in the last couple of months that people would misconstrue and spin anything that has to do with my faith or anybody else's and turn it into something to be mocked. That's very sad.

In a sane world, I'd expect Trump-endorser Sarah Palin to denounce the headlines about the Glenn Beck-endorsed Ted Cruz on the Drudge Report today. But, you won't hear me do that because this world is now officially nuts. This is a world where someone like Sarah Palin can, WITHOUT her tongue in her cheek, post lies about Cruz-endorser Glenn Beck and stand WITH Trump who calls for his own supporters to use physical violence against protesters at his rallies.

It's also a world where things like this are occurring today: Rubio's campaign tells Ohio supporters to vote for Kasich (This is from Politico, so who knows if it's true or not?)

And, this: EXCLUSIVE=> Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly to Endorse Donald Trump at St. Louis Rally

Now, I'm going to go watch Nancy Reagan's funeral and ATTEMPT to remember what SANITY felt like in the USA.

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