Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Heidi Cruz In Norfolk, Nebraska (VIDEO)

Hey...I live in Norfolk, NE and...

Heidi Cruz visited Norfolk, NE Monday night to deliver a speech on behalf of her husband and GOP presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). The speech took place at the "Black Cow Fat Pig" restaurant in downtown Norfolk.

Heidi's speech was 24-minutes long (see video below) and following it she spent more than the next 90-minutes doing a "meet and greet" with those who wished to meet her and have their picture taken with her or have a book-signed. I counted approximately 80 people present during the speech and I'd guess that there were at least that many that met her after the speech.

There was relatively little advance notice about this event that took place today...at least from my perspective, anyway. I found out about it about 3-4 hours before it started. A friend of mine had called to tell me about it and she told me that she had also called several other friends of hers to let them know and none of them knew it was taking place. Many of them wanted to attend and would have done so if they'd had more notice.

A few notes about Heidi: She's absolutely genuine. She struck me as someone who is very down-to-earth and very approachable. She was very receptive, very friendly, and as genuine as you would HOPE that she would be. I was thoroughly impressed with her. (There's been one other person I've met in my life who also gave me the exact same impression as did Heidi Cruz...and, that was Sarah Palin - whom I've met twice.)

I spoke with Heidi for about 2 1/2 minutes and we discussed a few of the surprising things that have occurred this election season...some of the people who's endorsements have surprised us and some of the once stalwart "conservative" media that apparently is NOT what we thought it was. I said to her "the line is being drawn in the sand on the Conservative side of things and once this is over, we're all going to have a much better idea of exactly where people stand." I came away from our "meet" with the distinct impression that she agreed with that statement.

I was honored to have the opportunity to meet her. Thank you Heidi for coming to Norfolk.

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