Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sen. Marco Rubio Tells it Like it is...& schools Sen. Kerry, too!

Freshman Florida Senator Marco Rubio tells it like it is and schools Senator John Kerry at the same time. Johnny had some questions for Marco (yes, more than one...he's a slow learner).

At 4:55 in the video below (it's ALL worth listening to, however):
"I do not understand how an issue of this magnitude, of generational importance, the President of the United States has not offered a plan. If someone has seen the President's plan please send it to me because no one else has seen it. It does not exist. So, this has been the plan all along, by the way. The plan all along was not to take a position, to let the days count down until we got to this point with 72 hours to go and then force a vote on something that they wanted. I believe that that has been the plan the entire time and you can see it carrying itself out and you wanna know why people all across America get grossed out by politics? (It) is by watching this kind of stuff happen."