Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Limbaugh Classic Upload

"Rush Limbaugh Classic: Dan's Bake Sale"

If you've been a daily listener of Rush's for more than 5 years, you have probably heard a reference or two from Ma Ha Rushie about "Dan's Bake Sale," the man that "threatened" to "bake several small poodles,"...and more.

Rush replayed, in a 4-part series, "20th Anniversary Flashback: The Dan's Bake Sale Phenomenon on August 1, 2008" . Sorry, you have to be a subscriber to Rush 24/7 to hear/view all 4 parts on his website. (I used to be a subscriber; I'm not currently.)

Here's a part of this video that I transcribed (before I realized that Rush had one available). My transcription begins at the 4:40 mark in this video:

Rush: "So, we have 'Nick' from the high mountains of New Mexico on the phone. Nick, I'm glad you called. Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh Program. How are you, sir?"
Nick: Heh heh heh....that old cowboy from up there in Ft. Collins?
Rush: Yes.
Nick: We're goin' to his bake sale.
Rush: You're gonna go to his bake sale?
Nick: Yeah.
Rush: Wait a second. Wait a mean you have a donation for Dan's Bake Sale in Ft. Collins?
Nick: Yes, sir. Well, we gonna bake several small, this is not gonna make the animal rights people happy... we're gonna bake several small poodles and one Mastiff. We got 3 German Shepherds, 14 cats & one small pony that we're gonna take up there."
Rush: (laughing) Oh Nick, nobody'll show up if you do that.
Nick: Oh, no, they'd love it. You know, you put a lot of Heinz 57 on it & you cook it in Coors beer...
Rush: (laughing)
Nick: ...and they'd love it.

---The End...of my transcription---

Watch the video below for the entire story...and for some VINTAGE Limbaugh video footage...