Monday, October 10, 2011

My Letter to Governor Sarah Palin

Governor Palin, we know you said no.
We are in disbelief and are unwilling to accept your decision.
We are asking that you reconsider your decision.

Governor, each time you discuss a candidate and name the attributes or qualities that our eventual nominee should have, you are describing yourself. When you talk about the record of reform that the eventual nominee should have, you are describing yourself. When you discuss individual policies that the nominee should have, you are describing yourself. When you discuss your love for this country and your concern for its future you are describing US.

We The People, humbly request that you reconsider your decision to run for President of the United States of America.

There is no other candidate that possesses your record, your quality, your character and your level of understanding of the dire situation in which our country is in. We have no other choice but to ask that you reconsider.

Your words:
"I need to find this candidate who understands the need for energy independence." - That's YOU.

"I want to find candidates who understand the need to reduce tax burdens and onerous regulations that are presently killing American industry..." - That's YOU.

"...and, of course candidates that have a track record of always pushing for minimization of government to strengthen our economy." - That's YOU.

"This is about Americans who are understanding that we have got to get the right people in these positions of leadership in our country to get us back on the right track." - That's YOU.

"A politician is going to let you down." - We don't think of YOU as a politician. We think of you as being "one of us," because you are.

"What we need to do, too, is make sure that we are holding both sides of the aisle accountable." - That's YOU.

"We need to call out the wrong-headedness of all of our 'leaders' when they lead us astray; when they lead us down the path towards bankruptcy, which IS going on in our country right now." - YOU can do that in a campaign.

"We have to make sure that people are hearing a fiscally conservative message that makes sense..." - YOU have that message.

"I look forward to hearing more of their details (about the candidates). I look forward to knowing more about a track record of any of these candidates. We learned a lesson in America voting-in a candidate, Barack Obama, who was not vetted. We did not know much about his record or his associations so, trying to figure what is his vision for America; what does he mean by 'fundamentally transforming America' as he promised he would do. Well now we see what he means. He should have been vetted. That's why I'm all for these aggressive debates and very close scrutiny and vetting of all of these candidates so we don't do that again." - YOU are the most vetted candidate in the history of politics in the United States. All of the abuse, threats, and vetting that YOU and WE have undergone over the past three years by the liberal media, some so-called conservative media and by the scourges of our society was for WHAT?

"America IS the exceptional nation and unless we defend our Republic the world will be less prosperous and safe and healthy because it all depends on where America goes. Where we, as leaders of the free world, where America heads, so goes the rest of the world." - The world needs YOU.

The pendulum has swung. It has gone from the right, to the FAR-left and now it is swinging back to the Right just as hard as it swung to the left. Give us the opportunity to elect a President that possesses the ability to say yes or NO to both sides when necessary. Give us the opportunity to elect a President that CAN work with both sides, whether or not is is "politically expedient." Give us the opportunity to elect a President that can't be bought and won't be corrupted and has proven so. Give us the opportunity to elect a President that is seeking the office for no personal gain. Give us the opportunity to elect a President that truly understands the meaning of selfless service to her country. Give US the opportunity to elect a President of the United States that will listen to THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE and will execute her duties as such.

You ARE "Mrs. Smith." We need YOU to go to Washington.

We don't WANT just "ABO" (Anybody But Obama), WE WANT YOU!!!

We voted for YOU in 2008. Please, give us the opportunity to do so again. Please, put it into our God-led hands as to whether or not you will be the next President of the United States.

Please, reconsider your decision.

Thank you, Governor Palin.

We the People of the United States of America

P.S. We need YOU to have a title in order to make maximum impact on the future of this country and the world and to restore the greatness of America.

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