Saturday, April 7, 2012

Are You A Sarah Palin Supporter? This Is For You.

If you support Sarah Palin, in any way, we have a petition or two for you to sign. You need to know your name, your email address, and where you live.

So far, we have one for Californians and we have one for everyone else in the USA (including Californians) to sign. These petitions will be presented TO SARAH. Not to the GOP. Not to the FEC. Not to an election board. TO Sarah. Show her you support her and please sign the petition(s) that apply to you. What Sarah decides to do after she receives our signatures is entirely up to her.

Sarah recently expressed doubt that she had the necessary grassroots support to be a viable candidate. Show her that she does (whether she enters the race at any stage or not).

This petition is for Sarah Palin supporters all across the USA (including Californians):
We Deserve a Better Choice: It is Governor Palin

This petition is for Sarah Palin supporters who live in California ONLY:
California: Draft Sarah Palin as a Write-In Candidate

She's never said "no." Therefore, we're asking.

Sarah's take on becoming an entrant at a brokered convention:

Please, visit our website:
The Earthquake Group

If you'd like to join our Facebook GROUP:
Sarah Palin's 2012 Earthquake

"Like" our Facebook PAGE:
Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement

If you'd like to see Sarah Palin as THE selection at a GOP brokered convention, "like" this page on Facebook:
Sarah Palin - The ONLY Brokered Convention Selection We'll Accept

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