Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Defending Sarah Palin - Video Series

Daniel Chioco, aka "StateofDaniel" on YouTube, released the first video in what will be a 12-part video series entitled "Defending Sarah Palin." The remaining videos in this series will be released on Monday for the next 11 weeks. Subscribe to StateofDaniel on YouTube to receive the rest of the series in your email inbox. Daniel will also be uploading other videos each week, but the "Defending Sarah Palin" videos will be uploaded on Mondays.

Here's the 1st video in the series:

Talented, right? Definitely.

He's also a freelance musician:

The above video is on a different YouTube channel of Daniel's than the one above. This video is on the "OfficialDanielChioco" channel.

Also, Daniel was the winner of CPAC's 2012 video contest for this video:

Conservative YouTubers can always use your support on YouTube. I know. I'm one of them. Please subscribe to Daniel's channels and make sure you "like" (thumb up) his videos. The Palin haters will be out in full force on Daniel's Palin videos and every "like" counts. Videos on YouTube that have more likes than dislikes are listed higher in the search results on YouTube. The participation of more Conservatives on YouTube is essential to winning the online war.

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