Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Entire Overtime Football Game in 28 minutes...

I needed a break from politics so for the past few days I've been playing with something a little I've wondered for years how long it would take to watch an entire football game without all of the breaks between plays, waiting for referees to figure out penalties, time-outs, TV time-outs, official reviews, injuries, commercials, etc. In fact, I can no longer tolerate watching a live football game since I've had a DVR. On my DVR I can watch an entire football game in about 40-minutes. There is almost always a 30-second break between plays (unless one of the teams is running a "hurry-up offense", then there is about a 20-second break) and each play lasts for approximately 6 or 8 seconds. When a flag is thrown, there is almost always a 45 or 60-second delay. And, I'm sure you know how many commercials are shown during an average game. They are absolutely unbearable.

I do have some idea of what it's like to play football (more than many girls, I suppose). I've had the wind knocked out of me several times when, as a kid, I'd play backyard football with my brother and his friends - I think they thought it was funny to watch me struggling to breathe. The fact that I'm a girl didn't bother them. They still knocked the crap out of me...and, they enjoyed it. If I didn't "enjoy" it, I didn't have to play. I wanted to play, therefore, I'd usually play until I wound up getting hurt and only stopped after I wound up bawling from getting hit too hard too many times (even though I wore a complete JCPenny's football uniform that belonged to my brother - helmet, shoulder pads, pants with all the pads). Poor baby. The guys had accomplished their mission - they no longer had to play football "with a girl". That still didn't stop me from joining their next game. :)

Being a female that has never played organized football, I've also wondered why football players seem to get so worn out playing football. They go like hell for about 6 or 8 seconds, get a 30-35-second break between plays and go like hell again for about 6 or 8 seconds...sometimes only 3 times in a row...and, sometimes for about 10 or 12 plays in a row. Big whoop. Why do they get so tired? I didn't find the answer to that question in the making of the video below, but I did find out how long it takes to play a whole game.

OK, so to find out how long it really takes to play/watch an entire football game, I decided to look on YouTube to see if there were any full-length football games that I could download and edit. Sure enough, there are TONS of them on YouTube. But, I didn't want to edit just any game. I wanted to edit a game that I would enjoy watching. I tried to find a full-length Husker championship game that was of decent quality (that would remain decent quality after I downloaded and converted the video for use in Movie Maker) but I couldn't find any.

What I did find was the next best thing for a Husker fan...a game in which a relative unknown, underdog, "Cinderella team" beats the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. What a sweet game it was. I actually remember watching this game between Boise St. and Oklahoma live. And, I always will.

I edited the entire game (which took me about 2-3 hours), included only the plays, the referee announcing penalties, the announcement of time-outs, and I think I included 3 replays. The full-length game, as downloaded from YouTube (which didn't include any commercials) was almost exactly 3 hours long. If watched in its entirety as it aired it would have probably taken about 4 hours to watch this whole game. After editing, each quarter lasts between 5-7 minutes. The first 4 quarters last 26 minutes. The entire edited game including the OVERTIME lasts 28 minutes. The entire length of my video below is 31:34 because I included 3 minutes and 24-seconds of post-game stuff at the end of the game. (As a Husker fan I couldn't justify cutting-out the post-game celebration.) teehee

So, it really only takes 26 minutes to actually WATCH an entire football game. And you sit there in front of your TV for 3 or 4 hours watching this stuff. If you don't have one, get a DVR.

Here it is, it all of its edited glory.
Boise State vs. Oklahoma - 2007 Fiesta Bowl - PLAYS ONLY

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