Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Glenn Beck Net "TheBlaze" To Air TWO Pro-Gun Series Cancelled by NBC Sports

Glenn Beck & guns? Awwwww yeeeaaah! (If you're not a long-time listener, you won't get that. Sorry. Really...sorry.)

NBC Sports Network was scheduled to air "Hot Shots" (1st season - as far as I can tell) and "3 Gun Nation" (4th season), two reality/shooting competition shows. But, because of that psychotic nut that murdered innocent souls in Newtown, CT, NBC changed their programming to exclude "pro-gun programming"...I suppose NBC found it offensive to show people who were actually capable of and willing to defend their own lives. (What a strange concept, right?)

Luckily, for sensible people, Glenn Beck exists. His network "TheBlaze" will be airing "Hot Shots" AND "3 Gun Nation" this Saturday beginning at 3PM Central time. Each show is a 1/2 hour show.

Here's more info from the Glenn Beck Radio Program:

To see Stu Burguiere dressed as a woman (again) go HERE. To see Stu as a dick (aka, Weiner), go HERE.

Here's a look at how "3 Gun Nation" (3GN) appeared on NBC Sports last season:

This seems a bit over-produced. Maybe one day the creators of "reality TV" will finally understand that their viewers don't give a crap about their "dramatic pauses" (that's why God made the DVR) or the corny music and/or fake sound effects they add to their shows. Until then, we'll continue to pause, mute, and fast-forward through their BS. Some REAL sound effects would be nice...especially for a TV show that features GUNS.

It's going to take some time to learn "the rhythm" of these 2 new shows. This is a new (& simple) challenge that I welcome. My DVR is already programmed to record both of these shows on Saturday - at 3PM CST. ;)

If you wish to subscribe to TheBlaze online, go HERE or add it to your channel line-up on Dish or on your cable provider. If your satellite company (DirectTV) or cable provider doesn't offer TheBlaze, you may think about asking them WHY they won't allow you to access it. They willingly allow you to access CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, BBC, Al Jazeera, RT (Russia Today) as well as NUMEROUS other "news" channels. WHY won't they allow you access to TheBlaze? If they won't allow you access to TheBlaze, why do you keep giving them money to continue their business as usual?

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