Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What the hell is so great about GoPro cameras?


I've seen probably a minimum of 100 videos on YouTube that were recorded with a GoPro camera. What the hell is the point? What the hell is so great about GoPro cameras? Other than: they can be mounted nearly EVERYWHERE (as long as you by the proper mounting hardware - sold separately) & if you buy the right camera/accessories, they can record UNDER water, too. All for a "decent" price. Many people (or binge/impulse spenders) may be able to afford them.

Anyway, it seems that ALL VIDEO recorded by a GoPro camera is distorted beyond reality...there is a "curvature" or a "bend" to all video taken by a GoPro camera. I'd like the earth to be reflected as I see it.....not as some douche in an office that dreamed-up the concept of the GoPro camera tells me I should see it. When recording something up close, the cameras seem FANTASTIC.....until ANY kind of perspective or horizon is entered into the viewfinder. When that happens, their "curved" or "bended" distortion of reality takes over.

Maybe someday they'll make a "reality" lens available for their cute little cameras. :)

Reality, please. As ugly as it sometimes seems, I still prefer it. Thank you.

This ain't it:

The close-up shots in this video are excellent (but all of life isn't lived close-up and under water with pretty fishes floating in our faces - for most of us, that is):

Goodness. If you don't FEEL like you're on drugs after watching this distorted video, maybe you ARE. The curvature of the earth isn't this extreme to anyone on this planet...astronauts who have been into space may be able to relate:


I have a motorcycle. I'd love to have a helmet-mounted video camera...but, not one that will record a distorted earth. I don't get it. Maybe I'm too old. I still prefer reality to weirded-out "video".

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