Thursday, November 14, 2013

Attempted "Honor Killing" In Lincoln, NE - Enforcement of Sharia Law

This is honor killings allowed.

So, in Lincoln, Nebraska there was an attempt at an "honor killing" yet, there is no charge for attempted murder? Nor was there any mention in local media of this being an attempted "honor killing". Based on the information in both of the stories I've included below, that makes no sense. Ahmed Tuma stated he wanted to kill his sister, he tried to kill his sister (by swinging at her with a crowbar and attempting to force the car in which she was escaping his attempt to murder her into oncoming traffic), and he failed to kill his sister. That's attempted murder. And, in this case, it's also a failed "honor killing" (because of his statement, according to police, that her being gay is "shameful to their family and against their Muslim beliefs").

There's nothing more, specifically, that the police could have charged Tuma with for this being an attempt at an "honor killing", but it would sure be nice if the Nebraska media wasn't so ignorant about it. And, if KLKN and the Lincoln Journal Star are simply attempting to be "politically correct" in this case by FAILING to mention that this crime, as they each reported it, is THE DEFINITION of an attempt at an "honor killing" then, shame on them. They've failed to fully inform their viewers and readers. Neither KLKN nor the Lincoln Journal Star fail to mention the "anti-gay" aspect of this crime, yet both leave out the fact that this is also an attempted "honor killing".

For more about honor killings, go HERE (WARNING: Graphic images).

Video from KLKN TV:
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From KLKN TV (emphasis mine):
November 8, 2013

Lincoln Police arrested two men they say were involved in a hate crime Thursday evening. It happened around 5 p.m. near 27th & M Streets in Lincoln.

Police say 20-yr-old Ahmed Tuma was angry with his sister because she is in a relationship with a woman. Police say Tuma said it is shameful to their family and against Muslim beliefs.

Police say Tuma's sister and her fiancee arrived at home near 27th & M when he and a friend, 20-year-old Nathan Marks ran up to them. Police say Tuma tried to hit her with a crow bar. The couple escaped into their car, but police say Tuma repeatedly hit the car with the crowbar.

"They were in fear for their lives, he had made some verbal threats to kill the sister," Officer Katie Flood with the Lincoln Police Dept. said.

Police say the couple drove off, but Marks and Tuma got into Marks' pickup and followed, ramming them from behind nearly into oncoming traffic on S. 27th Street. The couple were able to get away and call police.

Tuma was arrested for attempted 2nd degree assault, criminal mischief, two counts of terroristic threats and use of a weapon to commit a felony. All of the charges except use of a weapon carry a hate crime enhancement.

Marks was arrested for aiding and abetting terroristic threats and aiding and abetting use of a weapon to commit a felony.

The two appeared in a bond hearing Friday, and will be arraigned next week.

From the Lincoln Journal Star:

November 8, 2013

A 20-year-old man allegedly attacked a relative with a crowbar Thursday evening because she’s marrying a woman, Lincoln police said.

Ahmed Mohammed Tuma, 5312 Tipperary Trail, and a friend went to the woman's home near 27th and O streets at about 5 to confront her about being engaged to a woman, Officer Katie Flood said.


As the woman and her 28-year-old fiancée got out of their car, Tuma ran up and tried to bash the relative in the head with a crowbar.

She managed to get back into the car and lock the door.

Tuma beat the window and windshield eight to 10 times, but did not break through, Flood said.


They got away and called 911.

No one was hurt, but the fiancée's 2003 Toyota Celica sustained $2,500 damage, Flood said.

Officers pulled Tuma and Marks over at about 2:30 Friday morning in south Lincoln and arrested Tuma on suspicion of attempted second-degree assault, criminal mischief and two counts of terroristic threats, all of them with a hate crime enhancement, which allows for a stiffer sentence.

They also cited Tuma on suspicion of using a deadly weapon to commit a felony.

They arrested Marks on suspicion of aiding and abetting two crimes: making terroristic threats and using a weapon to commit a felony.

Read the whole story from the Lincoln Journal Star HERE.

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