Sunday, November 3, 2013 Censoring YouTube Comments - Allows "Teabagger" Comment

HEALTHCARE.GOV .gov! .G O V! DOT GOV!!! (Which is GOVERNMENT-RUN hence, the ".gov" web domain.) They're NOT allowing all comments under their (YOUR) YouTube videos! A government-run entity is NOT allowing people to post comments without approval on YouTube. I'm not embedding one of their videos here because in order to see this in motion you have to actually go to YouTube to see what I'm talking about.

Click on the links to the videos below, then when you're on YouTube, click in the comment box as you would do to post a comment. After you click in the comment box, beneath it you'll see the phrase "Comments may be held for uploader approval" appear underneath the comment box...which means whoever is in charge of this YouTube channel is screening ALL comments posted under that video. (I run several YouTube channels - I know what that comment means and what settings you have to choose to MAKE that comment appear. "May be held for uploader approval" means "ARE BEING HELD for uploader approval". Period.)

This video was published to YouTube on October 21, 2013, has 17,713 views and has ONE COMMENT under it. (It's actually kind of a snotty comment, too - from the uploader's perspective, that is.) Here's the crap video - brought to you BY YOUR GOVERNMENT:
"Deborah's Covered. You Can Be Covered Too!"

At the time of this blog post that video has 9 "likes" and 123 "dislikes" on YouTube. The number of nasty comments's videos are probably receiving daily must be a staggering number. Oddly, that video only has ONE COMMENT after being viewed more than 17K times.

You're not only paying for other people's healthcare, now you're paying for the production of crappy videos and you CAN'T EVEN COMMENT ON THEM!!!

Below is a screen shot from the video on YouTube: censoring comments on YouTube.

I looked at a few of the other videos posted on the YouTube channel to see if they're censoring the comments on other videos as well. I looked at about 10 of their other videos and ALL of them that I checked were being censored.

Apparently "teabaggers" is a term that is APPROVED of by, as the picture below shows. The "teabagger" comment in the screen shot below was approved "one year ago".
"Teabaggers" is apparently approved of by

The "teabagger" comment can be found under this video on's YouTube channel:
"People with Disabilities and the Affordable Care Act"

The following picture shows you that someone from has REMOVED a comment that was either posted BEFORE comments were being approved OR removed by one person from AFTER another person had approved it. At the bottom of this screen shot, I clicked on "Show the comment" underneath the comment from "iris7eye" which was in reply to the comment by "electronicoffee". The comment made by "electronicoffee" no longer exists (because someone from removed it). removing comments

This is the video from which the above comment was removed:
"MyCare: Abby S. in Minneapolis, MN"

Anyone who operates a YouTube channel has the ability and right to censor the comments that appear on their videos or on their channel. I do it on my own videos because I'm tired of reading the filthy comments that are often left on my videos and I figure others may get sick and tired of reading that junk, too. Here's the kicker: I'm not being paid by taxpayers to provide a service, like the people who run the Healthcare.GOV YouTube channel are. I don't get paid by anyone, much less by the taxpayers. The American taxpayer has just as much of a RIGHT to BITCH to federal government as the losers that are accepting all the new government handouts have a RIGHT to THANK and PRAISE the federal government for all their new toys. (Although, the losers SHOULD be thanking the American taxpayers...all 53% of you.)

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