Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hamas Propagandizes Video Of Israeli Missile Strikes (VIDEO)

I's amazing that Hamas would tell lies (sarc). It's almost as if they've been taking lessons from Obama on how to become professional liars. I digress.

The first video below was uploaded to YouTube on July 23rd by the (apparently) pro-Hamas "Watania Media Agency" out of Gaza. The video shows two missile strikes by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) on a building in Gaza.

Here's an explanation of the "2 missile strategy" from Jonathan Seidl at TheBlaze:
A new video uploaded by a Gaza news outlet gives an incredible and up-close look at Israel’s “knock on roof” policy.

The tactic involves a smaller projectile being dropped on house of suspected Hamas militants, followed by a larger bomb meant to eliminate the target. The idea is that the first bomb serves as a warning for innocents to evacuate before the target is eliminated.

In the video posted by Watania, viewers see the initial “knock” hit the top of a nearby house. Twenty-five seconds in, the big explosion hits. But not only do viewers see the explosion, they also are able to see the actual bomb in mid-air before it hits its target.

Original video:

Ok. Now, consider WHY there was a video camera set-up to record these missile strikes in the first place. Because the IDF actually calls their targets with a warning to evacuate the building prior to dropping the "knock on the roof" missile before destroying the building.

The time that elapses between the "knock on the roof" missile and the "real" missile reportedly ranges anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours...which allows plenty of time for any "innocents" in the building to save their own lives.

The problem with the video above is that it doesn't depict the truth of what happened in that case. There was an obvious edit made about 12 seconds after the "knock on the roof" missile hits the building. That "edit" makes it appear as though Israel only allowed 17 seconds between the delivery of the "knock on the roof" missile and the "real" one. The video below will help you understand what occurred.

My video:

(H/T to the blog.)

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