Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sarah Palin Doubles Down - Impeach Obama (VIDEO)

This afternoon, at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, CO, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin doubled-down on her call to impeach President Obama. She explains her stance and lists a few offenses for which Obama could be impeached. Governor Palin initially called for the impeachment of President Obama in an article published on July 8, 2014 on found HERE.

Impeachment (Length - 7:47):

Full speech (Length - 36:38 - includes the 4-minute introduction of Governor Palin)

Article from the UK Daily Mail: 'If he's not impeachable, no one is': Sarah Palin pounds Obama on immigration policy and compares him to a 'mob boss' who 'wants to play God'

Article from Sarah Palin on Obama's Executive Actions: 'We Don't Do Kings'

Article from the Denver Post: Sarah Palin helps fire up the right at Western Conservative Summit

Article from the Washington Times: Palin urges grassroots at conservative summit to support impeachment of Obama

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