Friday, October 10, 2014

I Thought We Didn't Have Soldiers On The Ground In Iraq...?

This blog post began with one tweet from a Twitter account that belongs to ISIS...or so I heard here: "ISIS Posts Photos of Dead Female Peshmerga Soldiers – Obama Attends Fundraiser".

Here is an embedded tweet that belongs to the ISIS account to which I am referencing:

Here is a screen shot of the above tweet in case it disappears from Twitter (Ha!):

If the USA doesn't have soldiers in Iraq, how would it be possible for any muslim over there (er..."in Iraq & Sham") to give them a cup of water?

Message to "ISIS", "ISIL", "IS"...(btw, no one here in the USA knows 1/3 of your names for're cool...continue as you are):
We're only bombing you from aeroplanes. Calm yer asses.
Bammy ain't comin' fer ya. He ain't doin' it now and he ain't doin' it ever.

Word to the wise: Do all yer sh*t before another Reagan is elected.

At that time, you will be ended. But, with you bein' so smart and all, you already know that. You have another 832 days to continue your genocide on the civilized, non-barbarian, non-stone age world, non-bloody-headed-beheading world. God, you losers are sloppy. I've watched and/or recorded 100's of "beheading videos" (for the record) and, man, you dips just have no clue how to go about it. May I suggest that you NOT shave the hair on the heads of those whom you choose to separate from their bodies? Just a thought. Damn, I hope it pisses you off that some dumb dyke from the midwest could chop-off a head quicker and more efficiently than you, you worthless excuse for executioners. (May allah rot in pig poo....akbar...or something like that.)

Hey, my lovers, don't go catchin' the Ebola in the meantime,'d be much better if you had a 2-year cancer that slowly eats away at your insides...with you getting sicker and sicker and weaker and weaker with every "treatment".

If the USA doesn't elect another Reagan in 2016, whom you KNOW will END you, you will deserve to take over the world.

The bitch that is "political correctness" shall die along with you...if that whore doesn't kill the USA first.
(Although, this whore is evil, she's not quite as devastatingly evil and ruthlessly bloodthirsty as you. I wish a quick death for this bitch. May she rot in hell, right underneath a steaming pool of your wretched, disemboweled carcasses.)


Can I claim "poetic license" and call all of the above a "haiku"?

Aw, poo. I suppose not. Meh...


I sleep with a gun.

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