Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ferguson Police Tell Protesters To Put Their "HANDS UP" - Protesters Bitch & Moan To Police

According to what was recorded on a live stream last night in Ferguson, MO the protesters in Ferguson haven't learned ONE DAMN THING over the past many months. They're the ones that have repeatedly chanted the FALSE "Hands up, don't shoot" mantra, yet, when police last night told them to put their HANDS UP, they bitched and moaned to the police who were in the process of seeking the shooter who'd just shot two police officers about 10 minutes earlier.

Here's the video of the incident I described above:
Police: "Hey guys, let's see your hands."
Protesters: "Hey man, you know it wasn't us."
Protester: "You're not in the right state of mind right now. Take a deep f_ckin' breath."
Protester: "Your shooter ain't f_ckin' there."
Classic. Fools.

Below is the full video of the livestream that was originally recorded by "@missjupiter1957".
Some of the notable moments in this video:
52:06 shooting occurs
52:30 "Acknowledgement 9 months ago would have kept that from happening."
53:35 "Your superiors put you in the line. They set you up for that."
55:47 "Well, they're gonna shoot, you know? They think we're all the enemy now."
59:27 "Are they trainin' their guns?" "Yeah, they are." "You know your shooter's gone. Y'all ain't gotta point at us."
1:01:14 "They can thank their superiors for linin' 'em up in the straight line and pissin' people off for eight months"
1:03:05 Police begin moving in toward crowd - crowd says a BUNCH of stuff to the cops after the cops tell them to "Put their hands up" ("hey guys, let's see your hands").

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