Sunday, March 22, 2015

When The Internet Is Used For Good...

When the internet is used for good, it can be a beautiful thing and lives can be changed for the better. However, when the internet is not used for good, things can quickly devolve and lives can be affected in the worst way. What I'm showing you today in this blog post is a mixture of "good" and of "bad". You're going to have to decide for yourself which is which.

There are a series of pages on Facebook called "Confessions" where people can anonymously submit their "confessions" to the Facebook page via a Google Docs submission site. The administrators (admins) that operate the "Confessions" Facebook page then post these anonymous "confessions" to the page for the world to see (and comment on). Many of the things that are posted on these "confessions" pages on Facebook are what I would refer to as "trash" - confessions of infidelity, confessions about wanting to cheat, confessions about feelings of ill will toward people in their lives - just trashy kinds of things like that. Sometimes there are confessions from people who are depressed or suicidal and are seeking help - those aren't trash. In a few cases, people have actually been helped. So, of course, that is good.

Below is a "confession" that was posted to the Confessions: Kearney, NE Facebook page a few days ago by a 25-year-old female (F/25):

As you can imagine, this post elicited a LOT of reaction on the Confessions: Kearney, NE page. By their actions, the Admins on the page appeared to be scrambling to "reign-in" the responses they were receiving from all of the angry people who had just seen the post above. Admin later amended the original post on their page with a partially coherent "admin statement" which can be seen below or read on Facebook HERE.

Later, admin at the Confessions: Kearney, NE page posted another partially coherent "update" to this saga which concludes with another "confession" from the same supposed 25-year-old female who made the original post about teasing a 4-year-old boy with Down's Syndrome in a Kearney daycare. (You can read it HERE on Facebook.) Supposedly, the original "confession" is a lie.

If you're willing to rely on the word of ANY 25-year-old female who uses the word "butthurt" in an "apology" about such a serious subject, you go right on ahead and do so. I don't.

What most likely happened is that the little girl who made the original "confession" got freaked out when her post went viral and sent in another "confession" wherein she claimed to have made the whole thing up. You know that. I know that.

I would hope that law enforcement or someone at the State level who has oversight over daycare centers in Nebraska will be the ones to determine whether or not this story is true. It wouldn't be that difficult to find out which daycare in Kearney is large enough to have to separate "the four year olds", has a 4-year-old with Down's Syndrome, and has a 25-year-old female working for them who works WITH "the four year olds".

Here's a news report about this story from March 20th: Controversial Facebook Post Stirs Child Care Community

That news story refers to a JoAnn Fryman who is reported to be the "Child Care Director for Positive Steps in Bellevue" and that she had "called the Kearney Police Chief, Child Care Licensing, the Nebraska Child Abuse Prevention Center and several Down Syndrome associations throughout the state." Hopefully, because of the actions of JoAnn, law enforcement or SOMEONE with SOME authority will get to the bottom of this story and will be the ones to determine if a child is being harmed or not. Someone other than the childish admins at that Confessions: Kearney, NE page should be the ones who determine whether or not this is true. If it is true, then a 4-year-old boy with Down's Syndrome is possibly being abused at a daycare in Kearney, NE.

Here's how a few of the nine different admins at the Confessions: Kearney, NE Facebook page reacted to JoAnn's involvement in this story and is proof of WHY these admins should NOT be the ones who determine the validity of this "confession" (the comments below can be found under this post HERE on Facebook:

People who truly have good intentions would be much more likely to think of someone like JoAnn as a HERO for getting involved. They wouldn't badmouth her and make fun of her in a public forum. But, as I said, the admins on that page are childish and their way of sometimes behaving like a group of bitchy junior high school girls (as is evidenced in the screen shot above) is proof of that. Hopefully, one day soon, they'll grow out of that behavior.

I'm sure this entire story has been a bit eye-opening for the people who run that page. Hopefully, they'll all grow and learn from this experience and know how to better handle any similar situations in the future. I also hope this entire experience doesn't PREVENT them from posting similar things on their Facebok page in the future. After all, IF there really is a child being harmed in a daycare in Kearney, it was this Facebook page that made the world aware of it. And that is a good thing.

Let's all hope that this is NOT true...

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