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10K+ People United In Charleston Last Sunday - Did You Hear About It? (VIDEO)

If you are one that follows the news, you've undoubtedly heard about the massacre of 9 innocent souls in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Charleston, SC last week. A 21-year old human turd sat for an hour in a bible study with the people he eventually murdered inside that church. He was caught, he confessed, and hopefully, he'll not spend too many years on South Carolina's death row.

This week in the news you've probably heard about the new push to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House building in Columbia, SC (and that the Confederate flag was used in the 1992 presidential campaign of Bill Clinton and running mate Al Gore - and, that several U.S. businesses have now stopped selling the Confederate flag). You may have heard that the Pope says that humans, not God, have created "climate change" and that anyone who manufactures guns can't call themselves a Christian. The AP published a photo which appears to show a gun pointed at Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz's head. Obama said n*gger in a radio interview. A 19-year old North Carolina kid plotted to kill 1,000 people in the United States on behalf of ISIS. ISIS awarded women as sex slaves to their members who could remember verses from the Koran the best. Oh, and there was another post on twitter from some loser about how he can't wait to wake up to see an attack in the UK, the US, or to see Pamela Geller beheaded (the Twitter user who posted this threat has been suspended, so I can't provide you with this link). Actually, it's not AS likely that you heard those last 3 stories as it is that you know about the phony "remove the confederate flag" BS story that is saturating the 24-hour cable news cycle or about how a stupid, female prison guard smuggled hacksaw blades inside of some frozen meat in order to help those 2 murderers escape a New York prison.

Since last week's murders in Charleston, the city of Charleston has descended into riots, half the city is on fire, 1000's have been injured, and 100's have been arrested. No. Nothing in that last sentence is true. What is true is that since those 9 innocent people were murdered in church, the people of the city of Charleston have put on a CLINIC about how to respond to an injustice in your community. There have been a couple of reports of two different statues being tagged with some graffiti. That is all that I've seen that has gone wrong in Charleston since the murders.

Given the news stories that are enveloping the daily news cycle, I wanted to bring you something that you may have missed that happened this past Sunday in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. Have you heard about the "peace march" or about the "Unity Chain for Charleston" or the "Hands Across The Bridge" event?

Photo comment from @Bear_Caldwell on Twitter:
"We are #CharlestonStrong as victim families lead the way! What a statement. " 

On Sunday, June 21st, 10,000 to 25,000 people (the estimates I've seen greatly vary) converged on the bridge for the "Unity Walk for Peace". It wasn't all white people, and it wasn't all black people. It was a melting-pot-like mixture of both races coming together and unifying for peace. Peace between races. Peace in their city. And, peace in this country. need to see ALL OF THIS (Nothing included below is posted in any particular order...just take it all in):

This is the best video I have come across the depicts what happened just PRIOR to the march:

This video is an "extention" of the above video. It shows more of what happened prior to the march. Skip ahead about 4 or 5 minutes to get to the point at which the above video ends:

This is the best video I have found OF the actual event:

I just want to share an amazing moment I just had at the gas station. As I'm pulling in to fill up I see a car stalling...
Posted by Kayla Robinson Hall on Friday, June 19, 2015

READ: Walkers link arms across Charleston's Ravenel Bridge

*****This picture shows the bridge, which is full of walkers, boaters under the bridge who attended, and the Emanuel AME Church in the foreground (lower left) of the pic:

From France...

Keeping This Post Real...

I think this video depicts part of the 9-minute moment of silence (1-minute for each victim). I saw it reported in a couple different places over the past week that this 9-minute moment of silence was to occur. I have not seen video of it, nor have I seen any reporting to verify that it actually did occur. Nevertheless, here's about 1/2 a minute of what appears to me to be a "moment of silence":

There was a livestream of a benefit concert held on Monday night in Charleston, also. The link to the Ustream event is included in this post, but they don't have the video of the concert listed on their Ustream account (which stinks): Pour House to live stream sold-out benefit concert for Emanuel AME

Keeping This Post Real...

Of course...the Westboro Baptist Bastards will be "picketing" the funerals of Charleston 9...that explains this tweet:

Ditto! Where IS the coverage???

Here's the woman who's idea it was to organize the "Unity Chain" in Charleston...good on her:
WCIV-TV | ABC News 4 - Charleston News, Sports, Weather

And, you'll most likely not find a more unifying message anywhere than the one seen in this 2-hour+ church service from Emanuel AME Church...from this past Sunday.


Thank you Charleston. You're an inspiration.


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