Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nebraska Man Initiates The "Draw Muhammad Challenge" (VIDEO) 1st Entry RECEIVED!

My crazy brother has uploaded his SECOND video to YouTube and this time he's calling for YOU to join him on YouTube or Facebook or on whichever social media platform you prefer to participate in the #DrawMuhammadChallenge. In the same fashion as was done with the "Ice Bucket Challenge" last year, Mike is suggesting that, in the case of the #DrawMuhammadChallenge, that after you create your drawing of Muhammad and share it on social media in video or in a photo, that you donate to a Veteran's charity of your choosing. Please use the #DrawMuhammadChallenge hashtag when you post your creation on whichever platform you choose to post it. Some of the veteran's charities Mike suggests can be seen in the picture below. (Links to the donation pages of all 4 of these charities can be found at the bottom of this blog post.)

Let me give you a brief history of Mike's video(s):
Sunday night as I was checking Facebook I noticed that my brother (Mike Dankert) had sent a message to my Facebook inbox. It was a YouTube video. And, it was HIM in the video! What the heck? I've uploaded close to 1,000 videos to YouTube (mostly news vids or "mash-ups" thereof) but, this was a first for my brother...

Oh my goodness! Of course I had to put this video on my blog! Which I did here: "Draw Muhammad" Contest Held In Nebraska - Winner Announced! (VIDEO). I posted my blog post with Mike's video in 20-30 different places on Facebook and I also sent it to a few select Conservative blogs via email or as a "news tip". The Right Scoop posted Mike's video late Sunday night here: Nebraska man wins his own ‘Draw Muhammed’ contest, shows what’ll happen to attempted beheaders. And, this morning, Pamela Geller posted Mike's video (via the post on The Right Scoop) here on her blog: LOL! (Yes, that's the title of Pam's blog post - not commentary from me.) And tonight, Allen West posted a link on his Facebook page to yet another blog that posted Mike's video.

So, after speaking with Mike on the phone Sunday night while preparing to write my blog post about his first video, Mike mentioned that he should do a "Draw Muhammad Challenge" and ask others to participate via social media.

Monday afternoon, he did just that...

After speaking with Mike via Facebook after he sent his latest video to me Monday evening, I asked him a couple of questions...(as if I know how to interview ANYONE - LOL!):
Me: "Why exactly are you doing this? Especially with the very real threat to your life that could possibly result from doing so?"
Mike: "I'm doing this because I believe in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights and I'm not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. Unlike most of our politicians in Washington."
Me: "Did you FULLY understand the possible ramifications of posting such a video BEFORE you posted it? Or, if you receive any death threats are you going to remove your videos, put your house up for sale, and run like a scared bitch for the hills?"
Mike, answering my last 4 questions in succession: "Yes. No. No. And, no."
Additionally, Mike added: "I didn't serve in the military to preserve our freedoms. I guess this is my way of serving my country and our protecting our freedoms."

Good on you, Mike! While you'll hopefully never find video of ME on YouTube (or anywhere else), I do hope you get many people to participate in your #DrawMuhammadChallenge in many various ways. And, thank you for turning the camera sideways this time. :)

Whoops! I almost forgot. Here's my submission:
My submission for the #DrawMuhammadChallenge

Regarding my drawing of Muhammad above:
Bring on the "yeah, but" crowd.
You know, the "I believe in free speech...but..." types.

My message to that crowd: I don't care what you think. You are free to think whatever you want, but I really could care less what it is. You do what you do and I'll do what I do. It's OK that you don't like what I do. You have the right to offend me, just as I have the right to offend you. In the United States of America, thanks to the 1st Amendment, we're equal like that. As someone who has been posting videos and writing on my blog for a few years now, I fully understand the ramifications of "putting things out there" that others don't like. I've already been threatened...multiple times. So what? I actually take great pleasure in offending the easily-offended. It's kind of "my thing". The First Amendment doesn't provide you the right to NOT be offended. You easily-offended crybabies need to get over yourselves. Seriously. Now, call me a "racist" (even though Islam isn't a "race") so you can feel better about yourselves, OK?

I stand with Pamela Geller. I stand with my brother. And, I stand with all Americans who are not willing to live under the influence of any Islamist influence here in the United States. I resoundingly REJECT savagery...just as I reject those who can't understand what "savagery" is or how savages conduct themselves. I am anti-jihad. I am against beheadings. I am against burning people alive. I am anti-genocide. I am against the selling of ANYONE into slavery. I am against training CHILDREN in the art of beheadings and executions. I am anti-Shariah law or ANY implementation of ANY part of Shariah law ANYWHERE in the United States. Savages are currently doing ALL of these things I just mentioned. RIGHT NOW! THAT is what SHOULD offend you.

Here are the links to the donation pages of the 4 charities to which Mike suggested you may make a donation:
Lone Survivor Foundation (Marcus Luttrell)
Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (Taya Kyle / Chris Kyle)
America's Mighty Warriors (Debbie Lee / Marc Lee)
Hire Heroes USA (Brian Stann)

Please don't forget to use the #DrawMuhammadChallenge hashtag when you post your creations on social media! Thank you!

I kicked off the donations just now...
Thank you to my friend "Karen". If not for her donation to my blog yesterday, this donation from me would not have been possible.

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