Sunday, September 6, 2015

Goforth, America (VIDEO)

I've been working on making this video since Friday evening. I figured I may as well make a quick blog post about it now that I FINALLY got it finished. One thing is CLEAR, I need a new computer.

Without a new PC, this video may mark the end of my video making. :\

Here's the description I put under this video on YouTube:

Scenes from the funeral of Harris County Texas Deputy Darren Goforth which was held at the Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX on Friday, September 4th, 2015. The clip of all the officers near the end of this video is a tribute to Deputy Goforth from the officers in Slidell, LA.

These senseless killings and assaults on OUR police officers has GOT to STOP. There are more of us that support our officers than there are of those who do not.

Cop haters won't be allowed to post comments on this video. Take your unfounded, nonsensical hatred elsewhere. I suggest Syria, Iraq, or Libya. Get your hateful, ungrateful asses out of America. You are not welcome here. Take Barack "The Great Racial Divider" Obama with you.

If you want cops to stop killing people, teach people to stop screwing with cops. Cops are trained to SURVIVE any altercation. I support 99.50% of all that cops do to assure their own safe return to their families at the end of each shift. If you love someone who regularly screws with cops, you should say your goodbyes now. EVERY cop's life is more important than ANY thug's life. Cops benefit society for all of us. Thugs ruin society for all of us.

If you want to survive an interaction with a cop, do what he or she tells you to do. It really is that damn simple.

Music & spoken word recording:
"God Bless America" - by Madison Rising
"Taps" - as performed at the funeral
"Amazing Grace" - as performed at the funeral (bagpipes)
"Policeman" - Narration by Paul Harvey
"The Star Spangled Banner" - by Madison Rising


The volume is very HIGH in this video. That was intentional on my part. :)

Please share this video. Share the "description" under the video with it, if you wish.

Join us on Tuesday night in thanking our local cops. Do it in your town - doesn't matter when - just do it. Organize it yourself if you have to. Local media will assist you in getting the word out.

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