Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pit Bull OWNERS Should Be Banned - Bronx Woman Sics Her 2 Pit Bulls On Man (VIDEO)

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Here's something that most people fail to recognize about Pit Bulls: The biggest problem with Pit Bulls is the ASSHOLES that own them. Everyone wants to "blame the breed" or "blame the dog" but, the dog generally isn't the problem. MOST (not all) PIT OWNERS are male, under 30-years old and "cock-sure pricks" who think a "tough" DOG validates their own existence on earth. These are people who have a mental problem. Pure and simple. They should never own any breed of dog...large or small. Ever.

The rest of the Pit Bull owners can be lumped into a category of people who think that they can "save the breed" by owning them, letting their children crawl on them (and upload videos of such activities), thereby "proving" (in their minds) that Pits are "good dogs". These people also have a mental problem and probably should also be banned from owning any breed of dog...ever.

Pit Bulls are dogs. Period. They are dogs that come with a "reputation" for being aggressive. This reputation is SOLELY due to the number of assholes that have owned this breed over the years...those who fight them, and those who bring them into their homes to "prove" that they're good dogs. BOTH mentalities disaffect the relationship between dog and dog owner. The dog doesn't know that it's a "badass" until the owner affirms it for the dog. And, if you think your dog doesn't understand your "approach" to the dog, no matter what breed it is, you shouldn't own a dog. HOW YOU TREAT any dog is key to it's own mental stability.

When Pit Bull owners are banned, then and only then, will the stigma on the breed improve. Impossible to do, right? Right.

(I draw my conclusions from having WORKED WITH DOGS for the past 20 years. WORKING WITH DOGS and merely "owning dogs" are TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT experiences. The two experiences are not relatable in any way.)

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