Sunday, November 15, 2015

Destroying Ronda Rousey Online...What's The Point? Holm Won. I Look Forward To The Rematch.

I guess if Americans love an underdog...they also love a loser...because, if an underdog doesn't win then they (we) are often supporting a loser. Right?

Ronda Rousey is no "loser"...but, she didn't win last night.

Holly Holm was "untested" in MMA circles and had a record of 9-0. Rousey was, also "untested" (I say that as a long-time UFC/MMA fan) with a record of 12-0 (with 6 previous title defenses). Rousey's longest previous fight was against Meisha Tate which was scheduled for 5 rounds but only went into the 3rd round when RR submitted Meisha by armbar in the 3rd round.

Understand this, please: Holly Holm defeated Ronda Rousey in their UFC fight tonight. This was Ronda's 7th title defense. Holly Holm completely obliterated Rousey in this fight. Rousey was "worn out" (no conditioning/tired) after the 1st round of a potential 5-round fight (each round lasts 5 minutes) - which was the 1st round that Rousey lost in her entire 12-fight MMA career. (She was 12-0...until tonight.) After this defeat for Rousey, she is being absolutely DESTROYED on online assholes often do to those who are better than they are.

The thing that I want to make a note of right now is that Holly Holm hasn't posted a tweet...hasn't posted anything on facebook...she hasn't said a word on social media about her accomplishment tonight. She beat the "greatest female athlete in the history of sports" tonight.

And, Holly has said nothing about it online.


Holly's last post on Twitter was 16 hours ago (as of the time I'm writing this) and 6 hours ago on Facebook...just prior to the fight. She's posted nothing on Twitter or Facebook since she became the new Champ.

The vitriol on Twitter that is being directed toward Rousey last night/right now is out of control. The mob has gathered and they are in a rabid, glee-filled panic to try to destroy Rousey while she's down (or, they were at the time I was writing this)...after just being defeated in her fight against Holly Holm...while Ronda was at the hospital (she was knocked out and had a split bottom lip - which assures all fighters a trip to the ER).

Again...Holly Holm hasn't said a word about her EPIC DEFEAT of the Champion Ronda Rousey on Twitter or on Facebook.

Too bad more Americans can't follow Holly's lead.

Holly Holm is a total class act.

I don't expect her to remain silent for long. I'll probably wonder what is wrong with her if she doesn't post something within the next 24 hours......she IS the new CHAMP, by the way. I'd post that shit.

I think Holly's "no comment" thus far just shows the mad respect that she has for Ronda Rousey and the entire fight game. Holly doesn't bother herself with these kind of trivialities. Good on her.

Just for the record...Ronda hasn't posted anything either on Twitter or Facebook (but, I'll guess that she's regretting her last tweet which is her last Instagram post). (As a blogger, I KNOW I *should* take screenshots......but, I refuse to do so in this case. Enough is enough. No one else needs to pile on.)

It's time to "right yourself", Ronda (as in that of a wayward ship that is listing toward an unfriendly shore). I'm hoping for a quick recovery (mental and physical) for you and I'm looking forward to the rematch!

Don't come out so slow/hesitant next time...and, maybe you should stop surrounding yourself with "yes" people. Hire me. Pay me $30K a year. It'd be the most money I've ever made in a year. And, I'll tell you when you're full of shit. Pay me $200K/yr...I'll tell you the same thing. How much do you pay the assholes you have around you now? I don't think you're getting any value out of them...whoever they are. They ALL failed you last night...and for the last several months/couple of years.

I'd offer the same to Holly...but, she hasn't had smoke blown up her ass for the past several years...

(For bloggers who think they've found a "story" because they think they know how to "research" stuff on the interwebs: That was a "joke proposal". There is no way on earth that I believe that more than 25 or 30 people will even see this blog post - much less, Ronda - so, don't ever accuse me of being "willing to be Ronda Rousey's bitch in a blog post" - get it right - she'd be MY bitch. And, she'd win all of the rest of her fights because I'd eliminate all of the trashy people that are clogging up her you. You assholes.)

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