Monday, December 14, 2015

Pamela Geller Schools Donald Trump On Freedom of Speech (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has a big, fat, stupidity-spewing mouth and he enjoys belittling people who he doesn't understand or who disagree with him. After Pamela Geller's "Draw the Prophet" free speech event in Garland, TX on May 3rd of this year Trump made the rounds on TV belittling Pamela and calling her names like any adult, conservative male in the public eye would do. (Wait. What?)

In all of Trump's little TV interviews about Pamela, he made it clear that he doesn't support freedom of speech (except for himself, of course).

While Trump and the rest of the vultures in the media were spending their time analyzing Pamela Geller and her motivations, Pamela was defending herself everywhere she could and trying to put the focus on the ISIS-inspired Islamists who had just attempted to murder her and others at her event.

I made a video that shows the contrast between the motivations and statements of Trump and Geller.

Pamela Geller is an American hero.

Donald Trump is an American zero.

After I uploaded my video to YouTube earlier tonight I sent the link to Pamela Geller via email. She has since shared my video on her Facebook page, in her Facebook group (SIOA), tweeted the video, and posted it on her blog with this commentary:
Youtube(r) Shelly Dankert posted this brilliant video on Donald Trump, his position on the First Amendment and his numerous attacks on me and my work.

If you don’t support free speech, you are not qualified to be president.


On May 10th, Pamela Geller endorsed Ted Cruz for president.

Even sweeter!

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