Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trump Doesn't Want Scary Megyn Kelly Asking Him Tough Questions. Waaaaa!

Minons movie/Trump supporters circa 2016

This is freaking awesome.

(Um, Donald...I think it is YOU that has "the bias." But who on earth, besides me, would tell you that? LOL! Poor, Donnie. Bwa. Ha. Ha.)

Megyn Kelly is moderating the next debate on FOX News on January 28th (this Thursday).

To Trump and many of his supporters:

Kiss our collective ass.

Love, America's Conservatives

Trump can choose to not appear at this next debate.

To FOX News:

It would also be great if you got rid of about 3-4 of the other candidates that you'll have on the main stage. No one cares what the bottom-tier candidates (whom you'll include on the main debate stage) have to say. None of them are a factor now and they're not going to be a factor in this cycle (except as a drag on the rest of the field - ah, I see - the GOPe wants them to stay - got it)...and, damn THEM for NOT getting OUT of the race on their own.

Those of us who do not support Trump would LOVE it if he wouldn't appear in the next FOX News debate because we'd get to hear many more completed sentences throughout the night if he didn't.

If Trump could complete a sentence detailing ONE specific plan he has, should he choose to participate, it would be "tremendous."

If Trump could complete another sentence that would have ANY substantive political stances encapsulated within it, that would be "phenomenal."

However, I must say, the more details about all of the policies about which Trump can dictate NOTHING, the BETTER!!! (For the, the "Socialists," because that is what Bernie Sanders is......y'all keep thinking that Hillary will win. She's not even an itch on the ass of the democrat side of anything........Bernie Sanders is their boy.)

Bernie, the long-time SOCIALIST will SHRED the part-time/some-time/wishing-he-was-full-time "Conservative" Donald J. Trump.

When Donald tries to insult and demean this old, gray-haired self-avowed socialist, Trump is over. When Donald goes "full bully" on this feeble old can FORGET about the cross-over vote for Trump.

No one will follow that "loser," Trump who bullies old men.....or otherwise nice people.

I'll bet you never actually imagined a President Sanders, did you?

You may want to begin imagining it.

Hillary won't be the Democrat nominee.....if you put any stock in online polls (the Donald LIVES by them), that is (find Hillary's name on the poll from the Drudge Report that was taken last week - see pic).

If so many people on the right in America weren't so deceived by Trump, the rest of us may actually be able to hear some real plans that other presidential candidates have for the future of our country.

I'd BEG the people at FOX News to ELIMINATE TRUMP from the debates.....but, I'm not stupid. I know they'd never do such a thing. They don't care about your future. They don't care about mine. They're looking for ratings. And, YOUR "ratings master," Donald J. Trump, will appear. And, you'll watch. (And, you'll continue to bitch about the media that is giving your favorite billionaire all of their free air-time.) And, I'll watch (again). And, most of us will learn very little from the 6 or 7 candidates left on the stage. It's pathetic.

You Trump supporters have done this to the rest of us.

Get this carnival-barking, joke-of-a-candidate the HELL OUT of OUR DEBATES so WE can see what the hell is really going on!!! (Said the 1,000+ America-loving Muslims currently living in America.....or was that from the last 1,000+++++ born-in-American citizens who only wanted the best for their country?) (There must be at least 1,000+ of each, right?)

Uh...thank you very much...all you "faux-Conservatives" who proclaim to love America. You're going to be the death of all of us.....just because you are "tired of political correctness" (it's about time you joined the f_cking club - where the hell have you been?) and you want someone to "tell you like it is" (? - ha!).....never mind that that person has no actual plan of escaping that which is. You've just fallen in-line behind the loudest barker. Here he is. Here you are. And neither of you can tell us your plan... Fantastic.

Go, Trump. 2016. Take us straight to hell. That's where we deserve to go.

Maybe I should have ran? If you'll vote for Trump, you certainly would have voted for me: Bark!

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