Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chris Matthews, Shame on You!

Chris Matthews, I hope episodes like the one displayed in the video below ends your career. All of the race-baiting BULLSH_T that you keep trying to get into the national narrative has gone on for far too long. It has got to STOP.

There will probably be repercussions for you at some a few in, when you're DEAD.

The damage you're doing to cases of REAL racism, by over-using & ruining the impact of the word should have an everlasting effect on you. As for now, all we mortals here on earth can do is call you out on your shameful behavior.

Shame on you, Chris Matthews!

Shame on anyone/everyone else in the media or Hollywood who just keep TRYING to bring race into every subject that even comes close to being associated with the first black President of the United States Barack Obama. I think that these people that are constantly beating the racism drum are being racist themselves. Do they think that President Obama is incapable of defending his positions? Why do they always feel the NEED to "provide cover" for him? Why do they do this? They must be racists. Right? Or are they just people with very simple minds. One must be true; are they racists or simpletons?

The upcoming presidential election is going to be FULL of more race-baiting by all of the liberals in the media and Hollywood, too. They've already proven that over the past 3 years. Too bad they keep getting away with it. When the liberal left has nothing else to offer to a conversation, no logical point to make about why something with which they disagree is wrong, they head STRAIGHT for the race-baiting comments. It's a sad reflection on not only their status and how they achieved whatever status they've achieved, but it's also an unnecessary false-moniker applied to millions of Americans on an almost daily basis because they disagree with someone's political stance.

Shame on ALL of them!!!

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