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Newt Gingrich and Agenda 21

I've recently been conducting research for the making of an in-depth video that will take a look at the progressivism of Newt Gingrich. I was just about to go to bed when I got to wondering how far back the videos on Newt's official YouTube channel go. In other words, how old is the oldest video he has available on his own channel?

Five years. The answer is five years. The man has been involved in politics for the past few decades, but all he has available on his YouTube channel is the past 5 years. Odd.

One of the 5-year-old videos that shows up is entitled "Renewable Energy - Newt Gingrich." February 20, 2007 is the date it was uploaded to YouTube. I'm familiar with the "buzzwords" and the "language" of Agenda-21-speak, therefore, the title of the video caught my eye so I clicked on it to watch it. What is in the 3-minute and 22-second excerpt of the speech (that is the only portion of the speech that is available on Newt's YouTube channel) is that of any such typical speech to any particular "green group." In this case, Gingrich is speaking to one of those "cutesy-named" green groups that are in virtually every community across the United States, this one is named "25X'25." All of these "cutesy-named" green groups are the people on the ground that are working to actually implement Agenda 21 across the country - whether they know it or not. My own town has one that is called "Visioning 2026."

By the way, if you're curious how long it took me to verify that 25X'25 was actually connected to the UN (Agenda 21), it took two clicks on their website. From the home page, click on "resources," then click on the video at the bottom of the list. That video is about 25X'25 and is posted on the UN Foundation's YouTube channel. Bingo!

If you pay more attention to the news than the average person, you're most likely familiar with Agenda 21. If not, you can educate yourself here, here, here, here, & here for starters. If you'd like to READ Agenda 21 as it appears on the website for the United Nation's Department of Economic and Social Affairs HERE. Enjoy.
(See the UPDATE at the very bottom of this article for a video about Agenda 21 that I just added to this post. 12/31/12)

Source: Agenda 21

Now that you're at least somewhat familiar with Agenda 21, I'll tell you the reason for this blog post: Newt Gingrich has endorsed the UN off-shoot program 25X'25 that is helping to implement Agenda 21 across America.

Here's a screen shot from the 25X'25 website where it states that Newt Gingrich has endorsed their group:


Curiously, the link from the 25X'25 website to Newt's website doesn't work. How convenient.

Don't worry, Newt Gingrich isn't the only politician to have endorsed 25X'25. Here's a list of Governor's, State Legislatures, Cities, & Counties who have also endorsed it and/or passed resolutions regarding 25X'25.

Take a quick look at the map below from the 25X'25 website to see if your state is among one of those offering its endorsement:


Don't worry, only HALF of the Governors in the United States have endorsed 25X'25, so far:
While grassroots activities continue to build for 25x'25, top-tier support at the state level is also growing. Currently, twenty five governors, eight former governors, and fifteen state legislatures have endorsed 25x'25.

I'll step way out on a limb here and say that I'll guess that 95% of the Governors that have endorsed 25X'25 are progressives. The other 5% are probably simply ignorant to the agenda of Agenda 21 and the groups that are being employed across the country to implement it. The ignorance of the 5% should be just as concerning to you as the 95% that are progressives.

Even an organization named after one of Newt's favorite progressive presidents has endorsed the project, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Project. Newt has mentioned this organization repeatedly in various speeches over the years.

Is "conservation" a bad thing? No.
Is protecting the environment a bad thing? No.
Is government-sponsored social engineering designed to "help" you behave in a way that some group of "experts" has determined would be "best" for the environment a bad thing? Yes.

Unless you want the United Nations influencing your way of life in a free America, you'd better begin to get educated about Agenda 21 and all of its insidious off-shoot programs that are most likely IN your community right now. Not everyone involved with these local programs is completely aware of the influence of the United Nations Agenda 21 on their program.

***(UPDATE: 12-22-12 Subsequent to the release of the Glenn Beck/Harriet Parke "novel" entitled "Agenda 21" the links to "Agenda 21", as listed on the UN's own website, have been taken down. The links are broken and no longer work. The link to purchase Glenn's book in this update works. The link to "Agenda 21" on the UN website as posted in the paragraph below no longer works. The UN has "scrubbed" Agenda 21 from the internet.)***

Many people involved may actually think that they are doing a good thing for their community. For these people, there is understanding. However, for those that fully understand the implications and effects on a free society of a program like Agenda 21, may God have no mercy on their souls because what they are doing is pure evil; a fully-implemented Agenda 21 HAS to result in the loss of some of your freedom.

No one will be able to convince me that Newt Gingrich isn't fully aware of the implications of Agenda 21. I'm sure he quite agrees with it, given that he's been "very active (his) whole life on issues that involve the environment" and all.

Oh, WAIT! Now Newt doesn't "endorse" Agenda 21 (July 26, 2011):

Another flip-flop.

(***UPDATE*** - January 31, 2012)
I just came across this video and thought I'd add it to this post for those that don't know what Agenda 21 is.
(***UPDATE*** - December 22, 2012 - this video has been removed from YouTube. Sorry about that. I didn't do it. ;)***)

December 22, 2012:
UN-hosted info related to Agenda 21:

All you'd never want to know about the evil of man's mind (the entire 300-page Agenda 21 pdf as originally listed on the UN website can be found at the first link here:

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