Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not Romney (Video)

I started making this video the night of Thursday, January 12, 2012. I uploaded it to YouTube, after pulling an all-nighter to get it finished, around 6:00AM on Tuesday, January 17, 2012. I made the video. Me. No one helped me. No one paid me...although, if anyone would like to, the "tip jar" is right over there --->

I made the video because I really don't want to see Mitt Romney as the President of the United States because I've never believed that he is ANYTHING that he has said that he is. I've always felt that Mitt Romney says whatever he feels will be the best thing he can say to whatever audience he is speaking to. Doesn't matter WHAT he says, all that matters is WHO he is saying it to. It changes from day-to-day, so what difference does it make WHAT he says? The fact that he's been lusting after the presidency for as long as he has creeps me out, too. I won't be voting for him in the primary. I will, however, hold my nose and vote for him in the general election if I have to. Replacing Barack Obama as the President is far too important.

As of the time of this blog post, my "Not Romney" video has 6,332 views on YouTube. The video is an assortment of clips of 2012 GOP presidential candidate Willard "Mitt" Romney's different political stances and scandals throughout his political career with some pop-culture clips (movies/TV/YouTube stars) tossed-in to help maintain my sanity while making the video.

However, the star of the video is Ann Barnhardt. Her YouTube video "Barnhardt-RomneyGoHome" was the driving force behind the making of my video below.

Here's my video: Not Romney
***UPDATE*** My original youtube channel was deleted by YouTube. This vid had 21K views on my old channel, thanks to Ann Barnhart. I've uploaded this video on a new channel.

Here's Ann Barnhardt's video that was the inspiration for my video above.

The night I uploaded my video to YouTube, Ann Barnhardt herself, made the following post about it on her blog. (Because Ann's blog posts all eventually disappear - they are eventually run-off the bottom of the main page to her blog - I've copied & pasted her entire post.):

I'm going to be hypocritical here for a moment and post this video about Mitt Romney that just hit YouTube tonight. Back in June, when I was still working under the assumption that the country could maybe be salvaged, I made a video exposing Mitt Romney and all of his bought-and-paid-for, Marxist, Fascist, oligarchical crap.

Well, some people have taken that video of mine and built an entire 52 minute piece around it, inserting citations, clips of Romney himself, news stories, and all kinds of HILARIOUS pop-culture references. There are movie clips, Randall the Honey Badger guy (a huge guilty pleasure of mine) makes several appearances, even Beavis and Butthead have cameos. The work that went into this was enormous, and the editing is superb. It is long, but it is very informative while being laugh-out-loud funny.

Well done, Guys.
What an immense honor for her to have noticed and given it such high praise. Thank you, Ann!
Here's Ann on Twitter if you wish to follow her: @AnnBarnhardt (She follows NO ONE.)

Just in case any of you think that you're friends with Ann on Facebook, here's part of post that she made on January 16, 2012 on her blog:
Q: Ann,
I friended you on your Facebook page. Will you friend me back?

A: I don't have a Facebook page. Facebook is evil. I never have been on Facebook and never will be. You "friended" God-knows-who, a person who has nothing better to do than impersonate other people on Facebook. Creepy. And just for the record, the word "friend" actually means something, and it means something sacred and profound. I find the whole "friending" culture of online social networking to be seriously disturbing, akin to sexual promiscuity. Don't throw yourself, your affections or your intimacy around. Don't call someone "friend" unless you actually know them and are not just mere acquaintances, but ACTUALLY FRIENDS.
So, if you're "friends" with someone named "Ann Barnhardt" on Facebook, it ain't the one you think it is.

And, one more note about Ann: Everyone should read this news story about her: ‘GOING GALT’: HEDGE BROKER SHUTS DOWN FIRM WITH CHILLING LETTER ABOUT THE MARKET

Yesterday, my "Not Romney" video was posted by Kevin DuJan from
MUST SEE: Ann Barnhardt’s Viral Video Exposing Mitt Romney and Proving How Unelectable He Is Against Barack Obama
Thank you, Kevin!

Conservative blogger Mark America has also posted my video:
Epic Video – Not Romney
Thank you, Mark!

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