Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Obamas Are Called Out For Their Lack Of Caring About The Black Community

This guy is hard. His vlogs are not for the weak. He's too honest for the weak. I'm not claiming to be "strong" (as opposed to "weak"), I'm simply saying that if you don't like controversial things, you most likely will have a very hard time listening to him. I find him interesting/intriguing and this video (I include "this video" and a partial transcript at the bottom of this post) of his probably pretty accurately describes why I am. Although, I don't fear being called a racist. I'm used to it. I'm not a racist but I've been called one so many times by those on the left that get so frustrated with me that they have no other come-back than to call me names. That's fine. Whatever.

Onto his calling-out of the Obamas. If you are not able to listen to the entire video, maybe you read faster than he speaks, I've transcribed his entire video below. I'm not going to dissect his words. He's very clear.

If you're offended by a black man using the word "negro" please don't listen to this video or read the transcript I've compiled which is beneath this video:

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When one considers the social condition of black women and according to recent statistics 70% are single, it is important to note that within this troubling number they are not speaking of women who have dropped out of high school. They are not talking about black women who are on welfare. They are not talking about black women who have had multiple children with different men. When this number is discussed, this 70% of black women who are currently single, they're speaking of professional black women. Women who have gone out and have attained everything that society said she would need to make her an eligible candidate for committed long-term relationships and ultimately marriage.

Consider these facts: She has a college degree. She owns her own home. She has her own automobile. She makes her own money. But in light of these social trappings 70% of professional black women find themselves single or in dead-end relationships with "down-low" homosexuals, petty drug dealers, or married pastors, and the questions bears, "why?"

Now when I offer my critique as to why this is, many people have labelled me a misogynist. I've heard rumblings of "he prefers white women" or "he hates black people." This is understood. But yet, the facts cannot be denied nor can they be refuted that your average black female in 2012, be she professional or not, is emotionally unstable, spiritually barren, politically uncouth. And this is most troubling when you view black women and how, because of their social behavior, they have breathed fresh life into age-old stereotypes, not only concerning the black female sexuality, but her personality and how she deals in interpersonal relationships.

Because of her actions, she has rendered these stereotypes facts. No one can refute this. 70% of these sisters being single is most troubling. And it becomes even more troubling when one considers that you have a black female sitting in the White House who has remained deathly silent concerning the social plight of black women in this nation.

Michelle Obama has raised her voice and said nothing concerning the ongoing downward spiral of professional black women and black women in general. She has said nothing about the 'Nicki Minaj' and the other entertainers who promote and peddle cultural filth. She raises her voice and says nothing about women who are half-dressed and gallivant on the world stage breathing fresh life into age-old stereotypes about black females and their sexuality. This becomes compounded when you consider that Michelle Obama is raising two black girls. She remains silent on the conditions of black women and one would have to ask why. And upon further review, it became clear to me as to why Michelle Obama refuses to open her mouth and say one word in protest concerning the ongoing degradation of black females in this nation.

When you consider that it would be quite hypocritical for Miss Obama to raise her voice in opposition to the 'Nicki Minaj's' and the other women in the entertainment industry, who basically conduct themselves like sleazy prostitutes, it would be hard for her to offer up a sound, critical analysis of their behavior when her husband is flying around on Air Force One with Jay-Z, an ex-dope dealer who has come to national prominence rapping about selling dope to black people, destroying black lives and black families. Yet this is who Mr. Obama gallivants around with and flies on Air Force One and plays basketball on the south lawn with and allows to hold fundraisers for him. And even though this is quite dysfunctional, the American negro, when you approach the American negro and you ask them, why is it that you don't see anything wrong with Michelle Obama remaining silent about the downward condition of black women, it is black women themselves who will defend Miss Obama. It is black women who will say, "well, she wasn't elected," and "it's not her place," and this is what they will say. Likewise, when you ask the American negro about Mr. Obama and how he has remained utterly silent about how black men conduct themselves in public like social buffoons, dressing like circus clowns, he remains silent on these issues. And, again it is the negro who gives him a pass.

Yet and still when Mr. Bush, a white man, did not act fast enough, according to the negroes during hurricane Katrina, he was immediately labeled as one who didn't care about black people. In that same election year, when asked, then Vice President Dick Cheney, about (the) AIDS epidemic in black females and he responded "I didn't know there was an epidemic," immediately Mr. Cheney was labelled as one who didn't care about the plight of black women in America. But they remain silent when you have Barack Obama (and) Michelle Obama who open their voice and say nothing concerning the degradation of not only black women, and black men, and how they themselves are the ones who are breathing fresh life into the stereotypes. And the reason why they give them a pass is because they're black. And that in and of itself demonstrates just how dysfunctional this 'American negro' has become.

He is no different than his ancestors. Well, let me correct that. Actually, he's worse than his ancestors because at least his ancestors knew that they were slaves. This modern day negro, because he has allowed himself to be duped and because he has allowed himself to sip from the crack cup of political propaganda being served by his liberal slave masters of the DNC, he somehow believes that he is no longer a slave. But I would offer the analysis that he is a slave nonetheless. He is in worse condition than his ancestors because he actually thinks he is mentally free. When in all actuality, he is every bit the buck-dancing, bojangling slave who still votes for the party, a political party, that sought to maintain slavery and to keep his black ass in chains.

So when you consider the fact that 70% of black women are single; 70% of professional black women are single, even though you have a black female sitting in the White House and she remains silent about the conditions of her fellow sisters, yet, it is black women themselves who give Miss Obama a pass, only goes to prove what I've been saying in all of these videos and that is that the American negro is regressing. He is not progressing in 2012."


The 2nd video (which I linked to at the beginning of this post) currently has embedding disabled so I can't include the video in this post as with the video above. If he changes this and I become aware of it, I'll post the video for you to view here (which still counts as a "view" on YouTube). For now, all I can do is post this link for the video - with the title: White Bigots, Obama, & the Negro race!
This is the partial transcription of the video for which I just gave you the link. This partial transcription begins at the 6:20 mark in that video:
If there is going to be a solution, if indeed, we are going to bridge the gap of racial tension in this nation then there has to be open and honest dialogue. White people are going to have to sit down and be able to openly speak their minds about their feelings of this 'American negro.' Likewise, the American negro must grow a set, must reduce his fear, and his love and begin to speak his mind of what he really truly feels about white people. Once this is done, we can map out a clear avenue of solution for all of the tension that exists. But, as long as these particular dialogues are held with buck-dancing, bojangling negroes who white people, who some white people, are quick to go ask "boy, what do you think about this racial tension," and because they are buck-dancing, bojangling, slave-minded negroes, they're gonna tell them, "well, boss I see it the way you see it."

Likewise, when the American negro wants to deal with racial tension and he goes to the likes of the "Al Charlatans" and the "Messy Jacksons" or the irrelevant NAACP or the outdated Urban League or he goes to the defunct, crazy-minded New Black Panther Party or some other Afro-centric buffoon and they're gonna say "well, you know everything that goes on in black America is the white man's fault." Everything from the fact that he doesn't clean his teeth right to the fact that he has uneven sidewalks in his community can be blamed on the ongoing legacy of racism and slavery. "It's the white man's fault."

When you have the negro listening to that insane position and you have white people garnering their positions from their slave-minded, buffoonish negroes, then the dialogue can never take place. There must be an open and honest, clear-cut decision where everyone sits down and speaks their mind. Regardless to who it offends. Regardless to who likes it or who don't.


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He also has a blog - but because of Google's insane "censoring" practices, I'm not going to link to it for fear of having my own blog restricted, as his is. (His blog has a "content warning" on it. The truth is such an awful thing, you know.) You can find the link to his blog on his Twitter account.

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